Happy New Years cunts.  It was another awesome year for the ultimate muscle god.  My New Years resolution is to get bigger and even more powerful.  Every slaves New Years resolution should be making me more CASH anyway possible.  You can work overtime at your job, get a second job or just whore yourself out to earn more cash for me.  One of my regular cash fags contacted me last night begging to serve.  The pathetic cunt is in awe of me when it sees me on cam with jeans and Nike sneakers on.  The fag told me that it took my advice that I gave it to make more cash for me.  It put several ads on Craig’s List as a faggot cock sucker with no limits.  The slave told me that it met some guy during the evening in a gym parking lot right by its house.  The fag didn’t have a car so it walked to the gym parking lot.  The fag called the guy on the phone when it got there.  The guy came out of the gym still sweaty from working out.  The guy told the fag to meet him in the back of the building near the dumpsters.  The guy made the fag strip completely naked to make sure it wasn’t an undercover cop.  The guy then gave the fag $50 to fuck its face.  The fag dropped to its knees completely naked and sucked on the guys sweaty raunchy balls.  The guy then pumped the fags mouth like it was a pussy and shot a huge load down its faggot throat.  When the fag stood up the guy kicked it in the balls as hard as he could.  He then punched the fag in the face and watched it drop to the ground.  While the fag was laying on the ground knocked out cold the guy took his money back stole the fags clothes and left.  When the fag finally woke up it noticed that all of its clothes were missing even its new Jordan sneakers.  The fag told me that it had no idea what to do and started crying like a girl.  It hid behind the dumpster naked with the taste of cum and ball sweat in its mouth.  The fag luckily found a cardboard box in the dumpster to wear around its waist to cover its clit.  It then jogged home and ran through some peoples backyards.  Multiple people saw the faggot and screamed at it.  The fag was even chased down by a built older guy when it ran through his back yard.  The built guy ripped the cardboard box off of the fag while it was hopping his fence to go into another yard.  The fag ran the rest of the way home completely naked and felt totally humiliated and degraded.  When the fag was telling me this story I laughed my ass off the entire time.  I told the faggot it was stupid for losing the cash.  It kept telling me how humiliating it was and how pathetic it felt running home naked.  Multiple people screamed at it and even threw stuff at it.  I told the fag at least it tried to make me cash by being a real time whore.  I then thanked the fag by ordering it to send me more fag cash.  While I flexed my muscles on cam the fag was in awe and said that it was going to try to whore itself out on Craig’s List again.  I drained this pathetic faggot and left it totally broke until it gets paid again.  I told the fag since its used to going through dumpsters to find a fast food dumpster to eat from and to drink water from its toilet.  The dumb fag then told me a few days ago that it was in a public restroom and drank out of a dirty urinal.  It told me the urinal stunk and looked like it wasn’t cleaned in weeks.  The dumb fag still drank the smelly rust colored piss.  The slave said that it knew male piss has a ton of nutrients and vitamins in it that are beneficial for fags.  I laughed and told the faggot that it would get high from drinking my alpha piss.  It told me it was at the mall two weeks ago and ordered chicken nuggets at McDonald’s in the food court area.  The slave brought the chicken nuggets in the restroom and went into a bathroom stall.  The toilet wasn’t flushed and had shit floating in it.  The fag said that it took all of its clothes off and just left its pink panties on.  It then dropped to its knees with the chicken nuggets and used the dirty toilet water as dipping sauce.  The fag said that the toilet water tasted gross but knew it had to be toilet trained.  It was born to be a human toilet for alpha males.  After it was done eating chicken nuggets it dunked its head in the toilet and drank the dirty shit/piss water.  Afterwards the fag said that it felt a burst of energy from all the nutrients in the dirty toilet water.   This fag is the definition pathetic scum and should solely live off of alpha waste.  It knows it’s not a man and never will be one especially after worshiping me several times.  It’s so easy for me to mind fuck and brainwash inferior cunts.  The moment they see me on cam and hear my voice they know that they are inferior pathetic sissies.  $erve the ALPHA KING now cunts because you need a purpose in your pathetic life.  





