Fat fuck slave porky contacted me the other night begging to be used humiliated and cashraped.  I’ve drained this fat faggot multiple times a long time ago.  Porky is the definition of an omega faggot meaning the lowest faggot that could possibly exist.  It should be living in a hog pen with its own kind.  This faggot would seriously blend in with all the other fat hogs without a problem.  Porky sent me a huge tribute before we even started doing cam just to prove its worth to me.  It has messaged me several times in the past but wasted my time because it was broke.  I was never surprised since I figured the fat shit spent every dollar it had on food.  The first time I humiliated this faggot years ago it was around 200 lbs chubby but nothing really out of the ordinary.  It was just an out of shape dick sucking fag that knew it was born to worship alpha muscle.  Then I cashraped it multiple times years later and porky would be fatter and fatter every time I saw it on cam.  I would flex on cam and watch while the fat fuck would gorge on food.  The fag would eat literally anything it had in its kitchen.  It told me that it wanted to get fatter and fatter until it wasn’t able to function anymore.  It seriously seemed like the fat shits goal was to clog every artery in its body until its heart blew up.  Porky was putting fat on at an alarming rate and looked more and more hideous every time I saw it on cam while draining it.   

I haven’t heard from fat shit porky in a while.  I figured the faggot suffered multiple heart attacks and strokes and was mentally retarded by now.  To my surprise the fat cunt messaged me on Skype the other night.  t told me that it had a bunch of food to eat on cam while it was smoking meth and sniffing poppers.  It sent me a gigantic tribute then sent its webcam to me.  I couldn’t believe how fat this faggot got.  It was so fat I seriously think it would roll like a ball down the street if it was pushed.  The fat shits tits were so repulsively huge it should of had a bra on.  It looked like it was wearing a pair of panties but it was hard to tell since its fat gut sagged down to its knees.  Faggot porky told me that it couldn’t even see its dick anymore and that so much of it was in its fat it couldn’t jerk off anyways.  It put clamps on its bitch tits then let out several girly moans.  I made the fat shit squeeze the clamps tighter while it twisted its tits as much as it could.  It grunted like a pig while its fat tits bounced all over the place.  I was surprised they didn’t shoot out milk like a pregnant bitch.  The fat fuck then  posed in all different positions so I could take pictures of it to post here on my blog.  Porky told me that it weighed just shy of 500 lbs now and wanted to weigh over 700 lbs.  I couldn’t stop laughing at this fat fuck and couldn’t believe that it put over 300 lbs on since the first time I cashraped it.  I told the faggot that I was surprised that it finally had cash to tribute and didn’t use it to buy food instead.  The faggot was smoking crystal meth and chugged down about ten beers within the first five minutes on cam.  Then it grabbed a brand new jar of mayonnaise that was huge and would’ve lasted over a year in a regular persons kitchen.  When the fat faggot opened the jar it scooped a ton of mayonnaise out of the jar with its fat hand and eat it in seconds.  It scooped out some more to gorge down then put the mayo jar to its mouth and chugged down the rest.  Some of it ran out of its mouth down its chin onto its huge bitch tits.  The fat fuck finished the entire jar of mayonnaise within five minutes. The mayo jar must of had at least 1000 grams of fat in it.  The fat shit fag then rubbed the mayo that dripped out of its mouth all over its body like it was body lotion.  It was so disgusting it actually made me laugh.  Then I made the faggot sniff poppers until it was annihilated.  It chugged down a brand new bottle of bourbon that would’ve got at least five normal size people wasted.  I was waiting for this faggot to pass out fall to the ground and create an earthquake but it didn’t happen.  The fat shit then took out a few sticks of butter and eat them down like candy bars.  This faggot eat more fat in 30 minutes then I eat all year long.  The fat shit told me that it has to take sponge baths to clean itself since it had so many fat rolls.  It told me that it really smells like BO most of the time and has to clean itself multiple times a day.  The best way for this faggot to clean itself is to probably go outside and use the hose since its way to fat to fit in a normal size shower or bathtub.  The fat shit is so proud of all the weight that it’s put on and has no interest in stopping at all.  It told me that its always out of breathe and has a hard time even walking out of its own house now.  I’m surprised the fat cunt can even fit in a car.  Before it signed off it eat an entire brand new bag of chips in less than a minute.  I thought I was watching a bear or some kind of wild animal.  I told the fat shit to get more cash so it can serve me again.  I have no problem at all fattening this fat shit up as much as possible.  Soon it will be one of those fat fucks that drive around in a scooter to get around since its to fat to walk.  I really want to put this fat porky pig faggot in its place.  I want to keep humiliating it and keep force feeding porky as much as I possibly can.   Maybe the fat faggot can get in the Guinness Book of World Records after it breaks 1000 LBS.




Author: ronnieflexx

I'm a 6'4 300 lb alpha male that was born to be worshiped. Everywhere I go people stop what they're doing and stare at me in total awe. Beta males come up to me left and right just to tell me how jacked I am and how awesome I look. Slaves and muscle worshipers can tribute me online for cam worship. I'm cocky as hell and love to dominate and humiliate beta males and slaves. Message me on Skype and tribute to see me on cam now. I make custom videos and have real-time slave domination videos for sale. Submit to the ultimate ALPHA GOD now. SKYPE - RONNIEFLEXX RONNIEFLEXX@YAHOO.COM


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