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I got this slave annihilated off of poppers while I drained its bank account non stop the other night.  It messaged me and told me that its been reading my blog for months and hasn’t been able to stop drooling over pictures of me.  My huge muscles and dominant cocky attitude made the faggot to intimidated to message me.  It said that it couldn’t resist me and longer and knew it had to serve.  It wasn’t hard to realize that this faggot was obsessed with me and would do anything I ordered it to do.  The faggot sent me a tribute to show its respect and to show that it was serious about serving me.  It then told me that it was a popper sniffing faggot that wanted to be poppered up and humiliated by me on cam.  I was already in a pissed off mood and wanted to take my frustration out on this weak submissive popper fag.  I really wanted to victimize the slave and get it more fucked up on poppers than its ever been in its pathetic life.  I ordered the slave to send me more fag cash then called it on Skype.  The slave looked weak and pathetic like most faggots.  This one had titties with huge nipples that looked like they were ready to milk.  It was hard to even tell if the fag was a male or a female.  I told the pig that it should have a bra on for its huge fag tits.  It told me that it liked to rub its pig tits while it sniffed poppers and got fucked up.  The bitch already had red lace panties on that fit it perfectly.  It had a tiny little penis between its legs that looked more like a womans clitoris.  I ordered the faggot to do multiple sniffs while I counted down to zero.  I made it choke itself until its face turned purple then made it squeeze and twist its nipples.  The faggot moaned like a bitch the moment it touched its pig tits.  The moans turned into squeals when I made it twist its nipples as hard as it could.  The faggot definitely seemed fucked up after a few countdowns but had no idea what I had in store for it.  I ordered the cash pig to send me another tribute then told it to go get a roll of duct tape and a bunch of cotton balls.  I told it not to ask any questions and to hurry up.  The slave came back a few minutes later with the stuff I told it to get.   I laughed when its pig tits bounced up around when I saw it walking back to its computer.  I told the popper faggot that it was time to really get fucked up.  The faggots tits were a little swollen from twisting them.  I told the pig that It had no idea the punishment its pig tits were in for.  I ordered the faggot to completely soak two cotton balls with popper juice.  It was time for this cunt to really feel its brain fry.  I then told the faggot to stuff each nostril with a popper soaked cotton ball.  I then ordered the faggot to cover its mouth with a big piece of duct tape.  At first it hesitated but did as ordered when I screamed at it.  I told the faggot to inhale the popper fumes and explained to it how faggots don’t deserve to breathe in any oxygen at all.  I then told it to squeeze and twist each pig tit non stop while the popper fumes fried its brain.  I could see the faggots eyes start to roll in the back of its head while it rubbed its titties non stop.  The faggots pig tits were as hard as rocks and were slightly lactating. 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I’ve been dominating slaves and raping their wallets just like an alpha male should be.  Faggots grow weaker and weaker when they grace my presence because I’m so big and powerful.  Every faggot realizes that I’m the definition of an alpha male the instant they see pictures of me and worship me on cam.  The alpha male always wins and the sooner a faggot realizes that the better.  Slaves drool all over themselves when they see my huge arms jacked physique and hear my deep powerful voice.  I turn them into human ATMs and show them no remorse when I drain their bank accounts.  Their fag cash is better off with me anyways.  Deep down inside every slave knows that.  A few sniffs of poppers fry their faggot brain and rewire the few brain cells that they have left.  Poppers make them realize they were born to serve alphas and have to do whatever an alpha male tells them to do.  

When I went on Skype the other night I had a bunch of messages from some oversexed faggot that I’ve cashraped in the past.  It sent me a bunch of messages saying how bad it wanted to serve me and get used by me.  It said that it never served anyone that was as naturally dominant as me before.  The fag also said that I was so intimating the last time it served me that its been scared to contact me again.  It couldn’t resist me any longer and was ready to fully submit to me and do whatever I said.  I couldn’t stop sadistically laughing when I read this cunts messages.  I messaged the faggot back and got an instant response.  The faggot thanked me for acknowledging it then sent me a tribute for cam.  I called it on Skype to do a webcam session.  I made the slave sniff poppers until its head was spinning.  I did multiple popper countdowns while the faggot sniffed until it literally saw stars.  It turned around and showed me a huge plug that it had stuffed in its fag cunt.  I told the fag to pull it out and laughed when I saw it covered in shit.  I told the fag that I hope it was hungry then ordered it to lick all the shit off the butt plug.  The faggot then eat all of its own shit off the plug with a smile on its face the entire time.  I wasn’t even surprised that the fag was another full use toilet shit pig.  From my experience dominating and humiliating faggots online it seems like most are no limit shit pigs.  The faggot then picked up a pipe and told me that it’s been smoking crystal meth all day long.  While the faggot smoked meth it sent me more fag cash.  It then showed me a huge black dildo that it had.  I made the shit pig suck it and deep throat like a typical faggot whore.  While it was choking on the dildo I told it to pretend it was at a glory hole.  That gave the faggot motivation to really suck it like a slutty pig.  After the faggot sucked it until it had lockjaw I made it shove the black cock up its fag pussy.  I made the faggot sniff poppers again non stop while it bounced on the dildo.  While it was annihilated from sniffing poppers I made the faggot pull the black dildo out of its cunt.  The dildo was totally caked and covered in fag shit.  I told the fag to eat the shit then laughed as the faggot licked the dildo totally clean.  The fag didn’t even have a drink and had dry mouth from smoking meth all day long.  The toilet fag told me it loved the smell and taste of shit.  I couldn’t believe how filthy and disgusting this faggot was and cringed at the site of it.  I ordered it to send me more fag cash then told it that I wanted it to shove the black dildo and the butt plug it had up its fag cunt at the same time.  The fag told me it didn’t know if it could fit both at the same time.  I told the faggot to stretch its pussy out and rip it if it had too.  The shit pig whore complied then eventually got both up its cunt.  I could see the pain in the fags face as it squirmed around in agony.  I made it sniff more poppers and smoke more meth.  It practically begged me for permission to take one of the dildos out of its cunt.  I told it that the only way it could was to send me another tribute.  The faggot sent me the rest of the fag cash that it had in its account.  Both dildos were covered in fag shit when it pulled them out of its cunt.  I told the faggot to squat down and take a shit on the ground.  The fag shit came out like water.  I ordered the faggot to eat it off the ground.  When it was done I dismissed the shit pig and told it to keep smoking meth.  The faggot thanked me for using it then told me the next time it got paid it would contact me to get used again.  I still couldn’t believe how much shit the faggot eat and how much it enjoyed doing it.  I can’t even imagine how fried this faggots brain was from sniffing poppers and smoking meth.  Faggots exist to be used and should feel privileged when an alpha male like myself drains them non stop.