My birthday is coming up on Christmas day slaves and muscle worshipers.  Keep sending tributes and gifts because I deserve them plain and simple.  I’m an unstoppable powerful muscle god and when you grace my presence you will fall to your knees without even realizing it.  I’m the alpha king and all of you peasants need to tribute and show your respect.  Worship mountains of huge straight alpha muscle while I dominate you and show you inferior you truly are.  When I’m out in public I feel like a GOD among mortals.  My arms which are bigger than your head get stared at by everyone everywhere I go especially when I have a tight shirt on.  People feel a sense of weakness and intimidation from just being near me.  I’m always looking down at everyone because I’m so huge and tall.  I love stomping down on the pavement with my size 14 logger boots on.  The ground shakes and inferiors panic.  My logger boots make great fag stompers and leave permanent boot imprints on a slaves body when I stomp one out in real time.  Slaves and betas were born to serve and worship ALPHAS like myself and should be working overtime at their job solely to shower me with as much fag cash as possible.  When slaves hear my deep cocky voice and see my huge muscles on cam they instantly realize that they are submissive cunts that will do anything I command.  Slaves love sniffing poppers which were made to bring out the true submissiveness in them.  They beg to be used abused and exploited by me while they are all fumed up on poppers.  I make them feel the DRAIN mentally physically and financially.  Send me birthday tributes now if you haven’t already slaves. Even if you have tributed you can send me MORE.  Shower me in as much fag cash as possible.  I love pumping iron in the gym and fucking random women on a daily basis while I live off of your fag cash.  Worship me now inferior cunts and show respect to a REAL alpha stud that has been a natural born leader his entire life.  Tuck your fag clit between your legs and contact me now.  





This pathetic methed out cash faggot messaged me again and begged to be exploited.  I told the faggot to pay up and send me its fag cash.  The cunt was already tweaked out when it turned it’s webcam on.  It showed me its meth pipe grabbed a torch like lighter than smoked it on cam.  I laughed and told the fag to inhale the smoke as hard as it could.  It told me it was tweaking really hard.  The fags nipples were already rock hard.  When the fag leaned over it had round female breasts.  It’s tits looked like they could fit into a C cup.  I cracked up laughing and asked the slave if it was a shemale.  The cunt told me that fags love to play with its breasts.  This faggots estrogen levels were sky high.  Now it was easy to realize why this slave was such a submissive bitch with absolutely no limits.  It told me that it fantasizes daily about eating my alpha waste.  I told the slave that I would stand over it shave my hairy asshole and give it a mouthful of ass pubes to munch on.  I wanted to watch this slave suffer and hear it squeal like a pig.  I made the cunt put on a pair of clamps on its huge rock hard nipples.  Its nipples were so big I wanted to see the faggot milk them.  I could tell the slave was already in pain while it had the metal tit clamps on.  I made the cunt grab each clamp then ordered it to pull its tits as hard as it could then twist them until it screamed like a bitch.  I made the cash fag twist its tits for a good five minutes straight.  I could see sweat pouring from its forehead while it was yelping and squealing like a pig.  Finally I saw its left nipple start to puss and milk.  The fag took its finger swiped the milk off of its nipple then licked it off.  I couldn’t stop laughing at the fag while it kept pulling and twisting its tits.  I could see the pain in its face while it was literally squealing like a pig.  The fag was a no limits pain pig.  I told the fag that I would shackle it up in my basement and beat on it like a punching bag with my huge alpha fists.  The fag said “Fuck yeah make me bleed and suffer master”.  It kept saying “I’m a pain pig faggot” over and over while it kept twisting its tits.  Its left nipple was milking like crazy.  The fags nipples were so huge it looked like someone was milking a cow.  The pig stood up and was completely naked.  It had a cock ring around its micro penis/balls.  Its “penis” was so small it looked exactly like a womans clit.  My pinky finger is way longer and thicker than that fags clit would ever be.  I watched the fag smoke more meth while it send me more cash.  I turned the pain pig into my personal ATM machine.  I love draining slaves especially pigs like this one.  Pain pigs deserve to be broke and should live with the bare minimums in life.  The pig told me that it fantasizes about being tied up in my basement and whored out daily.  It then grabbed a gigantic butt plug and shoved it up its cunt.  I drained every ounce of manhood from this cunt if there even was any to begin with.  I told the faggot to bend over doggystyle like a bitch with its ass up in the air so I could take some snapshots.  All you could see was a big plug up its cunt and its tiny useless clit dangling.  While the fag was standing I told it to rub its clit as fast as it could.  After rubbing itself for a few minutes non stop its clit was still micro sized limp pathetic and totally useless.  I told the slave that its pathetic clit should be locked in chastity.  I would seriously take the chastity key and melt it in the oven.  I told the faggot that I wanted to lace up my size 14 logger boots and stomp on its clit/balls as hard as I could.  It continued to squeeze and twist its bitch tits.  I laughed and asked the faggot if it was pregnant because its nipple was leaking all over the place.  The pig just laughed and said “Fuck yeah exploit me SIR”.  I looked at the fag in disgrace and told it to send more cash.  The pig did as commanded and sent another tribute.  I told the cash pig that I took a ton of snapshots of its pathetic self to post on my blog.  While it was smoking meth it said “Fuck yeah exploit my stupid faggot ass”.  At least this sissy faggot knows its place and purpose in life.  Born to serve and be exploited by ALPHAS.  Its bitch tits were huge swollen and leaking all over the place.  I could tell this fag pigs estrogen levels were sky high by just looking at it.  It had round woman like breasts and hips.  The faggot told me that it goes to a gloryhole all the time at this porn shop near its house to suck cock and get fucked. Methed out pigs like this whore deserve to $uffer every way possible.  They should be exploited cashraped and put in the poor house where they belong.  I’m superior in every single way and every inferior male knows it.  Inferiors are always intimidated by me in real life.  They stare at me in fear and in awe at the same time when they see how jacked I am.  My arms are bigger than a person’s body.  Worship me now slaves I cannot be resisted.  





