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I just took a test from bdsm.org and here is how I scored.

== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
100% Primal (Hunter)
100% Master/Mistress
100% Degrader
100% Dominant
100% Rigger
99% Owner
99% Sadist
95% Voyeur
92% Brat tamer
88% Non-monogamist
87% Exhibitionist
80% Experimentalist
78% Daddy/Mommy
39% Ageplayer
9% Vanilla
6% Masochist
4% Switch
2% Primal (Prey)
2% Girl/Boy
1% Rope bunny
1% Brat
1% Pet
1% Degradee
0% Submissive
0% Slave

More detailed test results which show how naturally DOMINANT I am.




This hot chic I started talking to on Tinder drove down to my house Saturday night.  She dropped several hints to me that she liked to dominated and spanked when we texted back and forth on the phone.  I walked outside and met her at her car.  She was fucking hot but looked like a snobby little bitch.  I could see right through her and tell she was a submissive whore.  When we walked into my house I asked her if she was ready for her spankings. She looked down at the ground and said “Shut up” with a bitchy attitude.  We walked in my room and talked for maybe 2 minutes before I grabbed her and bent her over my knee.  I pulled her pants down to her ankles and saw that she had a skimpy lingerie outfit that had a thong back.  Her ass was huge and bounced around like crazy.  Her ass looked like it was fake it was so nice.  I started spanking her hard and told her that she was a submissive whore and to call me SIR.  She said “Yes SIR I’m a dirty slut”.  I then pulled the thong to the side and fingered her pussy.  Her cunt was drenched before I even touched it.  I spanked her and fingered her at the same time.  Her pussy squirted all over the place almost instantly.  I said “Look at this huge mess you made on my floor” then grabbed her by her hair and shoved her face in it and told her to lick it up.  While she was bent over drinking her squirt from the floor I spanked her so hard she jumped.  This girl was a human sex toy and I was going to sexually dominate her to the extreme.  I told her to strip completely naked and lay back down across my knee.  I spanked her over and over as hard as I could.  She was screaming and shaking after every spank.  I could see my handprints on her ass cheeks.  I got a pair of handcuffs that I have and handcuffed her hands behind her back.  I then bent her over doggystyle and told her to stick her ass up as high as she could.  I finger fucked her pussy and made her squirt all over the place.  She was like a human Super Soaker.  I’ve made girls squirt before but I’ve never seen anything like this before.  I was soaked in squirt while I kept fingering her pussy.  I then used her pussy squirt for lube and fingered her asshole and pussy at the same time.  She was moaning and screaming loud as hell.  I grabbed my belt and wrapped it around her neck like a choke chain.  I pulled it really tight and choked her while I finger fucked her pussy and asshole at the same time.  I kept calling her a dirty pig and all she would say is “Yes SIR” like a submissive sex slave.  I rubbed my rock hard cock up and down her pussy while she moaned like crazy.  I told her that she didn’t deserve my cock in her pussy and shoved it in her tight asshole.  I mounted her like a dog and pounded her asshole balls deep while I pulled her hair.  While I pounded her asshole I looked at her and spat in her face.  I verbally degraded her while she was shaking and convulsing.  I pounded her asshole then pulled out spread her cheeks and looked at her huge ass gape.  I kept calling her a slut pig and treated her with no respect at all.  I grabbed her by the hair shoved my cock in her mouth and told her to taste her asshole.  I fucked her face and made her choke and gag like crazy.  Her makeup was running down her face.  I bent her back over shoved her face in the ground and pounded her pussy while she squirted all over my cock.  I had one foot on the ground and the other foot on the side of her face while I pounded her.  I  took the handcuffs off of her wrists.  I bent over on my bed and told her to spread my ass cheeks and eat my dirty hairy asshole.  She said yes SIR and shoved her tongue all the way up my ass.  I told her to pull my cock behind my ass cheeks and deepthroat it so my balls would slap her nose.  She eat my asshole out like a fucking pig and choked on my fat dick like crazy.  It was like something out of a hardcore BDSM porno.  I then told her to get on all fours and crawl to my bathroom.  She was bent over doggystyle on the bathroom floor tile while I went behind her and rubbed her clit like crazy.  She squirted for a good ten minutes straight.  I had my cell phone and videotaped her pussy squirting and sent it to one of my friends.  I rubbed her pussy with one hand and filled my other hand up with squirt juice.  Once my hand was full of squirt I threw it all over her face and in her mouth.  