This slave from PA that I’ve been cashraping online for a few months finally decided to drive down to NJ and meet me for a real time domination session.  The slave is a muscle worshiping pain pig that craves alpha muscle and physical abuse.  It texted me in the evening when it checked into a hotel room near Atlantic City.  I drove over to the hotel room wearing a pair of logger boots and a tight wife beater.  I wanted to intimidate the slave with my size the second I walked into the room.  I tell every slave over cam that you can’t truly see how huge I am unless you see me in real life.  When I got to the room I opened the door and saw the dipshit sitting on the bed watching the television.  The second it saw me its facial expression completely changed.  I could see its eyes light up in total fear and awe.  I yelled at the faggot told it to get on all fours like a dog and crawl to me.  It instantly obeyed and said “Sorry SIR I mean yes SIR”.  It was so intimidated by me that it stuttered like a dumb ass.  While it crawled on all fours I told it to get its wallet out of its pocket and hand it over to me.  I grabbed its wallet right out of its hand and took all of the fag cash that was in it.  I counted the fag cash that was in the wallet then put it all in my pocket.  I then spat a huge luggie in the now empty wallet and threw it in the faggots face.  It thanked me then started kissing my boots.  I shoved my boot in the fags mouth as far as it would go and laughed while it choked and gagged.  The slave told me that it couldn’t believe how huge I looked in person and never felt so weak and submissive in its life.  I just laughed and told the slave that’s how everyone feels in my presence.  I then wrapped my huge forearm around the slaves neck lifted it off of its feet and shook back and forth like a toy.  I saw a bottle of poppers that it brought on the table and grabbed it.  I took the cap off and shoved the popper bottle up the fags nose and ordered it to sniff.  I still had my arm wrapped around its neck but let some of the pressure off so it could sniff as hard as possible.  After It sniffed I applied more pressure and laughed while it choked.  While it was choking I shoved the bottle back up its nose and ordered it to sniff again.  I did this for a few minutes non stop then finally let go of the fag.  It dropped right down to its knees and was all tweaked out.  I grabbed the cunt by its hair and spat in its face a few times.  I then told the slave to open its mouth then spat in its mouth multiple times.  I then made the slave lay flat on the floor and started stomping on it like a doormat with my logger boots.  I ripped its shirt right off its back so I could really dig the soles of the boots into its bare skin.  The slave was shaking like it was having a seizure.  I could see its skin swell up and turn purple from the logger boot stomps.  I grabbed the popper bottle again handed it to the slave and told it to sniff.  While it sniffed I stood on it like a doormat with both boots.  I stood on its back then flipped it over and stood on its chest.  I took my one boot and dug the heel right into its useless fag crotch.  The slave yelled in pain like a sissy bitch.  I laughed and told it to shut the fuck up and kept stomping on it.  I finally got off of the cunt so it could breathe a little.  The slaves entire chest and stomach had huge logger sole imprints all over it.  I literally made it look like used beaten up doormat.  It laid on the ground crushed and completely helpless.  I told the slave to stand up.  It was so fumed up on poppers it could hardly stand.  I then put my huge hands on its shoulders and kneed it right in the balls as hard as I could.  The slave fell right back down to the ground and cuddled up into a ball.  I was literally about to cry like a girl.  I took my leather belt off of my pants and started whipping the slave with it.  I whipped the fag hard while it yelped like an abused animal.  I couldn’t stop laughing while I worked over the slaves entire body with my belt.  It’s skin was all bruised and swollen from my belt and the boot stompings I gave it.  I picked the slave up put it over my shoulder and tossed it on the bed.  It instantly put its hands over its face like an abused house wife and begged me for a break because it couldn’t take the beating anymore.  I told the faggot to relax and sniff its poppers. 

The slave was also a muscle worshiping pig and brought multiple packs of Hane’s undershirts and wife beaters with it.  It wanted me to put them on and tear them apart like Hulk Hogan.  I started with the undershirts.  I flexed in them then ripped them right down the middle with ease.  The slave watched in complete awe and said that it never saw someone so huge and shredded in its life.  My veins were popping out all over the place while I kept flexing and ripping shirts one by one.  I then put on a wife beater that was so tight that it was about to tear without me even flexing yet.  I did a most muscular in it right in front of the slave.  I yelled in its face and made it practically jump off of the bed.  The slave was literally drooling and said that I looked like a freak of nature.  I laughed then tore it to shreds with hardly any effort.  I put on another one and hit a few back poses in it.  The slave said that veins were even popping out of my back.  I laughed and told the slave that’s why I’m the ultimate alpha male.  It said “Yes SIR you are fucking amazing.  I never saw anyone like you in my entire life”.  I told the slave to keep sniffing it’s poppers while I flexed and ripped wife beater after wife beater to shreds.  When I was done there was ripped up shirts and tank tops all over the ground.  I flexed with no shirt on for a few minutes just to show the slave what an alpha male is supposed to look like.  I wanted this faggot to have a permanent image of me in its head.  I brainwashed and mind fucked this inferior cunt the entire time I was there.  Before I left the hotel room I grabbed the poppered up slave and tossed it to the ground.  I ordered it to lay flat on the ground with its mouth wide open.  It did as told without a question.  I unzipped my pants and took a long hot steamy piss in its mouth.  It chugged down my piss while it splashed all over its face.  Some even went up its faggot nose.  I must have pissed almost a gallons worth in this cunts mouth.  When I was done it thanked me for the alpha nutrition and said that it tasted like warm champagne.  I laughed and left the room while the faggot stayed on the floor soaked in my alpha piss.  While I drove home the faggot texted me and told me it was in total awe of me.  It told me that it’s never served anyone like me before and now realizes that I’m the only real STRAIGHT alpha male that it’s ever served in its entire life.  It sent me another huge tribute on p@ypal on top of all the cash I took from its wallet.  It thanked me for taking all of its cash multiple times and told me that it knew it’s cash was better off in my pocket anyways.  It’s so easy for me to mentally physically and financially destroy slaves and make them realize how inferior they really are compared to me.  When you’re a tall huge alpha stud that’s naturally dominant without even trying everything in life comes extra easy.  





Author: ronnieflexx

I'm a 6'4 300 lb alpha male that was born to be worshiped. Everywhere I go people stop what they're doing and stare at me in total awe. Beta males come up to me left and right just to tell me how jacked I am and how awesome I look. Slaves and muscle worshipers can tribute me online for cam worship. I'm cocky as hell and love to dominate and humiliate beta males and slaves. Message me on Skype and tribute to see me on cam now. I make custom videos and have real-time slave domination videos for sale. Submit to the ultimate ALPHA GOD now. SKYPE - RONNIEFLEXX RONNIEFLEXX@YAHOO.COM

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