Worship superior alpha muscle now cunts.  You can’t resist me and you never will be able too.  My birthday is coming up on December 25th.  Yeah that’s right slaves Christmas day.  Shower me with tributes and gifts because I deserve it.  Slaves and beta males can’t resist my alpha POWER.  My muscles bulge out of every shirt I own.  If I flexed hard enough I could easily tear my shirts in half.  I always see people staring at me in awe from all directions whenever I go out.  Inferior males and women STOP whatever they are doing just to have a glimpse of me.  The power I have over others really is mind blowing.  I stand 6’4 over 300 pounds of huge rock hard muscle that gets stared at like a celebrity literally everywhere I go.  I always meet different females when I’m out with my friends or even at places like the food store.  If I get a chics phone number when I’m during the day somewhere it only takes a few days of texting them until they come to my house to hang out.  It never takes longer than ten minutes before they end up in my bed butt naked with my cock in their mouth.  I’ve met tons of women that came over the same day I met them.  Women CRAVE alpha cock and will do anything to get it including cheating on their BETA boyfriends.  I turn every woman into a cum junkie whore that craves alpha cock.  I’ve had plenty of women tell me that they never knew sex could feel that good.  I guess their pin dick size boyfriend never gets them off.  I’ve heard women talk about how bad their sex life is with their boyfriends with details but I really don’t pay that much attention.  After I blow my load I really don’t want anything to do with them.  Women are the same as slaves they just tribute pussy instead of cash.  Its a hard job being an alpha stud and muscle god HAHA.  I’m in the gym almost every day pumping iron for two hours like a beast.  I always see people in the gym stare at me in the corner of my eyes especially when I’m racking every single machine and bench pressing the heaviest dumbbells in the gym easily for reps.  I’m the definition of an ALPHA and was born to be worshiped by all.  Send those tributes and serve now slaves.  My birthday is on Christmas day so shower with me cash and tributes because I deserve it.  My arms are bigger than your head and I could easily toss around anyone I want like a toy. The KING of power and domination is ready to make you drop to your knees where you belong.  




I never post pictures or cam stills of cash fags/slaves unless they ask me too.  Some slaves even tribute me solely to write a huge blog  post about them and include pictures of them after I’m done cashraping them.  So you don’t have to worry about me posting any pictures of you up on my site after a cam session.  What makes you think you’re even worthy of being on my blog in the first place?  It’s a privilege to serve and worship me.  I’m an actual REAL STRAIGHT ALPHA GOD that puts inferiors in their places online and in real life.  I know how to mind fuck cunts and turn them into helpless puppets that do whatever I command.  My dominant personality comes natural and always has since I was a kid in my neighborhood that everyone followed.  I use and cashrape many slaves that have remained anonymous for years now.  So once again you don’t have to worry about me posting pictures of you on my site.  Spit that fag cash out now and get turned into a human ATM by the ALPHA KING now cunts.  You were born to $erve and need a PLAYBOY MUSCLE GOD to worship that pumps iron in the gym daily, fucks women like a pornstar, and gets treated like a celebrity everywhere he goes.  



