Faggots will never be able to resist serving me. When they sniff poppers it makes it even easier for me to squeeze every single dollar out of them. Poppers were definitely created for faggots. One sniff changes their brain chemistry and turns them all into oversexed cash ATMs. I’ve trained mind fucked and brainwashed more faggots than I can even remember. Faggots deserve to be cashraped as brutally as possible even if it means they can’t pay their bills or have money left to eat. Deep down faggots already know everything I say is true anyways. They know that they should hand over every single dollar that they have to a cocky straight alpha male like myself. They know that men are not created equal. Some fags can “think” that they should be treated the same but the second they get even a little horny they all turn into submissive cash faggot ATMs. Faggots exist to worship and serve plain and simple. Any faggot that thinks otherwise lives in total denial.

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I made the faggot do a few more long hard popper sniffs then made it put the plastic bag over its head until it practically passed out. The faggot was so annihilated it begged me to dismiss it. It told me that its head felt completely fried and felt like it was going to pass out. It was so fucked up that it was talking really slow and was really sluggish. It kept telling me that it felt completely destroyed feminized and humiliated. It told me that it was in total awe of me and never experienced cash rape and fag destruction like that. I told it that it’s going to become addicted to me like every other faggot that I dominate and abuse. I dismissed the faggot and told it to message me the following day to get abused again. Of course it contacted me the following night and felt my wrath even more. I left this popper faggot with an empty wallet a fried brain and crusty bloody pig tits. I plan to train this popper faggot even more and can’t wait to make it suffer and cry more than ever.




It’s almost to easy to drain a faggots wallet when you’re a cocky dominant alpha god. Faggots are always in awe of me and will do anything to please me. When a faggot sniffs poppers it has absolutely no chance in my presence. All it takes is one sniff and their fag cash is mine. I literally just cashraped some popper pig who told me it won’t be able to buy any groceries this week after it was done serving me. I financially destroyed this loser and have absolutely no empathy for it. I told the popper fag to find a fast food dumper to eat from. If a fag ever needs water I tell it to drink from a toilet in a public restroom somewhere. Most faggot freaks usually visit a gloryhole at a public rest area somewhere anyways to suck random cocks on a weekly basis. There’s plenty of dirty unflushed piss and shit water there for them to drink. They could even bottle up and bring it home. Faggots deserve the bare minimums in life and should all be confined to tiny small one bedroom apartments with no utilities. If they need light they can light up some candles. They don’t need any furniture or running water. Just a cheap computer or cell phone that has an internet connection so they can do what they were born to do…SERVE. They should have their paychecks direct deposited to an alpha males account so the alpha can give them an allowance to live off of. Faggots are worse than females with cash and waste way to much on stupid sex toys and tons of other things they don’t need. If a faggot wants a dildo so bad they should find an old plunger stick or tee ball bat to fuck their cunts with. They really only need to buy fresh bottles of poppers to sniff so they can be ruined and self destruct like every fag does. Letting a faggot even live in its own one bedroom apartment is being to nice if you ask me. Most should be caged up brainwashed and dehumanized. It’s so easy to make a faggot realize it’s nothing more than a horny oversexed animal that belongs in a cage with its dick clit always locked in chastity. The only shower a faggot deserves is when I stand over it’s cage with my alpha cock out pissing all over it. I would cage up a faggot in my basement after taking everything it owns and have a live webcam streaming it 24/7 so I could make then sell multiple videos of me sadistically torturing it. The sadistic things I would do to a faggot are endless. When I first cage it I would leave it in darkness for a week with a tv in front of the cage playing video after video of me to completely brainwash it. There would be a hamster thermos hanging on the side of the cage filled with my alpha piss for the fag to drink. I might even leave it some old expired cat food to eat. When a week or so goes by that’s when the random beatings would start. The fag would be hung up like a punching bag by its wrists or hung up by its ankles so I could laugh while all of its blood rushed to its head. I would love to watch as the fags eyes start popping out of its head from all the pressure. I really want to make a homemade electric chair with a faggot strapped to it. I could either use the electrical supply from my house or use a big car battery. I could attach jumper cables or it’s useless fag balls. Then I could attach another pair to the metal chair that the fag freak is strapped too. As the electricity runs through the fags body it would shake while smoke poured out of both of its ears. Eventually it’s head would burst into flames. I would make sure the faggots feet were in a big pale of water so the electricity running through its body would be extra brutal. That would obviously be the end of the fags existence which I wouldn’t do as long as the fag was obedient and lived to solely serve me. I’d really want to put a gas mask on a fags face that would pump heavy popper fumes up its nose and mouth non stop for hours. Braincell after braincell would fry from its faggot brain permanently. Faggots need to message me on Skype and serve me now. It doesn’t matter how hard you try you will always end up submitting to me. Your hard earned fag cash is already mine so you might as well just hand it over and thank me for taking it. I am the ultimate alpha male that you will always end up submitting too.



