Slaves are always sniffing poppers when they worship me on cam.  Even if they just send me their sound with no cam on Skype I can always hear them sniffing away.  Popper fumes truly make faggots realize their place in life.  They are all just horny animals that crave superior straight alpha muscle.  Poppers were originally manufactured by straight alpha men.  They were made to give to fags to rewire their already fucked up brains.  A few sniffs and the faggot drops right to its knees ready to serve and worship straight alphas like they’ve been doing since the beginning of time.  Faggots are servants and exist to make an alphas life as easy as possible.  They can pretend to think that they are “equal” to straight alphas when they are out in society but deep down inside they know the truth especially when they are home alone by themselves.  Popper fumes make that truth easier to deal with and accept.  It’s just like how there are leaders and followers in life.  Most are followers and few are leaders.  It’s just reality.  People aren’t equal and never have been.  The majority of males are betas that do anything possible to fit in with everyone else and can’t even process a single thought by themselves.  When I go out to clubs in the casinos every beta male looks exactly the same to me.  I feel like I’m walking through a herd of sheep.  Everyone is around 5’9 160 Lbs with a stupid collared shirt on.  I can’t even count all the times that a beta male walked up to me called me by name asked me how I’ve been etc.  Meanwhile I literally had no idea who the person was and have never seen them in my life.  I even have ones that come up to me and tell me they see me in the gym all the time when I’ve never seen them once there.  When I’m out I usually focus out the men and just look and pay attention to the women.  I’m like a lion in the wild hunting for prey when I’m out looking for pussy to fuck.  I usually bring one or two guy friends with me maximum whenever I go out.  I could never understand why guys go out in groups of ten or more.  Sausage parties were never my thing.  Even back when I used to go to house parties I would leave right away if there was a ton of guys and only two chics there.  I just love fucking pussy and have always been a naturally kinky dominant alpha male when I fuck women in bed.  There’s been more times than I can count where I could tell the girl was sexually clueless and had absolutely no idea how to fuck.  I just have crazy sexual stamina and can go on for hours at a time.  A lot of women are insecure boring and used to fucking for five minutes tops with the lights off and the sheets over them.  I’d rather jerk off than have sex like “society norm” people do.  The only time a society norm chic has a sexual personality is when they are drunk which is a huge turn off to me.

I’ve been poppering up this slave on Skype for the past month or so now.  I always do popper countdowns and other things to get it all tweaked out on cam.  The other night it told me it wanted to take poppers to the next level.  It wanted me to get it so poppered up that it would pass out on cam.  I told it to send me some fag cash then grab some supplies that it had around the house.  The slave turned its cam on had a belt wrapped around its neck like a choke chain and a real heavy duty gas mask in its hand.  It took a big cotton swab soaked it in popper juice and taped it heavily over the part of the mask where the air is supposed to come in.  I told the cunt to put the mask on and tighten the belt around its neck as hard as it could.  I could hear it huffing and puffing through the gas mask while I laughed and flexed my huge biceps.  It took the mask off after about five minutes.  It’s entire body was shaking while it was huffing and puffing like it was about to pass out.  A minute or so later it said “Holy shit that was intense”.  I told it that it wasn’t done yet.  I told the cunt if I was there in person I would wrap my huge forearm around its puny neck lift it off its feet and choke it as hard as I possibly could.  I would grab the popper bottle with my other hand and shove it up the fags nose and make it sniff until it passed out in my arm.  I would then let go of it watch it drop to the floor then take a big piss all over it while it was out cold.  The slave said “Fuck I wish I was their real time for that SIR”.  I laughed then made the cunt put pour more popper juice over the cotton swab of the gas mask.  I made the slave sniff the popper bottle as hard as it could for 15 seconds then put the gas mask on.  I then ordered it take its hands and wrap them around its neck and choke itself as hard as it possibly could.  I really wanted to see this cunt pass out.  It was huffing and puffy heavily after three minutes.  After another few minutes it pulled the mask off and was fumed up to the max.  It’s head fell to the side and was completely incoherent for a good two minutes before waking up from its popper trance.  The slave said that did it and that it couldn’t handle anymore popper fumes.  Its face was purple and those heavy popper fumes probably rewired its fag brain permanently.  Grab a few bottles of poppers now and start sniffing cunts.  There’s nothing better in life than worshiping a 6’4 300 lb plus alpha muscle stud while being fumed up on poppers to the max.









