This feminized latex wearing faggot came crawling back to me again tonight begging to serve and worship me.  Like every faggot it’s addicted to me and knows that I’m the ultimate muscle god and fag destroyer.  I make sure to drain everything from a faggot showing them absolutely no remorse at all.  Simply because they deserve absolutely no remorse from a straight muscle god like myself.  This latex faggot was lucky I even acknowledged it when it came crawling to me begging to serve.  It started sending me cash and thanked me for accepting it.  I feminized this faggot latex pig more than ever this time around.  I make sure to take all my hate and frustration out on this low life latex piece of shit.  It had its full latex outfit on but this time with red lipstick on its lips and a rubber pussy on between its legs.  I was surprised there wasn’t multiple cum loads dripping out of its rubber mangina since this faggot is such a fucking whore.  I made the faggot sniff poppers hard and even made it stick a bottle up each nostril at the same time to sniff.  I could tell that this feminized faggot latex pig was so mentally and physically weak that it was time to really ruin it.  I sent it multiple voice messages ordering it to send me more fag cash.  The latex faggot obeyed and sent me tribute after tribute.  I told the latex faggot to finger its rubber mangina cunt while it sniffed more poppers.  It kept sniffing and sending me tribute after tribute like a good obedient faggot bitch.  The latex faggot knew that it belonged in the poorhouse broke and that an alpha god like myself deserved its fag cash more than it did.  I showed this feminized latex pig no remorse and made it fuck its rubber cunt with its monster black dildos while it sniffed poppers non stop in both nostrils.  This stupid faggot latex freak sniffed poppers for hours and practically begged me to accept more of its fag cash.  Of course I drained the latex faggots bank account as much as possible while degrading and feminizing it to the extreme.  It kept fingering its rubber mangina and sniffed poppers while I verbally brainwashed and mindfucked it to the extreme.  I turned the latex faggot freak literally into a human ATM and dispensed as much cash as I wanted from it.  The latex faggot sniffed poppers for so long that it definitely fried some brain cells.  I showed this dirty faggot pig as much fag hate as possible while brainwashing it and mind fucking it to the extreme.  I drained its entire bank account and took every last dollar that it had to it’s name.  The latex faggot bitch thanked me for taking its fag cash and for draining every last ounce of manhood from it.  I don’t think it had much manhood if any manhood at all anyways but laughed my ass off at the pathetic feminized latex pig.  I told the latex faggot that it should put its rubber mangina and rubber heels on and work the corner like a real whore would  I ended up draining every dollar from this pathetic feminized latex bitch.  Its entire weekly paycheck went right into my bank account like every faggots should.  This feminized faggot pig Josephine is my property and will soon get my name branded on its lower back.  I drained every ounce of self esteem that this pathetic latex faggot had if it had any left at all and made it realize its place in life.  That is a full use ATM and toilet for the ultimate muscle god RonnieFLEXXX.  Serve me now and feel the wrath of a straight god that has been terrorizing faggot pigs his entire life just because he can.       