Fags can’t resist me. They all know that I’m the definition of an alpha male just by looking at my pictures. When they worship me on cam and hear my deep dominant voice it sends chills up and down their spines. I make them all realize how submissive and weak they really are and never have a problem draining their bank accounts. They do whatever I tell them to do no matter how humiliating it is. I have slaves begging me to exploit them and expose them all the time. Beta males and faggots are in total awe of me just like they have always been in real life. My personality online is the same as it is in real life which is what makes faggots really tremble.

This faggot that I’ve cashraped several times over the years messaged me the other night ready to serve. This faggot is a real abomination and is a fat disgusting pig. It wants to get as fat as possible and could care less if it drops dead from obesity. The first time I saw this faggot on cam a few years ago it was chubby and weighed around 300 lbs. Now its topping the scales at over 600 lbs. It hasn’t seen its own penis in years and has to use its bathtub as a toilet. The fat pig told me that it had tons of food sitting on the table and wanted me to humiliate it on cam while it stuffed its fat face. The fag sent me a big tribute then sent me its webcam. When I saw this faggot on cam I couldn’t believe how much fatter it got since the last time I saw it. It was so fat and gross it looked like it belonged in a hog pen in a barn some where. The faggot pig was definitely way to fat to be living in a house with humans. The fat shit showed me all the food it had to eat and all of the bottles of sodas it had to drink. This fat pig seriously had enough food for an entire family to eat for at least a week. The first thing it pulled out to eat was a box of butter sticks. It eat one butter stick after another like they were chocolate bars. Six butter sticks were gone within three minutes. The fat faggot then opened up a huge container of mayonnaise. It used its hand to scoop the mayo out then eat it. The slob even smeared mayonnaise on its face and all over its huge tits. It was like watching some kind of wild animal gorge on anything it could find. The tub of mayonnaise was totally eaten in less then five minutes. The fat shit then eat three boxes of Oreo cookies like it was nothing. While it was eating it was also chugging down bottles of sodas. The faggot then eat four boxes of donuts in literally three minutes. The fat faggot had to of eaten over 300K calories within 30 minutes. It also drank about 10 bottles of Pepsi while it pounded down all that food. The faggot slob just kept eating and eating. It was disgusting to watch. I couldn’t even believe it was humanly possible to eat that much in that little of time. This faggot was such a fat slob I don’t even know if I would consider it human.