A few pictures of me at the gym sweaty and pumped.  The definition of a REAL alpha male that gets what he wants when he wants.  My hands are so huge I could palm your head and pick you up like a toy.  You were born to bow down and submit to me.  One of my arms is bigger than most beta males entire bodies.  I get stared at in fear and in awe all the time no matter where I go.  I always catch people staring at me in the corner of my eye.  When I turn around and look at them they either look down or look the other way as fast as they possibly can.  I can’t help but laugh. They probably wonder what it would be like to look like me for just one day.  I’m unstoppable in every possible way and was born to be worshiped.  Message me on Skype now and submit.  



This slave from PA that I’ve been cashraping online for a few months finally decided to drive down to NJ and meet me for a real time domination session.  The slave is a muscle worshiping pain pig that craves alpha muscle and physical abuse.  It texted me in the evening when it checked into a hotel room near Atlantic City.  I drove over to the hotel room wearing a pair of logger boots and a tight wife beater.  I wanted to intimidate the slave with my size the second I walked into the room.  I tell every slave over cam that you can’t truly see how huge I am unless you see me in real life.  When I got to the room I opened the door and saw the dipshit sitting on the bed watching the television.  The second it saw me its facial expression completely changed.  I could see its eyes light up in total fear and awe.  I yelled at the faggot told it to get on all fours like a dog and crawl to me.  It instantly obeyed and said “Sorry SIR I mean yes SIR”.  It was so intimidated by me that it stuttered like a dumb ass.  While it crawled on all fours I told it to get its wallet out of its pocket and hand it over to me.  I grabbed its wallet right out of its hand and took all of the fag cash that was in it.  I counted the fag cash that was in the wallet then put it all in my pocket.  I then spat a huge luggie in the now empty wallet and threw it in the faggots face.  It thanked me then started kissing my boots.  I shoved my boot in the fags mouth as far as it would go and laughed while it choked and gagged.  The slave told me that it couldn’t believe how huge I looked in person and never felt so weak and submissive in its life.  I just laughed and told the slave that’s how everyone feels in my presence.  I then wrapped my huge forearm around the slaves neck lifted it off of its feet and shook back and forth like a toy.  I saw a bottle of poppers that it brought on the table and grabbed it.  I took the cap off and shoved the popper bottle up the fags nose and ordered it to sniff.  I still had my arm wrapped around its neck but let some of the pressure off so it could sniff as hard as possible.  After It sniffed I applied more pressure and laughed while it choked.  While it was choking I shoved the bottle back up its nose and ordered it to sniff again.  I did this for a few minutes non stop then finally let go of the fag.  It dropped right down to its knees and was all tweaked out.  I grabbed the cunt by its hair and spat in its face a few times.  I then told the slave to open its mouth then spat in its mouth multiple times.  I then made the slave lay flat on the floor and started stomping on it like a doormat with my logger boots.  I ripped its shirt right off its back so I could really dig the soles of the boots into its bare skin.  The slave was shaking like it was having a seizure.  I could see its skin swell up and turn purple from the logger boot stomps.  I grabbed the popper bottle again handed it to the slave and told it to sniff.  While it sniffed I stood on it like a doormat with both boots.  I stood on its back then flipped it over and stood on its chest.  I took my one boot and dug the heel right into its useless fag crotch.  The slave yelled in pain like a sissy bitch.  I laughed and told it to shut the fuck up and kept stomping on it.  I finally got off of the cunt so it could breathe a little.  The slaves entire chest and stomach had huge logger sole imprints all over it.  I literally made it look like used beaten up doormat.  It laid on the ground crushed and completely helpless.  I told the slave to stand up.  It was so fumed up on poppers it could hardly stand.  I then put my huge hands on its shoulders and kneed it right in the balls as hard as I could.  The slave fell right back down to the ground and cuddled up into a ball.  I was literally about to cry like a girl.  I took my leather belt off of my pants and started whipping the slave with it.  I whipped the fag hard while it yelped like an abused animal.  I couldn’t stop laughing while I worked over the slaves entire body with my belt.  It’s skin was all bruised and swollen from my belt and the boot stompings I gave it.  I picked the slave up put it over my shoulder and tossed it on the bed.  It instantly put its hands over its face like an abused house wife and begged me for a break because it couldn’t take the beating anymore.  I told the faggot to relax and sniff its poppers. 