The bathroom tile was so wet I was literally sliding all over the place.  I rubbed her squirt all over her ass cheeks and spanked her fat ass over and over.  She was screaming in ecstasy the entire time.  I wrapped my hand around her hair really tight slapped her in the face and said “Look at this fucking mess you made on my floor pig”. She said “I’m sorry SIR” right before I shoved her face in the ground and told her to clean my bathroom tile with her tongue.  She licked the drenched floor like a dog.  I told the pig slut to lick up every drop of cunt juice.  While she was bent over doggystyle licking up her squirt I went behind her and fucked her soaked pussy.  She kept squirting while I pounded her as hard as I could.  When I had my cock all the way in her cunt I balanced myself and lifted my feet up off the ground.  I wrapped my hands around her neck and jirated my cock in her pussy while my feet were in the air.  This whore just kept squirting and squirting.  I never saw anything like it. She was screaming so loud the neighbors could probably hear it.  She told me I was a sex god and that she’s never experienced anything like this in her life.  She continued to lick the squirt up from the ground while I pounded her.  This went on for over two hours.  She was completely out of breath and exhausted.  I stopped fucking her sat on the edge of my jacuzzi rock hard and told to suck my dick.  There was spit flying all over the place while she sucking me like a pornstar.  I kept pushing her head all the way down on my dick and made her deepthroat me.  I took my cell phone and videotaped her sucking my cock.  I verbally degraded her while she was blowing me for 30 minutes straight.  She kept calling me daddy and SIR.  Her face was drenched in pussy squirt and spit.  Her dark makeup was running from her eyes all the way to down to her chin.  I looked at her spat her in face and told her that she looked like a dirty filthy cock sucking pig.  I then shoved her mouth all the way down on my cock and kept it there for over ten seconds while she gagged and almost puked.  She then got up and rode my cock reverse. Her pussy was so swollen my cock barely fit.  She bounced on it then stood up.  Her legs were shaking and convulsing like crazy.  I laughed and asked her what was wrong with her legs.  She said that shes never been fucked this long and hard before and couldn’t stop her legs from shaking.  I told her that she can stop riding me when I tell her she can stop.  She said “Yes SIR” and sat back down on my cock.  Her pussy was clamped tight around my cock while she slowly bounced up and down on it.  Her legs were shaking the entire time.  I was sexually torturing this slut.  I made her bend back over on my knee and spanked her as hard as I could over and over while she screamed like an abused animal.  Her huge butt cheeks were completely black and blue with my hand imprints all over it.  I picked her up over my shoulder and threw her down on my bed.  I bent her over doggystyle again pounded her swollen cunt and creampied it.  I grabbed her by the hair spat in her face again and told her to crawl back into my bathroom.  I ordered the cum slut to squat down so her creampie would drip out of her pussy onto the bathroom tile.  I then grabbed her by the hair pushed her face into the ground and made her lick up every single drop of cum.  I sexually dominated this whore for four hours.  She looked like a train wreck.  Her face was covered in smeared makeup pussy squirt and spit.  Her tits were swollen from me pulling and twisting them.  Her ass cheeks were completely black and blue.  Her pussy was swollen and her asshole was still gaped.  I could tell she was physically and mentally drained.  My bed sheets were completely soaked in squirt.  Even my rug was soaked in some areas.  She had work in four hours so she got dressed and drove home.  When she got home she texted me and told me that she could barely sit down because her ass cheeks were so swollen.  She thanked me for showing her what a submissive pig she truly was and said that no one has ever sexually dominated her like that ever in her life.  I took a few pictures and a few short videos on my phone while I sexually dominated and humiliated her.  It felt great to put a woman in her rightful place.  I’m so tired of these feminists and stuck up women that think the world owes them something.  It’s pathetic how men worship women in today’s society.  Women are supposed to worship men.  The problem is that most men are weak submissive and let women walk all over them.  Women can act like they are hot shit but sexually they know they are all submissive whores especially when they have sex with me.  Hand that fag cash over and worship me on cam now faggot cunts.  You were born to serve superior alpha males and need to be put in your place just like women do.  Alpha males like myself are on top of the food chain and always will be.