The faggot then did something I never thought I would see. It started smoking a bunch of meth. It told me that its been smoking meth all day long. The fat faggot told me that eating food makes it horny so when it smokes meth and eats it practically has multiple orgasms like an oversexed bitch. I always thought meth took away your appetite not make you hungrier. The faggot told me that it hasn’t been able to touch its clit dick in years since its so fat. The fat abomination to sent me more fag cash while it was smoking meth and eating pizza bagels at the same time. The slob then showed me a bike pump that it had. It took the end of the bike pump where the air comes out and stuck it all the way up its cunt. It then started pumping air into its stomach. I could actually see its stomach grow even bigger. I thought the fat shits stomach was going to explode. I was getting more disgusted by the minute from just looking at this hideous fat faggot pig. When the faggot was done with the bike pump it looked like it would roll like a ball if it was pushed to the ground. It didn’t even look like a human at all anymore. The fat faggot told me that it wants its stomach to drag on the ground by the end of the year. I don’t know how much longer this fat fuck will be able to stand up and walk though. It will probably be driving around in one of those scooters that you see morbidly obese people in. I’ve seen a lot of pathetic faggot disgraces online but this fat abomination is definitely one of the biggest disgraces I’ve ever seen in my life. It wants to hit 1000 lbs on the scale then keep going from there. It’s going to be a diabetic fat shit with heart disease liver failure and kidney failure. Maybe this fat fuck will end up in the Guinness Book of World Records for fattest faggot alive. One night I bet it will be eating when all of its organs will fail at the same time. The fat pig can’t even sleep normally in a bed. It has to sleep totally propped up so it can breathe. The blob faggot wants to weigh over 1000 lbs and won’t stop eating anything in site until it does. Most morbidly obese people want to loose weight and even get surgery to do so. This beached whale wants to literally get as fat as it possibly can. It told me that it will eat anything that’s put in front of it. It’s literally addicted to eating now and can’t go longer than two hours without eating or it starts feeling withdrawals like a drug addict. It starts getting sweaty shaky and craves food like a junkie craves heroin. The faggot even has the foodstore deliver its food since it can’t fit into its car anymore. This faggot is the size of a beached whale and would make a good heavy bag in my basement.




Tranny faggot Nicole messaged me on Skype last night begging to serve.  Every time I see this faggot slut on cam shes more and more feminized.  She told me she had a brand new bottle of Max Impact and multiple bottles of poppers to sniff.  This faggot tells me all the time that it wants a sex change so she can work the corner and make me as much cash as possible.  The faggot slut sent me a big tribute to get used extra hard on cam.  Since this faggot started serving me she has absolutely no limits at all and will do anything on cam that I tell it too.  When the fag slut turned its cam on it was totally naked with a wig on that really made it look like a bitch huge pig tits ready to be squeezed and a dick clit that looked smaller than ever.  I laughed at the slut and told it to grab its Max Impact bottle and a rag to spray it on.  The faggot sprayed the rag until it was soaked.  Then the faggot shoved the rag in its face and sniffed until she was practically paralyzed.  Max Impact really destroys faggots and fries their useless brains at a rapid rate.  When the bitch woke up from its trance I told it to grab a bottle of poppers to shove up its nose.  While it sniffed poppers I told the faggot to squeeze and twist one its pig tits with its other hand.  The faggot let out non stop womanly moans while it sniffed the poppers non stop.  When the faggot put the poppers down I told it squeeze and twist both pig tits non stop.  This faggot was literally moaning like a pig while its micro clit leaked like a faucet.  This slave was such a feminized faggot whore squeezing and twisting its bitch tits.  It sprayed more Max Impact on a rag then shoved it in its face.  Within seconds the faggot turned into a motionless zombie pig.  My pinky finger was at least triple the size of its useless micro clit.  While the faggot kept sniffing Max Impact and poppers it sent me multiple tributes and thanked me over and over for taking them.  While the faggot had a popper bottle in each nostril it took a huge watery shit all over the place.  The fag shit was even running down its legs.  I ordered the faggot to shove its face in the pile of watery shit that was on the ground.  It hesitated at first but finally it shoved its face in it and even eat some of it.  It was so fumed up I don’t even think it realized its entire face was covered in its own fag shit.  This feminized faggot pig even rubbed some watery fag shit on its swollen pig tits.  I told the tranny pig to squeeze its pig tits until they milk like a pregnant bitchs tits.  It squeezed them and moaned non stop until its soft shriveled up dick clit squirted.  I ordered the faggot to pay a cum tax then dismissed it.  The cum that shot out of its clit did not look like male cum.  It was so thin and watery it looked like female pussy cum.  Just more proof that faggots are not men and never will be men.  It looked like a complete and total mess and would make the perfect full use toilet.  The tranny faggot even has a full rim seat mask it wears when random Johns sit on its face and take monster shits down its throat.  This faggot is the definition of a tranny toilet that is addicted to Max Impact and poppers.  As soon as it fumes up it craves male waste and will even pay for it.  All poppered up tranny toilets should be broken down cashraped and dehumanized until they are caged up like gimps. 