The slave was also a muscle worshiping pig and brought multiple packs of Hane’s undershirts and wife beaters with it.  It wanted me to put them on and tear them apart like Hulk Hogan.  I started with the undershirts.  I flexed in them then ripped them right down the middle with ease.  The slave watched in complete awe and said that it never saw someone so huge and shredded in its life.  My veins were popping out all over the place while I kept flexing and ripping shirts one by one.  I then put on a wife beater that was so tight that it was about to tear without me even flexing yet.  I did a most muscular in it right in front of the slave.  I yelled in its face and made it practically jump off of the bed.  The slave was literally drooling and said that I looked like a freak of nature.  I laughed then tore it to shreds with hardly any effort.  I put on another one and hit a few back poses in it.  The slave said that veins were even popping out of my back.  I laughed and told the slave that’s why I’m the ultimate alpha male.  It said “Yes SIR you are fucking amazing.  I never saw anyone like you in my entire life”.  I told the slave to keep sniffing it’s poppers while I flexed and ripped wife beater after wife beater to shreds.  When I was done there was ripped up shirts and tank tops all over the ground.  I flexed with no shirt on for a few minutes just to show the slave what an alpha male is supposed to look like.  I wanted this faggot to have a permanent image of me in its head.  I brainwashed and mind fucked this inferior cunt the entire time I was there.  Before I left the hotel room I grabbed the poppered up slave and tossed it to the ground.  I ordered it to lay flat on the ground with its mouth wide open.  It did as told without a question.  I unzipped my pants and took a long hot steamy piss in its mouth.  It chugged down my piss while it splashed all over its face.  Some even went up its faggot nose.  I must have pissed almost a gallons worth in this cunts mouth.  When I was done it thanked me for the alpha nutrition and said that it tasted like warm champagne.  I laughed and left the room while the faggot stayed on the floor soaked in my alpha piss.  While I drove home the faggot texted me and told me it was in total awe of me.  It told me that it’s never served anyone like me before and now realizes that I’m the only real STRAIGHT alpha male that it’s ever served in its entire life.  It sent me another huge tribute on p@ypal on top of all the cash I took from its wallet.  It thanked me for taking all of its cash multiple times and told me that it knew it’s cash was better off in my pocket anyways.  It’s so easy for me to mentally physically and financially destroy slaves and make them realize how inferior they really are compared to me.  When you’re a tall huge alpha stud that’s naturally dominant without even trying everything in life comes extra easy.  






A slave that I have been cashraping for years wrote A blog post all by itself and begged me to post it.  When I read it I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes.  I love showing faggots their real purpose in life.  People are not equal and never will be.  This society is a feminized joke to me.  I’m not going to ignore reality and change how I act and think because “society” tells me too.  I’m not a follower and never will be.  I never in my life gave a shit what anyone ever thought of me and never will.  There is a small percentage of alpha males in society while most men are beta followers and faggot freaks.  The majority of younger males are inferior sissies in my eyes.  They do everything possible to fit in and not stand out because they have no self esteem at all.  My self esteem has always been super high.  I am as masculine as a male could possibly ever be.  Now go ahead and read this post from this meth addicted cash faggot that I easily put in its place.

METH FAGGOT – Five years ago, I had a pretty good life as a “gay” man: I had a great job, a long-term boyfriend, a fit body, and a healthy lifestyle.  Fortunately, I stumbled across RonnieFlexxx, who quickly put me in my place as an inferior homosexual disgrace that he could exploit, bully, hurt, and fuck over for fun and most importantly take all of my hard earned CASH.  I quickly fell into total submission and finally started to accept my place as a dumb faggot cash dispenser.  From the start I could see that he was a straight massive muscle beast with real alpha and anti-faggot tendencies.  He barely gave me any attention when I messaged him and whenever he did he wanted all of my fag cash.  It really did make me feel used and exploited like a pathetic faggot loser.  This alpha male clearly did not give one fuck about me except for when he could quickly shake me down for cash, otherwise he crushed and tossed me aside like a dead mosquito.  Giving every single dollar I had to RonnieFlexxx became the most important thing in my life, and since I first tributed him I have managed to lose my relationships and most of my funds. My boyfriend kicked me to the curb and left me a long ago.  I also have become increasingly addicted to meth and poppers which RonnieFlexxx takes advantage of with no guilt at all.  I now am a total feminized loser ATM for RonnieFlexxx, pestering him almost nightly to take more and more cash while I fall deeper into the self-destructive hole of intox cashrape.  Use me like the loser cash faggot I am, drain me dry, and take full control SIR.  What started out as a bad habit became a destructive addiction, tearing my life and self-worth to shreds.  Thank you so much RonnieFlexxx for giving me the finger and taking a huge shit on my life.  Send faggots to the poor house, ruin their lives and their families.  I’m an inferior faggot dipshit that realizes now that everything RonnieFlexxx has shown me and has done to me was the right thing.  Faggots really do exist solely to serve straight alpha males.  I feel privileged that Ronnie even acknowledges me.  Thank you SIR.

Worship me now slaves and be ready to drop to your knees in awe when you grace the presence of a huge jacked alpha god.  Grab your popper bottle and start sniffing.