More and more faggots are becoming full use toilets and shit pigs.  I just finished cashraping another poppered up shit pig.  I’ve drained this faggot multiple times and easily turned it into a full blown shit pig.  It usually sniffs poppers until it passes out.  It’s usually out for two minutes or so then finally wakes up having no idea where it is.  After I yell at it a few times the slave wakes up from its popper trance only to be even more submissive and pathetic than usual.  The tweaked out fag then squats over a plate and takes a monster shit on it.  I order it to sit down and do more poppers. While it’s really shaking and tweaking it grabs the plate with shit on it and eats all of it without any hesitation at all.  By the look on the fags face it loves the taste of its own shit.  I definitely think this shit pig would eat raw sewage or anything else I put in front of its face especially when it’s fumed up on poppers.

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The faggot was still sweaty and shaky from all the popper fumes it inhaled.  It sent me another tribute then told me it would be back soon for another shit eating session.  Every time I see this shit pig on cam its always starving and can’t wait to eat it own shit and drink its own piss.  I drained this faggots bank account the entire time it was sniffing poppers.  It thanked me for the training session and told me it would be back soon for more cashrape and abuse.  I woke this faggot up to reality and made it realize that faggots are born to serve while alpha males like myself live in luxury off of fag cash.  It told me its going to get another part-time job so it could tribute me more cash while it eat its own shit.  Another pathetic shit pig poppered up cashraped mentally drained and humiliated by the ultimate muscle god.












































Living the lifestyle an alpha male is supposed to live.  Going out and getting whatever you want.  Women flocking to you from all different directions.  Beta males kissing your ass doing whatever it takes just to be acknowledged by you.  Getting into any club you want free of charge.  Partying in VIP sections for free.  Pumping iron in the gym like an animal intimidating literally everyone.  Living in luxury off of fag cash.  People staring at you in awe everywhere you go even at places like the food store.  Those are just a few things you experience when you’re a 6’4 300 lb alpha god like me.  I’ve always been a leader in every aspect of life.  I never follow trends and always do the opposite without even thinking about it.  You know you want to serve me.  You’ll only resist for so long before you give in like everyone else does.  Man definitely was not created equal.

Every day in the gym I see this hot brunette chic working out with her beta male boyfriend.  I always see her staring at me in the corner of my eye when the boyfriend isn’t paying attention.  She’s always smiling when she’s staring at me too.  The boyfriend clings to her the entire time they are at the gym.  I pretend not to notice her and continue working out.  When I was almost done lifting today the brunette chic walked into the gym all by herself.  Her beta male boyfriend was no where in sight.  She worked out for maybe five minutes then walked right up to me.  She asked me for some workout advice.  I answered a few of her questions then asked her where her boyfriend was.  She told me that she broke up with him then started to go on about how she just used him the entire time.  She then asked me if I personal trained people.  I jokingly told her that I would give her a free cardio session in my bed at my house.  She looked at me with this horny look on her face then asked me if I could give her a cardio session at my house right now.  I could tell she was dead serious.  I was done working out anyways so the timing was perfect.  I grabbed my stuff from the locker room then left the gym with her.  She kept telling me how hot and sexy she thought I was when I drove us back to my house.  When we got inside my house we started making out then went   right into my bedroom.  It didn’t even take me three minutes to have the slut on her knees naked begging for cock.  I finally shoved my cock down her throat and skull fucked her.  I fucked this slut porn style for a good hour.  Her cell phone kept ringing when I was fucking her brains out.  I didn’t think much of it and could care less who was calling her anyways.  I hardly even knew this chic and wasn’t even sure what her name was.  She moaned loud as hell and begged me to cum inside of her.  I shot a monster load in her cunt pulled out then shoved my cock in her mouth.  She sucked more cum out of my dick then licked her pussy juice off of it.  Her cell phone started ringing again.  She picked it up then started fighting with whoever was on the other end of it.  She then told the person on the phone that she went by her girlfriends house really fast and would be back in the gym in a little bit.  When she hung the phone up I asked her if that was her boyfriend.  She told me that she lied to me and never broke up with him.  She just took her own car to the gym and was going to meet him there.  I laughed and told her she could’ve told me the truth from the beginning.  I would’ve still fucked her even though she was going out with someone.  She told me she doesn’t regret cheating on him at all and wanted to do it again.  She said she had sexual fantasies about me every day she saw me in the gym working out.  While she was talking I spanked her ass then started fingering her until she squirted all over the place.  We ended up fucking again while her beta male boyfriend kept blowing her cell phone up.  When we were finally done I drove her back to the gym.  She put her phone number in my cell phone then told me she definitely wanted another cardio session at my house.  I dropped her off then went home to shower and eat.  I can’t wait to go to the gym tomorrow.  Its going to be hard not to laugh when I see that chic working out with her boyfriend.  I’m definitely going to fuck her again.  I didn’t even have to put in any effort at all to fuck her brains out.  When you’re an alpha male like me crazy shit like this happens to you all of the time.  You’ll fall to your knees and grovel in awe when you serve me slaves.  I have the same personality whether its online or real life.  A cocky alpha god from NJ that was born superior to all.