Slave sambo came crawling back to me begging to serve like it always does.  I’ve been draining this faggot for as long as I can remember.  Like always it told me how addicting my huge muscles and cocky personality are while it sent me its fag cash.  The moment it hears my voice or even sees a picture of me online the feeling of weakness is just to overwhelming for it.  I asked the weak pathetic faggot where it’s been and told it that it owed me back fag taxes.  Sambo told me that its been having a hard time making money because of the Co-vid shutdown.  I laughed and told it that there’s always something it could do for work.  I reminded the faggot about how its told me in the past that it fantasized about turning tricks to make me cash.  I told sambo that I would have no problem pimping its mouth and cunt out in Atlantic City.  I told it that I even have the perfect padlocked dog cage in my basement that it could live and sleep in.  Sambo sent me more fag cash and told me how serving me was more important than paying bills and having money to buy food.  I told the faggot to find a fast food dumpster to eat out of like its done in the past when I drained every single dollar it had to its name.  I made slave sambo a custom video to watch and drool over.  When it watched the movie it immediately sent me the rest of its paycheck that it got the day before.  Sambo told me that I will always own it and that it thinks about living in that cage in my basement every single day of its pathetic life.  It knows once its in that cage that theres no turning back.  It knows that it will be brainwashed and dehumanized more than it could ever imagine.  I’ve told it multiple times about all about the daily whippings and beatings that it would recieve from me.  It knows that its nothing more than a full use septic tank that would be fed alpha waste every single day.  Sambo told me that it watches every single custom video that I’ve ever made it one after another whenever its not at work making me money.  I truly own this faggot bitch and will own it for the rest of its pathetic life.  Before I dismissed the faggot I ordered it to find more jobs to work so It can send me more and more fag cash.  I told it that it should be working 100 plus hours a week minimum and that any less is showing me total disrespect.  It begged for forgiveness over and over and said that it will get off of its stupid ass and make me as much money as it possibly can.  It told me that it knows that the only reason it exists is to be my cash faggot.  It told me that its going to go watch all of my videos one after another and that it will message me as soon as it has more fag cash to hand over.  It told me that it will always be my personal ATM and knows that I should live in pure luxury while it should live in a cardboard box in the ghetto somewhere. 





Every year it seems like there’s more and more faggots prancing around in society.  Most of them try to act like straight beta males.  Meanwhile while they talk to you they just had their asses pounded and their mouths filled with a monster cum load.  I’ve seen undercover faggots walk around bow legged from getting their asses drilled.  You can even see the outline of a butt plug through their shorts sometimes.  This whole entire society is being feminized like crazy and it makes me sick. 