I was at the gym the other night training hard like I always do.  I always notice this older hot milf staring at me when I’m there.  I think she started working out at my gym like a month ago.  While I was doing bicep curls she walked up to me and started talking to me out of no where.  She told me how nice my body was multiple times and asked me some questions about working out and dieting.  I could easily tell she was just flirting with me and was smiling the entire time she talked to me.  I finished working out grabbed my stuff out of the locker room and walked to the front desk to get a protein shake.  The milf was already at the front desk talking to the girl who was working.  While I was drinking my protein shake I talked to the hot milf for a few minutes then walked out of the gym with her.  She kept talking to me and followed me right to my car.  When I unlocked my doors she opened the passenger side and just sat down in my car.  My car windows are completely tinted so you can’t see inside of it.  She suddenly started talking all dirty to me out of no where.  I turned the car on so the heat would work  because it was cold outside.  She started telling me that she watches me in the gym all the time and wants to know if my cock was big like my muscles were.  I was trying not to laugh because this milf went from staring at me daily in the gym for the past month to wanting to basically fuck me in my car.  It was so random and unexpected but not something I’m not used too.  I’ve hooked up with a shitload of women in my car over the years.  I wasn’t showered or anything and was still sweaty from working out too.  I guess this milf slut obviously didn’t care.  She lifted her shirt up and took her huge tits out while  I pulled my gym pants down.  I sucked on her huge tits while she stroked my cock with her hand.  She then leaned over the seat and started to suck my cock.  She even sucked on my swampy sweaty balls.  My crotch was sweaty as hell and she seemed to love it.  I got fully hard fast and had her hair wrapped around my right hand really tight.  She had a slight gag reflex and was choking and drooling all over my cock while I was shoving her head down on it.  She stopped sucking for a minute and told me to bust in her mouth because she had her monthly and couldn’t fuck.  Tears were pouring from her eyes and drool was dripping from her chin from deepthroating my alpha cock.  The gym parking lot was dark but I could see people walking to and from their cars in my rear view mirror.  She kept blowing the shit out of me until I shot a load down her throat.  I didn’t cum all day and exploded in this milf whores mouth.  She easily swallowed all of it then looked up at me and smiled.  She gave me her number and said that she wanted to come over my house one night and have kinky hardcore sex with me.  She put her tits back in her shirt grabbed her stuff from the car floor and walked out.  She had a huge ass that I just wanted to bend over and pound with my alpha cock.  I’ll probably see this milf slut again in the gym when I go tomorrow night. Maybe this milf whore will give me head after every workout in my car now.  I’ve seen her a few times in the gym with some older out of shape guy that’s probably her husband.  I never asked her if she was married and really don’t care.  Shes just another bodybuilder cum dump.  When you’re a tall built stud like me you hardly have to put in any effort to get pussy.  Women come up to me all the time when I’m out and fuck me after only knowing me for a little while.  I’ve fucked some sluts within ten minutes of meeting them.  Not to long ago I was in a club with my friends when some random younger chic walked up to me while I was sitting down on a lounge chair.  She grabbed my hand told me it was her birthday and told me she wanted me as her birthday present.  Her girlfriends were trying to stop her but she ignored all of them.  I told my friends that I would be back and ended up fucking this slut in her hotel room in the casino.  After we were done we went back to the club and never talked again.  Real alphas get whatever they want in life including all the pussy they want without even trying.  Beta males bring girls flowers presents and spend a ton of money on dates and still don’t get laid.  Those chics that play hard to get with beta males fuck alphas like me with no hesitation.  Nice guys finish last while alpha males like me always finish first in everything.  


