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When I was training arms at the gym this evening I got an alert from Tinder on my cell phone.  It was a message from some younger chic on Tinder who I matched with earlier in the day.  She was 21 years old from Connecticut and was in Atlantic City with her two friends.  It was there last night here.  She messaged me multiple times telling me how sexy I was and how much she loves big jacked guys.  I was in the middle of training so I didn’t really pay that much attention to my cell phone.  When I was done I looked at my phone and saw a bunch of messages from her.  She told me she wanted to hang out and asked me to drive to Atlantic City to come meet her.  I told her that she should come to me.  I just got back from the gym and wasn’t even showered or ready to go out anywhere anyways.  She said that she would bail on her friends for a while and take an Uber to my house.  I was full of testosterone from working out and definitely felt like fucking.  The young chic looked pretty hot from the pictures too.  I gave her my address so she could take an Uber over.  Ten minutes later my doorbell rings.  I opened the door to let the chic in my house.  When I first saw her in I was honestly surprised how hot she was.  I usually don’t put in much effort to get pussy but this might of been one of the most effortless times yet.  We both sat on my couch and talked for a few minutes.  She stared at me like a piece of meat since she walked in my house.  I put my arm around her then started making out with her.  I pulled her big tits out of her top and sucked on them.  I picked her up and brought her into my room then put her on my bed.  I pulled all of her clothes off then finger blasted her shaved cunt.  She was already soaked before I even touched her.  She squirted all over my face and in my mouth while I eat her pussy.  Her pussy was like a fire hose.  There was so much squirt I almost drowned in it.  My sheets were totally soaked through too.  She was screaming in extacy calling me “Daddy” then begged me to fuck her over and over.  I flipped her over doggystyle then stuffed my hard cock in her wet pussy.  While I fucked her brains out I spanked her ass cheeks until they were purple.  I pulled her hair and sucked on her ear and neck too.  I treated this chic like a whore and fucked her pretty rough.  She screamed and moaned so loud the neighbors probably heard her.  Her friends were blowing her cell phone up the entire time.  This chic was so horny she didn’t even pay attention to her phone at all.  While I was pounding her doggystyle I was finally ready to cum.  Instead of pulling out like she asked me too, I shot the biggest alpha load deep in her cunt.  I wanted to mark my territory and breed this whore especially since I probably won’t see her ever again anyways since she lives five hours away.  She was still so horny she didn’t mind that I filled her cunt up with alpha cum.  She called her friends back and told them she was about to leave my house.  She got dressed then called an Uber to come pick her up to drive her back to Harrahs casino where she and her friends were all staying.  She kissed me before she left and told me she has a great time.  She said that she would definitely hit me up if she ever came back to Atlantic City again.  I walked her out my house when the Uber showed up. When I walked back into my bedroom I saw her thong laying on the ground.  I guess she left them so I could have a souvenir to remember her by.  They were so wet with pussy juice I could ring them out.  The blanket and sheets on my bed were completely soaked through with pussy squirt too.  That was definitely one of the most effortless fucks I’ve had in a while.  Opening the front door to let the slut in was the most effort I had to put in.  When you’re truly an alpha stud like myself getting pussy should always be effortless.  



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