A slave messaged me on Skype the other night and tributed me solely for workout advice.  He starts by telling me that hes been trying to “Bulk up” but all the weight goes to his ass.  I started laughing really hard because he was being totally serious.  He said that his friends are putting muscle on and he wanted to know what he was doing wrong.  I asked him if his chest was getting bigger but softer and if his nipples were getting really tender.  Of course he said “Yes that’s exactly whats happening.  What should I do?”  I told the faggot to squeeze its nipples really hard and rub them back and forth.  The faggot told me that its tits were so tender that it almost had a full blown orgasm when it was squeezing and rubbing them.  It then said “What’s happening to me Sir?’  I told the faggot I knew EVERYTHING that was happening.  I ordered the fag to send more cash if it really wanted to hear the truth.  When it paid I sent it my webcam.  I wanted the faggot to hear my voice.  It didn’t show itself on cam but talked back to me on its microphone.  I told it that it simply wasn’t a man and didn’t have a single ounce of manhood in it’s feminine body.  It told me that its “Penis” was four inches and thought that was about the average size for a male.  I laughed hysterically and told it that four inches is pathetic and smaller than my finger.  I told it not to touch its clit at all.  I told it to start twerking its big ass.  I could hear how embarrassed and ashamed the faggot was by the tone of her voice.  While she was twerking  I told it to stick two fingers in its mouth and suck on them like it was sucking dick.  I could hear the faggot slurping on its fingers like a bitch.  I told the slut to take all of its clothes off.  At first it hesitated and asked ‘Whats happening to me?” like it was scared.  I laughed and told the faggot to follow my orders and question nothing.  When it was completely naked I told it to take the two fingers it was sucking on and rub them around its asshole.  The faggot kept saying “Whats happening to me?” while it moaned and sounded like a horny female.  I then told it to push its two fingers all the way in its fag hole then fuck itself with them.  I could hear its wet ass cunt getting pounded while the whore moaned.  Its cunt was getting wetter and wetter especially when I told it to stick another finger in its fag hole.  The faggot sounded all clueless when it said “What is happening to me?” “I never did this before?”  I sadistically laughed and told it to keep twerking its booty while it pounded its cunt with three fingers.  I could hear the faggots cunt getting wetter by the minute.  It started to let out non stop slutty sissy moans.  I started humiliating the faggot and made it squeeze one of its tits with one hand while it pounded its fag pussy with the other.  The faggot said that  its dick clit was shriveled but real watery cum was pouring out of it non stop.  I told the faggot that it was just cunt juice and that bottom faggots have orgasms just like women do.  It kept saying “OMG Sir this is so embarrasing.  I thought I was a man but you turned me into a faggot sissy”.  It started really moaning load and said that its soft clit was spraying pussy squirt all over the place while its entire body was shaking like crazy.  The slut then hung up on Skype obviously because it was beyond humiliated.  Five minutes later it messaged me and told me that I completely emasculated it and now the only thing it can think about it sucking and fucking big cock.  I told the faggot it needs to find a gloryhole to go to so it could find all the cock that it can handle.  The faggot told me that it just downloaded some faggot Tinder app and was going to find cock on there to service.  The fag sent me another tribute then thanked me for telling it the truth and bringing it to reality.  The faggot didn’t realize that it was meant to be a dick serving homo until it talked to me.  I told the fag to go suck as much dick as possible then report back to me for further instructions.  I also told it to buy a buttplug to wear as much as possible so it will be able to take huge cocks up its fag cunt with ease.  I really think its hilarious how much I feminized this beta male and turned it into a full blown faggot.  I show no remorse to inferior men and never will show them any respect.  Most betas are just ATM machines to me anyways.





The latex faggot messaged me on Skype last night begging to be cashraped.  I told this repulsive faggot that she was lucky to even receive my acknowledgement.  She thanked me over and over then started sending tributes.  When I saw the latex pig I couldn’t help but laugh but feel nauseous at the site of her.  She looked more feminized than ever dressed in her typical black latex outfit with a rubber mask covering her hideous face.  She had a popper bottle shoved up her faggot nose and was sniffing it non stop.  The black latex outfit reminded me of the same outfit that cat woman wears in the Batman movies.  The faggot gimp already had hips and tits and looked more feminine than the last time I saw her.  The gimp had to wear a rubber mask to hide her old ugly hideous faggot face.  I degraded and humiliated the latex freak non stop while she sent me tribute after tribute.  She was already so poppered up that she blacked out and woke up on the floor a few times before she even messaged me on Skype.  I told the faggot gimp that she would make the perfect septic tank and waste dump.  She just needed her teeth kicked out of her mouth then have a crank put in her mouth.  I would crank her mouth open until the sides of her lips started to tear.  The hideous latex pig would be forced to lay flat on her back while men took turns pissing shitting and spitting in the huge hole that was once considered her faggot mouth.  The latex faggot continued to sniff poppers and told me that she knew deep down she was pathetic low life scum.  She sent me more fag cash while I degraded her even worse. 

