Fags crave alpha waste and can never get enough of it.  They get a euphoric buzz from drinking alpha piss.  Some have told me that they purposely go to places like Lowes and Home Depot just to visit the Men’s restroom.  They can get every single vitamin they need in the Men’s restroom for free.  They don’t need to go to a supplement store like GNC and spend a ton of money on vitamins that their inferior bodies will reject anyways.  This toilet pig that I cashrape weekly takes trips to Lowes all of the time.  It drops to its knees in front of the dirtiest urinal it can find.  It then dunks its entire head in the urinal and starts drinking out of it like an animal.  When its done drinking all of the piss water out of the urinal the toilet pig then grabs the urinal patty and chews on it like a rabid dog.  The faggot freak has fed in many Men’s restrooms but told me that the bathroom in Lowes has the most nutrients.  The last time it was in the bathroom there it almost got caught by one of the employees.  Just as it was taking its head out of the urinal an employee walked in the bathroom and asked what he was doing with a weird look on his face.  The faggot told him that it dropped its necklace in the urinal and had to grab it really fast.  The fag could tell the employee knew that he was full of shit.  The toilet pig walked out of the bathroom as possible without looking back.  I guess faggots get caught all of the time drinking out of toilets and urinals there.  I told the toilet pig that it should get a part time as a janitor there.  It would definitely save the company some money because the only cleaning utensil it would need is the tongue in its faggot mouth.  The toilet pig would be euphoric for hours while cleaning the urinals and toilets with its tongue.  Once in a while the slave brings a bottle of poppers in its pocket when it goes to Lowes.  When it has poppers it locks itself in a toilet stall drops to its knees in front of the toilet and starts sniffing poppers.  It then licks the dirty brim of the toilet until its shining.  It takes another deep sniff of poppers then dunks its head into the toilet water and takes a huge bite out of a shit log that’s floating around in the toilet.  One time the faggot was so fumed up on poppers it eat an entire shit log without even gagging.  When it leaves Lowes the toilet pig told me that it always has a well sense of being and a ton of energy that last days.  The last time I cashraped this pathetic pig I gave it a new assignment to do.  I ordered it to take every single urinal patty out of the urinals put them in its pockets and take them home.  While I cashrape the cunt and degrade it on cam it’s going to suck on the urinal patties and worship them.  I think the toilet pig is going to get physically addicted to all of the male nutrition.  The faggot knows that it’s not a man and never will be.  I already made it realize that it should be wearing lace panties every single day even to work.  I made it get rid of all the Men’s underwear that it had a while ago.  I literally brainwashed and mind fucked this faggot so bad it is now totally feminized emasculated and knows that it solely exists to serve me.  

I met up with this piss drinking faggot the other night to cashrape it in real time.  When I walked into its hotel room it had on nothing but pink panties and was on all fours like an animal.  I laughed at the pathetic cunt took my belt off and starting whipping it as hard as I could.  You could see its back swell up with welts all over the place.  It whimpered and cried like a little bitch.  I grabbed its wallet off of the table and took every single dollar it had from it.  There was also a bottle of poppers on the table.  I grabbed it from the table shoved it up the faggots nose and ordered it to sniff as hard as it can.  I walked  behind it and wrapped my huge forearm around its neck.  While choking the cunt I shoved the bottle of poppers up its nose with my other hand.  I could hear it take deep sniffs then huff and puff for oxygen.  I did several popper count downs with the fag and got it completely tweaked out.  I counted down while it sniffed then choked it harder and harder so it couldn’t breathe in any oxygen at all.  The faggot was completely tweaked out and wrecked.  When it slowly got back to reality it told me that it also had a bottle of Maximum Impact in it suitcase.  I told the cunt to stay on its knees then grabbed the Max bottle and a rag out of its suitcase.  I shook the bottle of Max then sprayed the rag until it was soaked.  I shoved the rag in the faggots face and ordered it to sniff.  Eventually the faggot passed out and fell sideways onto the floor.  I had to piss so bad I couldn’t hold it any longer.  I stood over the slave unzipped my pants and started pissing all over it.  I aimed right for its face which eventually brought the faggot back to reality.  I ordered the faggot to open its mouth so I could piss in it.  The faggot chugged down my piss like it hasn’t drank anything in days.  My alpha piss completely rehydrated the toilet slave.  The pig told me that it felt energized and euphoric from my hot steamy alpha piss.  I spat in the faggots face multiple times and told the cunt that its nothing more than an object to dominate humiliate and exploit.   I lit up a cigar that I bought with me and sat down.  I ordered the faggot to crawl over and stay on its knees next to me.  I flicked the cigar ashes in its mouth and spat in its face.  The faggots face was covered in cigar ash and spit.  The fag stunk like piss too.  When I was done smoking my cigar I put it out on the faggots tongue.  I degraded the faggot bitch and couldn’t stop laughing at how pathetic it was on its knees in pink panties with its face covered in spit cigar ash and alpha piss.  I had to take another piss and told the cunt to keep its faggot mouth open.  I stood up and pissed directly in its mouth.  My piss stream was powerful and completely soaked the faggot.  It chugged down my piss like a good toilet and craved more and more like a drug fiend.  I whipped the faggot cunt with my belt a few more times and left huge welts and cuts all over its back.  I disciplined the cunt and made it realize that it solely exists to be a human toilet and ATM.  I handed the popper bottle over to the faggot and told to sniff while I whipped the shit out of it.  The pathetic faggot was squealing like a pig while it was being whipped.  Before I left I spat in its face a few times and took another piss in its mouth.  The entire room smelled like a public restroom.  The faggot cunt was soaked in piss from head to toe and the hotel room carpet had piss stains all over it.  When I left the faggot texted me and thanked me over and over and said that it was in total awe of me the moment I walked into the hotel room.  I told the faggot that I’m the ultimate alpha male and that it should feel privileged to even get the chance to meet in real time.  The faggot bitch sent  me a big tribute on wallet and told me that it had to meet me again soon.  It only took one session for this piss drinking faggot freak to become totally addicted to me.  I am superior in every aspect of life and was born to be worshiped.



Author: ronnieflexx

I'm a 6'4 300 lb alpha male that was born to be worshiped. Everywhere I go people stop what they're doing and stare at me in total awe. Beta males come up to me left and right just to tell me how jacked I am and how awesome I look. Slaves and muscle worshipers can tribute me online for cam worship. I'm cocky as hell and love to dominate and humiliate beta males and slaves. Message me on Skype and tribute to see me on cam now. I make custom videos and have real-time slave domination videos for sale. Submit to the ultimate ALPHA GOD now. SKYPE - RONNIEFLEXX RONNIEFLEXX@YAHOO.COM

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