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Slaves always come back to me crawling on all fours begging to serve again and again.  They always end up realizing that there is no comparison to me and that I’m truly the ultimate alpha male.  I’m one of a kind and no one has ever or will ever compare to me.  This meth pig that I’ve cashraped several times over the years finally crawled back to me the other day.  It told me that there really is no one like me and begged to be my slave again.  At first I told the meth pig to fuck off but decided to give it another chance.  I planned to really drain this cunt extra hard since it ran off and vanished from me.  My cell phone bill was due so I told the faggot to give me its credit card numbers so I could pay it.  Without any hesitation the meth pig gave me all of its credit card information and thanked me for giving it a second chance.  I paid my cell phone bill then the meth pig thanked me again for giving it the privilege to serve and worship me again.  The cunt said that it truly realizes now that its fag cash is better off with me and that it will do everything possible to tribute me as much fag cash as possible.  It said that its going to cut some of its lifestyle costs so it has more cash to hand over to me.  It told me that it finally understood the meaning of sacrifice and how faggots really should live with the bare minimums in life.  The meth pig told me that it wants to put all of its energy into being a good faggot slave and keeping me happy no matter what it takes.  Like usual the faggot was high on meth and was already up for two days straight tweaking.  I watched it on cam smoke meth from its glass pipe while it stayed on its knees where it belonged.  It had a chastity over its tiny useless fag clit.  I laughed at the faggots micro penis then stuck my pinkie finger out which dwarfed the meth pigs useless fag clit.  I told the slave that it really had no choice being a dick sucking bottom slut.  If it ever pulled its pant down in front of a chic the fag would get laughed at.  There’s no way a woman would ever have sex with anyone with a tiny micro penis.  Little fag clits belong locked in chastity with the key either snapped in half or thrown in the river.  The meth pig agreed with me then sent me more fag cash.  The pig was so tweaked out that it was dripping sweat all over and couldn’t stop shaking.  I kept making it smoke more meth and cashraped it over and over.  The meth pig owed a ton of back fag tax since it vanished from me for so long.  I wanted to make this pig really feel the drain and put it in the poorhouse where every faggot belongs.  I could tell the faggot was way skinnier compared to the last time I saw it on cam months ago.  It told me that it’s becoming more and more of a meth pig by the week.  It said that it’s totally hooked on meth now and even smokes during the week.  It even goes to work totally high on meth.  The meth pig told me that no one at its work knows yet but coworkers have asked why it’s loosing so much weight and why its sweating and shaking all the time.  I congratulated the meth pig and told it to smoke even more.  While the fag kept smoking on cam I made it give me all of its work information including its bosses phone number and email.  I took a few snapshots of it then told the cunt if it vanished on me again I would contact its boss and ruin its life.  The meth pig actually wanted me to blackmail it.  The fag gave me more personal information to blackmail it and exploit it completely if it disappeared from me again.  The meth pig sent me even more fag cash and thanked me for setting it straight and giving it an actual purpose in life.  It said that it needs a real dominant alpha master to serve and worship because it has felt completely lost in life.  It was just another weak lost faggot that needed an alpha master just like a lost dog needs a master.  Faggots are weak and really do need guidance in life from a superior alpha male.  They need to be shown reality and need to be taken out of the fake liberal bubble that they’ve been stuck in.  I make every slave see and acknowledge reality with hardly any effort at all.  I told this meth pig to report to me every single week or promised to contact its boss its parents and do whatever I have to do to completely exploit and ruin it.  The meth pig sent me another tribute and thanked me for disciplining it.  I dismissed the cunt and told it to report to me in a week or so.  It thanked me again before I signed offline.  The pig wanted me to post some faceless pictures of it on my blog.  I did take pictures that included its face just to post on here if it disobeyed me and vanished again.   This meth pig knows that I really do own it and that its nothing more than property now.  I’m going to cashrape this pig even harder next time and show it absolutely no mercy.  Every slave realizes that I’m the alpha king and was born to be worshiped and served.




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