I told the latex gimp that I would put a noose around her neck then drag her up and down my wooden stairs.  I wanted to hear her head thump against each wooden step while her faggot brain rattled against her skull.  I wanted to wrap my huge forearm around her sissy neck and totally deprive her of oxygen.  My brain was racing with ideas on how to torture this old broken down latex faggot.  Since the faggot really was a gimp she belonged in a padlocked box not able to move a single inch.  Popper fumes pumped up her nose all day and night.  The faggot latex queen would literally turn into a zombie.  Totally brain dead from non stop popper fumes and total lack of oxygen.  I’m surprised shes not brain dead now since shes been sniffing poppers daily for over 20 years.  I ordered the latex gimp queen to send more fag cash.  I wanted to drain this latex whores bank account until it was in the negatives.  I truly despise this faggot pig and never show it any remorse.  After I made the self hating latex queen send even more fag cash she told me that she had a doctors appointment in the morning and had to sign off in a few minutes.  I figured she had her yearly gynecologist appointment to have her filthy fag mangina checked out for STDs.  I think she might be getting estrogen shots to finally have a complete sex change since she looks more feminized every time I see her on Skype.  This latex queen really deserves to be cashraped until she is totally broke and has to live in a homeless shelter with only latex outfits to wear every day.  This faggot latex queen makes me more nauseous every time I see her.  It’s only a matter of time before she begs me to meet her real time so I can really fuck her over every way possible.  The faggot latex slut loves huge black cock and always has a huge black dildo shoved up her fuck holes.  The latex pig tells me how much she truly hates herself and knows that she exists to serve alpha men like myself.  At least this latex gimp acknowledges the reality that shes low life scum and is nothing more than a popper sniffing freak ATM machine.  


Listen to this old latex whore gimp beg to $ERVE ME



While I was online last night this faggot messaged me on Skype begging me to let it serve.  It asked me if I would cashrape it on Teamviewer.  I told the faggot to send a tribute if it even wanted my acknowledgement.  Once the faggot sent that I told it to give me its TV numbers so I could log on and drain it while it helplessly watched.  I logged on and had control of its computer.  It sent me its webcam and was in awe when I sent it my cam.  I flexed my huge arms and told the puny faggot how easily I could manhandle it and destroy it anyway I wanted too.  The faggot told me that it had amphetamine powder to snort which made it even weaker.  I could tell that it was already fucked up on meth because sweat was dripping off of its forehead and its eyes were wide open.  I just laughed at the faggot and told it to snort another huge line.  While it sniffed I logged onto its PP and took my own tributes while it watched.  I had total control of its computer and could do whatever I wanted.   The fag told me how weak and helpless it felt in my presence.  It started to tell me how it was a shit pig (What a surprise) and dreamed about being under my sweaty swampy shithole.  While I took another tribute it told me it feeds on shit all the time and wanted to eat mine.  I laughed at the pig and told it I would drink multiple protein shakes and eat protein bars while I sat on its faggot face.  It would eat multiple farts from my shithole until I dumped protein logs down its faggot throat.  The faggot kept saying it was a hungry shit pig over and over while I laughed and degraded it.  The faggot told me that alpha waste was accentual to a fags body because of all the vitamins and minerals it has in it.  I told the fag that my alpha waste would give its puny body vitamin overload.   I kept draining the slaves PP account while it helplessly watched.  I told it that every fag should sit back and watch while its account gets totally drained like this.  This faggot already knew that it was inferior scum that existed solely to serve alpha males like me every way possible.  The faggot told me that it was totally numb from all the meth that it snorted.  I told the faggot that I would feed it some hot steamy alpha steak straight from my shithole then piss in its mouth and all over its face.  The faggot sat there numb weak and helpless while it watched me continue to take tribute after tribute from its PP account.  I showed this shit pig faggot no mercy at all.  I drained its account until its credit card was totally maxed out.  The faggot squirted all over itself then thanked me multiple times for draining it before it signed out.  I know the faggot will message me again as soon as it gets paid.  Faggot shit pigs deserve to be cashraped until they are broke.  I always tell them to drink from their toilet and to find the nearest fast food dumpster when they need food.  Some slaves that I’ve drained scrape up some change and buy cheap cat food to eat.  That’s how all faggots should live.  They all should have their paychecks from work direct deposited into their alpha masters bank account.  Then their master should give them a monthly allowance so they have to live with the bare minimums in life.  The smallest apartment possible with no furniture no television no working utilities and absolutely no luxuries.  Maybe an old computer with a dial up modem and an old prepaid flip phone if they continue to obey.   Alpha males rule the world and always will no matter what.  The sooner the weak in society finally accept that the better.