I’ve been cashraping this pathetic fag for days.  It even sends me fag cash when I’m not online.  Last night it messaged me and told me that it was all tweaked out on meth and poppers.  I told the dumb cunt to send me more cash to have the privilege of worshiping me on cam.  I sent the fag my cam on Skype and started to flex my huge arms and bounce my pecs.  The cunt sent me its cam and begged to be degraded which wasn’t hard when I saw how pathetic it was.  It told me it was in awe of me and never worshiped a real alpha god like me before.  I laughed and told the faggot to start twisting its nipples like a bitch.  The slave then grabbed a bottle of poppers and sniff as hard as it could.  The fag was all tweaked out on meth and fumed up on poppers.  It was using one hand to hold the bottle of poppers and the other hand to twist its bitch tits.  The fag was a total pain pig and had no limits at all.  It told me that it would pay me any amount of money I wanted to live in my basement for a few days.  I laughed and told the fag that I would put it in a dog cage with a plug up its cunt a chastity on its clit with pink panties on.  The fag was in awe and said that it wanted to start wearing panties daily.  It’s so easy for me to turn inferior cunts into feminized cash whores.  When they see me on cam they realize that they aren’t men and never ever will be.  I tell every fag that I was born to be worshiped while they were born to serve.  The only time a fag should be near a urinal is to drink out of one.  They should sit on the toilet like a woman when they have to piss.  The tweaked out fag stood up naked and went to get its nipple clamps.  When it stood up all I saw was a bush and a penis that was the size of a womans clit.  When the fag got back I was still laughing.  While it was putting nipple clamps on its huge rock hard nipples I really started to humiliate it.  I told it to stand up and asked it if that was a penis or an enlarged womans clit between its legs.  It even had a so called cock ring around it.  I showed the fag my hand and told it that my pinky finger was twice the size of its clit.  It told me that its been partying all night and the meth makes it dick shrivel up to nothing.  I laughed and told the fag that if I was there in person I would stomp on its useless clit and balls with my size 14 logger boots.  I would then piss all over its face and in its mouth.  This tweaked out fag begged me to turn it into a full use toilet and septic tank.  I made the pathetic fag send me more cash.  It kept telling me how it was in total awe of me and that it never served an alpha male like me before.  I’m 6’4 300 plus pounds and could destroy anyone in my path.  I told the fag that I act the same way online that I do in real life.  The slave kept telling me how bad it wanted to watch me pump pussy in person then eat my cum out of the girls cunt.  This pig was a pathetic small dick cuckold that knew its place in life.  I kept humiliating and degrading the cunt.  It was so fumed up on poppers that it could barely sit in its chair.  It’s head was swaying back and forth while it kept sniffing.  I seriously wanted to shackle this fag up in my basement like a punching bag and beat it with my huge fists.  I could put an ad up on Craig’s list and pimp out this feminized fag slut and profit from it.  I drained this cash pig mentally physically and financially.  It told me that it was on total awe of me the first time it saw a picture of me online.  When it found my blog it knew that it had to serve and worship me.  Every inferior male online and in real life bow down to me.  I get my ass kissed by everyone everywhere I go.  I can’t even go to the food store without some beta male coming up to me just to tell me how jacked and huge I am.  Every inferior male eventually submits to me one way or the other.  SERVE now slaves you CAN’T resist me.  Shower me with fag cash and thank me for taking it.  I’m a straight alpha god that always gets everything I want.  A natural born leader and winner in every aspect of life.  This tweaked out cash fag begged me to exploit it and post pictures of it for all fags to see haha.



Get ready to drop to your knees when you submit to the biggest cockiest alpha stud alive.  I’m the most naturally dominant muscle god that you will ever lay your eyes on.  I stand  6’4 over 300 LBS of jacked muscle and always get what I want when I want.  I was born superior and have always been a leader that people have always followed.  I get treated like a god everywhere I go and always see people staring and drooling over me.  My arms are huge and bigger than your entire body.  I could easily pick someone up and toss them around like a toy.  I love manhandling inferior cunts and always make them realize how pathetic and weak they are.  My confidence is sky high all the time and if I want something I get it.  If I see a chic I want to fuck when I’m out with my friends I walk right up to them and make them fall in love with me within minutes.  I’ve fucked a ton of women within ten minutes of meeting them.  Women get addicted to me especially after I fuck them.  They aren’t used to an alpha sexually dominating them in bed and making them cum like crazy.  The last time I was out in Atlantic City  some chic came up to me and told me that I was the most masculine guy that she ever saw.  I could tell that she was actually intimidated by me.  I talked to her for a while and started making out with her.  I could actually see her eyes light up like she just made out with a Hollywood celebrity.  She left her two friends and walked with me to the parking garage.  I ended up fucking her in my car.  I skull fucked her and made her gag and choke on my alpha cock.  Her makeup was running down her face from choking so hard.  She ended up getting on top and rode me while I choked her and pulled her hair.  I made this slut cum like crazy.  When we were done she told me that she’s never been fucked that good.  I laughed and told her that was nothing because we just fucked in my car.  She told me that every guy she’s been with has always been submissive and really had no clue how to fuck.  I shook my head and told her males are weak and pathetic in today’s society and worship the ground women walk on.  The only person I worship is myself.  The girl was only 22 years old so that pretty much explains why she’s never been with a real man before.  Women aren’t used to confident alpha males like me anymore.  I’m one of a kind and its a privilege to be in my presence.  I’m the ultimate alpha god that naturally dominates everyone without even trying online and in real life.  A natural born winner in every aspect of life.  Contact me now cunts and get dominated like never before.  I also love to flex my huge muscles on cam while muscle worshipers drool all over the place.  I even do life coaching online with beta males and teach them how to have confidence in life.  I could teach you how to have self esteem that you never thought was possible.  Submit to the ALPHA KING now that is superior online and in real life.  Make sure to follow my blog and read about my alpha life.  Get those tributes ready to send to me now.  You will never find anyone as dominating and confident as I am.