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One of my many popper slaves messaged me and told me it had a bottle of maximum impact and wanted me to get it extra fucked up while cashraping it.  It also told me it wanted to be toilet trained and wanted to eat its own shit while I laughed and humiliated it on cam.  The faggot send me a tribute then turned its webcam on.  I told the slave to shove the bottle of poppers it had up its nose and sniff.  I then made the fag spray some max impact on a rag and sniff it.  While it was all tweaked out the fag squatted over a plate and took a shit on it.  I couldn’t stop laughing at this inferior cunt.  I took the plate and put it on the table right near its face.  I then made it sniff poppers then max impact several times.  It then started eating its own shit off of the plate without even gagging.  I made the toilet fag smear the shit all over its face and up its nose so the smell was as strong as possible.  I continued to make it do popper countdowns then sniff maximum impact off of the rag it had.  The fag then continued to eat the rest of its shit like an animal.  It started rubbing its pathetic fag dick without even asking me for permission.  I screamed at the toilet fag and told me to send me more cash.  After I took more of its money I ordered the slave to smear a huge chunk of shit all over its fag dick to use as lube.  The disgusting toilet fag was covered in its own shit.  It sniffed poppers and eventually creamed all over itself.  I couldn’t stop sadistically laughing the entire time.  The cunt was just another typical faggot that knows that it’s a full use toilet.  It said multiple times that it wished it had my alpha shit in front of it to eat.  I told the toilet slave that eating my alpha shit is better than eating a filet mignon steak.  There’s so much nutrition and vitamins in my alpha waste that it would make any faggot euphoric.  

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