This past weekend I was online draining and cashraping slaves when I got a message from this faggot on Skype late in the morning.  It asked me if I wanted to Teamviewer its computer and take my own tributes while humiliating it on cam.  The faggot sent me an initial tribute then give me its TV numbers.  I logged on and had total control over the faggots desktop.  When I saw it on cam I couldn’t stop sadistically laughing.  The only thing the slave had on were bright pink fishnet stockings on with a black slave hood over its ugly face.  Next to it there was a table with a bunch of dildos a huge bottle full of yellow fag piss an old bathroom plunger bottles of poppers and some other faggy supplies.  While I started taking tributes the faggot sniffed poppers just like every faggot pig does.  Poppers really do turn faggots into mindless ATMs.  A really poppered up faggot will really degrade itself and not even realize what they are doing because their braincells temporarily stop working.  When they sniff poppers on a daily basis their braincells don’t recover which turns them into mindless zombie drones that lack any logical thought process.  I wanted to really degrade and humiliate this already feminized cash faggot pig in pink fishnet stockings.  I ordered the cash fag to fuck its cunt with the toilet bowl plunger that was on the table.  It grabbed the plunger and started shoving the wood handle up its fag pussy.  It screamed in pain while it slowly shoved the wood handle up its cunt inch by inch.  I yelled at the faggot and told it that I would ram the entire handle up its cunt so the only thing that you would see is the rubber plunger.  When the sissy faggot started to sniff poppers again its cunt started swallowing the wood handle.  Every sniff of poppers made its hungry cunt swallow more and more of it.  The sissy still screamed and moaned like a whore at the same time.  While the sissy sodomized itself I just kept taking tributes.  My goal was to drain every dollar from this poppered up sissy faggot and put it in the poorhouse where it belonged.  I basically screamed instructions at the faggot and kept telling it to shove the wood plunger handle deeper up its cunt.  I didn’t care at all how much it hurt the faggot.  I wanted its cunt to swallow every inch of the handle all the way to the rubber plunger part.  I eventually drained all of its fag cash and laughed when the wood handle was entirely up the fags cunt.  I could hear the faggot panting and knew it was sweating under its faggy black mask.  It rubbed its useless fag clit while its cunt was sodomized and plugged.  The sissy picked up the bottle of fag piss it had on the table and started chugging down every drop. While I laughed at the sissy faggot and told it that I took all of its fag cash its clitty squirted all over the place.  I laughed and told the plunger plugged sissy to get more cash to serve me again. I then dismissed the plunger plugged sissy faggot then taxed some other faggots before I went to bed.  Plungers make the perfect cunt plugs for faggots.  They shouldn’t be using butt plugs that women use.  They should be using objects that cause intense pain.  Plungers with old wooden handles make good fag cunt plugs and could even give the faggot splinters up its ass.  Tree branches could also make good cunt plugs.  Faggots just need to get creative and realize that they deserve to suffer even if its solely for an alpha male to get a good laugh.  The sooner a faggot realizes it exists to serve alpha males the better off it will be in life.  There’s nothing worse than a faggot drifter that has no purpose in life.  Every faggot I talk to online always tell me that they finally feel like they have a purpose when they have a Master to serve and worship.  Some faggots work overtime and some even get a second part time job just to make their alpha master as happy as possible with them.  I’ve had tons of faggots open credit card accounts then max out every one.  The only thing they cared about was getting me as much fag cash as possible.  They will do whatever it takes to shower ME in as much cash as they possibly can.  They know I deserve every dollar and more.  I show no remorse to faggots and never will.  I really don’t show remorse to anyone in general anyways.  That’s how an alpha god lives and that’s why I’m a natural born winner.  Slaves exist to serve while Alphas like me exist to be worshiped.