The ultimate muscle god is unstoppable and gets more powerful by the day.  Inferiors get turned into feminized cash pigs when I flex my huge biceps on cam and show them how truly superior I am.  My deep cocky voice sends chills throughout a slaves body and makes them drop to their knees without even realizing it.  Everyone bows down and submits to me.  Faggot cunts turn into popper sniffing ATMs and shower me with cash because they know I deserve every single penny.  Once a slave sniffs poppers they turn into weak submissive cunts with no limits at all.  I’ve been draining poppered up faggots bank accounts more and more every week.  Fumed up cunts crave alpha superiority and need to be dominated and humiliated.  Fag cunts were born to SERVE and are nothing more than property to me.  I would seriously take a tattoo gun and tattoo my name on a fags lower back like a tramp stamp on a woman.  Every time a branded slave looks in the mirror it would be reminded that it’s owned by me forever.  Faggot sluts need to be put in their place by a jacked alpha god and shown their true purpose.  They obsess over alpha muscle and crave it like a drug fiend.  They will do anything for it and dehumanize themselves if they are ordered too.  It’s just to easy for me to exploit weak pathetic men and turn them into full use toilet pigs that crave alpha waste in their mouth and all over their face.  They all become weak pathetic shit pigs when they have the privilege of being under my sweaty swampy muscle ass.  Slaves even tribute to buy my used filled up rubbers and bottles of alpha piss to eat and drink. Fag pigs could solely live off of my alpha waste because its nutrition for them.  My rubbers are filled with high amounts of protein while my piss is filled with a ton of nutrients that a faggot pig would have cravings for daily.  I’ve had several fags buy my piss and tell me that drinking it gives them a feeling of euphoria that becomes addicting like a drug.   I’m the definition of a straight dominant alpha god that can make a slave do whatever I want.  I’ll leave a slave broke in the gutter after I brainwash and mind fuck them.  They’ll be so fumed up on poppers and high on meth that they will literally beg me to drain their bank accounts until they are in the negatives.  Some even have to work overtime at their jobs just to keep their bank account balance at zero.  Methed out faggots stay up for days straight tweaked out, pathetically weak and submissive.  They turn into human wallets while they worship me on cam and send every dollar they have to me while I flex my huge muscles and humiliate the shit out of them.   I’m the most naturally dominant alpha god there is and worshiping me is a huge privilege.  Slaves are both intimidated and amazed when they are in my presence.  Serve me now cunts and get ready to worship muscle that you have always dreamed about.  I was born to be worshiped while you were born to $erve.



I’m a big buff alpha male that loves to humiliate scrawny little cunts.  When I’m out I’ll purposely should bump beta males and send them flying to the ground.  I’ve literally knocked out betas with an open hand slap.  I’m so huge now people kiss my ass eveywhere I go.  Slaves and betas shake in my presence and get an overwhelming feeling of helplessness.  I easily brainwash slaves and turn them into full use ATMs.  Cash pigs message me on Skype and beg to $ERVE me.  This feminized fag slut messaged me the other night and ended up getting drained hard.  It turned its webcam on and had some sort of homemade apron on that said my name “RONNIEFLEXX” on it.  It started sucking and deepthroating some huge dildo like true faggot slut.  I could’ve put a wig and heels on this slut and pimped it out on the corner in Atlantic City.  This faggot knew it was a slut and was born to serve ALPHA males like myself.  I humiliated the cunt on cam and even made it spit in its hand then slap the spit all over its face multiple times.  It looked like a ton of random Johns shot their loads all over this faggots face.  The cunt kept deepthroating its dildo like a whore drooling and spitting all over the place.  I could see it rubbing itself with its other hand.  Its clit was so small I could’t even see it.  Maybe the fag really had a pussy who knows.  If it did have a dick/clit it must’ve been 1/2 inches long.  It slapped spit all over its face multiple times and deepthroated its dildo like a true whore.  I finally told the fag to rub its clit as hard as it could.  It finally squirted in its hand then slapped its fag cum all over its face.  The fag’s face was completely plastered in spit and fag cum.  This fag was the definition of a faggot slut born to be used and degraded.  Pigs need to be put in their place and I’m always the ALPHA GOD to do it.  Faggot sluts are privileged to serve me and witness and real live dominant alpha muscle on webcam.