                                     Feminized latex faggot freak

























This past Saturday I stayed home and cashraped as many fags as possible.  I usually go to the gym in the evenings.  Since the gym is open 24/7 I decided to go later since I was draining fags.  I ended up getting to the gym around 2 a.m. motivated ready to train chest.  There was one other person in the gym working out.  It was this hot chic that I’ve talked to a few times in the past.  Every time I see her she’s always with this older guy.  The older guy always talks to me and kisses my ass like every beta male.  I can’t even count how many times a day I’m told how huge and jacked I am.  While I was bench pressing the chic walked by and said what’s up.  I asked her where her boyfriend was.  She told me that they broke up then told me she never really liked him anyways.  She told me stayed with him because he spent all his money on her.  I just laughed and said “Typical beta male”.  She nodded her head and agreed with me.  Then out of nowhere she started talking all sexual to me.  First she told me how bad the ex boyfriend was in bed and how small his dick was.  She said that she’s been so horny and actually fingered herself in the bathroom right before I got to the gym.  She then put one leg up on the bench that I was sitting on and showed me a big wet stain on the crotch of her black leggings.  I just stared while my cock got rock hard in my pants.  She then told me to follow her into the bathroom.  I got right up and stared at her ass the entire time.  When we got in the bathroom she locked the door.  She took her sneakers off then her black leggings.  She had no underwear on.  She had a hot landing strip on her soaked pussy.  She put one foot on the toilet and started fingering herself.  She squirted all over the place in less than a minute.  She told me to get naked then get on my knees and suck on her pussy.  I’m used to women being submissive but this one was extremely dominant.  It was hot as hell.  She grinded her pussy all over my face and kept squirting in my mouth.  Within minutes my entire body was soaked like I just took a shower.  She then got on her knees says “Nice cock” then completely deep throated me.  This slut sucked dick like a porn star.  There was spit flying all over the place.  Drool dripping down her chin all over her tits.  I ended up shooting a load in her mouth and all over her face.  She gargled my cum then swallowed it.  I couldn’t believe I was still hard after I shot so much cum.  The slut bent over hands on the sink and told me to fuck her.  I pounded this bitch as hard as I could.  I spanked her choked her then finally shot another load deep in her pussy.  We were both soaked in sweat afterwards.  We got dressed then walked out of the bathroom.  There was one old guy working out but he didn’t even notice either of us.  She told me she was going home and would see me in the gym again soon.  I started working out chest again but definitely didn’t have the energy I had when I first got to the gym.  I still can’t believe that happened and how random it was.  My face was sticky with dried up pussy juice that slut squirted all over me.  I had to go back in the bathroom and wash all the dried up cunt juice off of my face.  That slut was the best fuck I’ve had in a long time.  I went to the gym the following evening and saw her back with her beta male boyfriend.  I couldn’t help but laugh at the guy when he came up to me and started talking to me.  She stood in the background and smiled at me the entire time.  If that guy only knew how hard I pounded his girlfriend.  I shot the biggest nut in her too.  He might end up raising my kid without even realizing it.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I had multiple kids out there that other beta males are raising.  The life of an alpha male haha.  Life is great when people worship the ground you walk on and pussy just flocks to you.  Serve a natural born alpha god now slaves.  You’re born an alpha male its not something that you can pretend or learn to be.


















Faggots grow weaker and weaker in my presence.  I make them realize the truth and wake them up to reality.  A few sniffs of poppers instantly rewire a faggots brain.  The more a faggot sniffs the weaker it becomes.  Total and complete anniliation comes when I start making the slave do popper countdowns.  I’ll do several countdowns while the slave sniffs poppers the entire time I count.  I’ll get them so fucked up that they literally turn into human wallets and hand over as much fag cash as I order them too.  They’ll even pay my bills and buy me clothes and whatever else I want from Amazon.  They always thank me for draining them and know they were privileged to serve me in the first place. 

The second they see me and hear me on cam they know I’m a legit straight alpha male that has been worshiped by everyone my entire life.  My deep cocky voice sends chill through their bodies and makes them even more submissive and obedient.  While they sniff poppers they obey every single command I give them without question.  They know their fag cash is better spent on me and that they should be living with the bare minimums in life.  Some faggots have even gone competely bankrupt after handing over everything they had to me.  Every faggot should be truly broke in life living in a homeless shelter eating from the soup kitchen or better yet a fast food dumpster.

Faggots should all feel the drain and should be milked for as much fag cash as possible.  Poppers were obviously created for faggots in the first place.  They release special chemicals in a fags brain that makes them as submissive as possible and makes them realize that they exist to serve straight alpha men every way they possibly can.  They know that they don’t matter in life and would be on the bottom of the food chain if this was the wild.  Most start sniffing poppers on a daily basis because its the only way they feel normal anymore.  Once they realize that they exist to be property theres no turning back ever.  The popper addiction grows and grows.  Soon they start bringing a bottle everywhere they go and even sniff poppers at work.  They start going to random reststops and gloryholes to trick and make extra cash on the side.  I’ve heard many stories like this from multiple faggots all of the time.  Fags will do anything they have to do in order to please me and to make me as much fag cash as possible.  When they worship and serve me they know deep down that they exist to serve straight alpha muscle.

I’ve seen multiple popper sniffing faggots turn into full use toilets while I cashrape them.  This one popper sniffing shit pig used to sniff poppers until it was about to pass out.   It would then squat over a plate and take a monster shit on it.  It would then sit back down sniff more poppers until I ordered it to feast on its own shit log.  Without any hesitation the poppered up shit pig would eat its own shit in record time without even flinching.  The faggot then started mixing its own shit and piss in a blender and blended shit shakes to drink on cam.  The faggot would popper up then chug down the shit shake like it was drinking water.  This faggot was the definition of a shit pig. The faggot even told me its paid doms in real life to puke on it so it could squirt.  The next task I gave this faggot was to go find a homeless man and pay him to sit on his face bare ass and shit in his mouth.  The faggot told me it can’t stop thinking about eating homeless shit now and plans to do it in real life really soon now.