This tranny faggot that I’ve cashraped several times messaged me on Skype begging to serve.  She told me that she had a fresh bottle of Max Impact and a new rag to spray it on.  She also said she had to take a huge shit and has been holding it in for hours.  The tranny pig told me that she wanted me to coach her into eating it.  Eating shit has been on her twisted fucked up mind all day long.  The tranny slut sent me her cam after sending me a big tribute.  The first thing I saw was her bathtub.  Then I saw the slave naked with a black hood on.  Her clit looked even tinnier then it was the last time I saw her on cam.  I can’t even call it a dick or penis because its half the size of my pinky finger if that.  While I laughed and humiliated the faggot she got into her bathtub.  She had a rag in one hand and a bottle of max impact in the other.  The tranny fag sprayed a ton of max impact on the rag then sniffed the rag as hard as she could.  A few seconds later she turned into a paralyzed zombie and just laid in the bathtub non responsive.  She was non responsive for minutes before finally waking up out of her coma.  She then grabbed a bottle of poppers shoved it up her nose and sniffed until she saw stars.  I laughed at the pig while she rubbed her useless micro clit that was hardly even visible.  She said her head was spinning like crazy.  When the slut could see straight I ordered her to send me more fag cash.  When I saw cash in my account I ordered her to spray and sniff again.  The slut laid in the tub like she was dead after she sniffed the rag.  When she woke up I made her squeeze her big pig tits as hard as she could.  She moaned like a horny bitch in heat while she squeezed and twisted them.  I made her sniff more poppers over and over when she started pissing all over herself.  It looked like a stream of squirt shooting out of a horny woman’s pussy.  The tranny then practically begged me to let her finally take a shit.  I could hear her grunt while she pushed out a ton of nasty wet shit all over the place.  When she was finally finished I ordered the pig to scoop up a handful of it.  Then I ordered her to eat the wet shit that looked like a pile of mud.  While she gagged she pleaded with me not to eat it because it smelled so bad.  It just made me want to see her eat it even more.  Faggots deserve to suffer as much as possible.  It doesn’t matter if its physically mentally or financially as long as a faggot is put in their place.  I gave the faggot another option to choice from.  I told her that she either had to eat every drop of shit that came out of her cunt or she could send me a huge tribute that satisfied me then only have to eat a bite of shit.   She agreed then sent me more fag cash.  When I saw the amount she sent I shock my head.  I told her that it wasn’t nearly enough and that she had to send more.  Without any hesitation she filled my account up with fag cash.  Then it was time for her to eat a good size chunk of fag shit.  She dry heaved while she put the piece of shit in her mouth.  I told the slut not to puke or she would have to lick that up as well.  She started twisting one of her pig tits again which helped her swallow it all down.  She let out high pitch moans that made her sound like she was a porn slut getting pounded by a huge cock.  She then sniffed more max impact then seconds later dropped the rag and laid there like she was paralyzed.  When she became responsive I told the faggot slut to get cleaned up and dismissed her.  She snorted so much max impact and poppers I was surprised that she had any brain cells left.  When I dismissed the faggot she was just laying naked in her bathtub covered in her own piss and shit.  The faggots micro clit is so small I honestly don’t think it could ever fuck someone.  If any female ever saw this faggots penis in real life she would laugh right in the faggots face.  I guess it has no choice but to be a gay bottom slut haha.  This faggot is the perfect example of an omega faggot that should be paying me fag tax then thanking me for accepting it.  It should be thanking me for even acknowledging it in the first place which it already does all the time.  This faggot wants to start taking estrogen shots so it could finally be the slutty bitch that its fantasized about being its entire life.  She wants to be standing on the corner in a slutty outfit with high heels on turning tricks all night so she could make me serious cash.  This faggot is a total whore that craves muscle cock and bodily fluids from any alpha male.  Shes a walking cum dumpster and a faggot ATM that will serve me for a long as I want her too.  Serve me now cunts and be ready to feel the wrath of a huge cocky muscle god that has been an alpha since childhood.  Being an alpha is in my genes and mind fucking faggots and beta males has always come natural to me.



The definition of a faggot slut with pig tits and a micro clit