This faggot meth pig that I’ve financially drained multiple times in the past crawled back to me last night begging to be forced intoxed cashraped and humiliated.  This faggot literally turns into a human ATM the moment it takes a hit of meth.  It goes from sending one small tribute to sending several huge tributes without me even having to mention or ask it too.  I just watch the methed out faggot suck on its glass pipe like a dick over and over again.  Its been getting so strung out on meth there’s absolutely no turning back for it now.
Thanks to me this meth pig faggot knows its place in this world and realizes that it exists to serve me. The faggot told me its teeth are getting looser by the week and some are starting to rot in the back.  I just laugh at the faggot freak because self destruction is its main goal in life.  The meth pig comes on Skype cam and just sits on the floor naked in chastity smoking meth.  The chastity it wears is so small you can’t even tell that this faggot has a dick. When I see the fag I feel like taking a hot steamy piss all over it. If the faggot lived anywhere near me I would meet it in a public restroom just to du its head in every urinal then every dirty toilet face first.  It literally has a tiny knob hanging between its legs that has to be smaller than a womans clitoris. It’s hard to even tell what sex this faggot is. It could easily pass for a woman just by putting a pair of heels on.  The faggot kept smoking meth on cam while I humiliated and degraded it.
One hit on its meth pipe made the slave completely submissive and obedient to me.  I ordered it to send me more tributes then took multiple humiliating pictures of it that included its face so if the faggot ever pissed me off and disobeyed me in any way I could expose and exploit it.  The meth pig was so high and tweaked out that it out it actually begged me to blackmail it. It started giving me every single detail about its life. It gave me its bosses personal contact information including his email and phone number.  I got all of its parents personal information. I got bank account information.  I copied and pasted everything on my computer just in case I ever had to use it against the cunt. I have so much detailed information on this meth faggot I could easily ruin and destroy it. I have all of this faggots information now including humiliating and degrading things about it that could easily ruin its life. I drained the faggot for another hour or so then told it to go fuck off. It kept asking me if I was going to keep its information secret and not tell anyone about it. I told the meth pig as long as it comes online every month and pays its fag taxes it wont have anything to worry about. I told it the first time it fucks up everything about its life is getting posted online and its boss is getting a phone call. The weak meth pig thanked me for giving it purpose in life sent another tribute then signed off for the night.






I’ve turned tons of faggots into full use toilets and shit pigs.  Most usually start off fantasizing about it especially when they sniff poppers.  Poppers were created to rewire a faggots brain to get rid of all the fake liberal brainwash they’ve been exposed to so they can finally wake up to reality.  The reality that they are at the bottom of society and exist to serve straight alpha males every way possible.  When I see a faggot I really see a full use toilet and a cash ATM.  If I need some cash I wont hesitate to tell a fag to hand some over.  It’s usually so intimidated it pisses its pants while it takes its wallet out of its pocket.  If I have to take a piss the faggot will take its bottle of poppers out sniff then drop to its knees and opens its mouth wide.  There’s been times where me and my alpha buds took turns pissing in a fags mouth and all over its face.  Sometimes a faggot will sniff poppers non stop lay flat on the ground and wait to get smothered by a huge sweaty swampy muscle ass.  The fag eats a few farts until a huge alpha loaf slides down its faggot throat.   It usually doesn’t take long for a faggot to become a full use toilet and shit pig.  Some get addicted to it after they eat their first alpha loaf and even buy rim seats to lay under.  Some faggots have told me that they actually go to scat parties lay under rim chairs and service asshole after asshole.  Some faggots get so much shit stuffed down their throats they puke all over the place then continue to feed.  Some faggots take shit and pack it up the rim pigs nostrils so deep the rim pig has the aroma of shit in its nose for weeks.  I’ve heard some really disgusting scat stories from shit pigs online.  I’ve also trained multiple slaves online to be full use toilets and piss urinals.

I poppered up this one slave multiple times slowly stripped away every ounce of manhood it thought it had and mind fucked it to the ultimate extreme.  I feminized this cunt so much that it threw away every pair of mens underwear that it owned and replaced them with women’s lace panties to wear.  The fags dicklet was so small anyways lace panties fit almost to perfectly around her waist.  The slave pulled and twisted her nipples for over a year.  She eventually gave herself permanent bitch tits that fully poke through every shirt she owns.  This slut can actually make herself orgasm just by twisting her bitch tits.  I almost fully transformed this faggot into a full blown woman while cashraping her and putting her in the poorhouse where she belongs.  I also turned this faggot into a full use urinal.  This slut knows to sit down on the toilet to piss and is strictly forbidden to stand like a man would.  The only time this feminized faggot goes near a urinal is when she’s thirsty.  This faggot has drunk from so many public urinals she can’t even remember half of them.  She says nothing compares to the urinals they have at the construction store Lowes though.  The slave says the urinals there have the best tasting piss probably because so many construction workers go there.  She says that she actually gets a feeling of euphoria when she drinks the piss from there.  The faggot goes there wearing pink panties with a plug up her cunt and a bottle of poppers in her pocket.  She said that she usually goes in the evening when the bathroom is the most dirtiest.  She walks into the bathroom finds a urinal that hasn’t been flushed.  When no one is around she drops her to her knees sniffs poppers then dunks her entire head in and drinks out of the urinal like a dog.  She’ll suck on the urinal patty pull it out of the urinal with her teeth then puts it in her pocket to bring home.  She then walks out of the bathroom feeling high and euphoric.  She wants to become a shit pig but is afraid she’ll get totally addicted to it.  I laugh and tell the fag that its only a matter of time before she starts eating shit loafs out public toilets.  If I ever saw this piss slut in a public restroom I would grab it by the hair and dunk in the dirtiest shit filled toilet I could find.  It would have no choice to eat or drown in the dirty shit water.

“Sir, I just want to say thank you. Today at the gym an alpha man took a dump, left it unflushed, and I fucking ate the whole thing after he left. I couldn’t stop myself. You’ve helped me become the toilet fag I want to be.”A shit pig that I trained

I’ve trained so many toilet pigs over the years I easily lost count.  I’ve ordered multiple faggots to eat their own shit and drink their own piss on cam solely for my amusement while draining their bank accounts.  My wallet gets fatter while they sit there with a giant shit loaf hanging out of their mouths.  Most slaves actually love the taste of their own shit and eat it effortlessly.  Slaves are and will always be inferior scum that exist to serve straight alpha males.  Any faggot that thinks its equal to a straight alpha male needs their brain rewired with a few bottles of poppers.  Poppers were made for faggots and give every faggot a real purpose in life.  Start sniffing now cunts.