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I was just driving home from the gym when I decided to stop at this bar that I’ve never stepped foot in before.  I passed it when I drive home tonight and saw a bunch of cars in the parking lot with a bunch of people outside.  I haven’t fucked any “new” pussy in a few weeks so I decided to stop by there.  The first thing I noticed was a bunch of dudes in there when I first walked in.  I almost walked right out but decided to sit at the bar and have one beer.  I didn’t workout that heavy today so I wasn’t really all sweaty like I usually am when I leave the gym.  I finished one beer and was about to leave when some random chic walked up to me and told me that I was the sexiest person she’s ever seen.  Even sexier than any female she’s ever seen since she was bisexual.  I tried not to laugh because it was such a random thing for someone to say.  I guess because I smirked at her she then said whats the problem you don’t find me attractive?  She was actually pretty hot.  She was tan brown hair and had a petite body.  I told her she looked good and that I would break her in half if she knew what I mean.  She started giggling then walked up to me and grabbed my crotch with her hand.  She then whispered it feels like your packing sexy break me half please I need it.  I grabbed her hand walked out of the bar with her then walked to my car.  While I was driving to my house she leaned over pulled my hard cock out and started giving me road head.  She sucked it like a pro and said my cock smelled nice and ripe.  I laughed and told her I was coming home from the gym when I stopped at the bar.  I got to my house a few min later and walked into my house and walked over to my big couch.  We both stripped naked and were ready to fuck.  She had the hottest landing strip and pierced pussy that I couldn’t resist to eat.  She was squirting all over my face and in my mouth within a minute of me eating her.  I then bent her over doggystyle and pounded her brains out.  I pulled her hair spanked her ass while she called me daddy.  I then pulled out of her soaked cunt shoved it in her mouth then bent her back over.  I wrapped my hands around her neck choked her and slowly pushed my thick cock head right into her tight asshole.  At first it was tight then it got looser and looser.  All you could hear were my balls swinging and slapping her cunt lips while I fucked her asshole.  She moaned loud as hell and talked like a dirty slut.  I started groaning then shot the biggest load in her asshole.  While my cock was pumping out cum I shoved my cock in her cunt and shot the rest deep inside her pussy.  I wanted to make sure I seeded both of her fuck holes.  She then got on her knees like a good bitch and sucked my cock until my balls were totally drained.  She then got dressed with my cum still inside of her and said she would take an Uber home since she lived 20 minutes or so away.  She was gone five minutes later.  I walked upstairs and took a shower.  Then I came online and wrote this because it was another great story.  Something that only happens to real alpha men.  Similar things have happened to me so many times I can’t even remember all of them so blogging them is like keeping a record of all the good sex stories that I have.  I have a few chics that I fuck all the time but its nothing really interesting so I don’t write about it.  If I wrote about every single time I’ve had sex I would have half a million blog entries at least.  Another reason to serve the ultimate alpha male that will always be the last of a dying breed of real alpha men.  Men like me simply don’t exist anymore.  Most are feminized liberal pussies that cry about everything and worship the ground women walk on.  While they bring the same girl out on dates and spend thousands on them just to get a kiss at the end of the night I’m fucking the same slut within minutes of meeting her.  The entire younger generation of “males” are all pussies and would all get fucked in the ass within five minutes of being in prison.