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 I looked at her and said “Whats up come here”.  She walked right up to me and told me she was leaving her friend’s place and was walking to her car to drive back to her college campus.  I happen to live about 15 minutes from Stockton College.  She started telling me how built I was and asked me if she could feel my arms.  I could tell that this chic was a total muscle whore.  She told me she was 20 years old and loves bodybuilders.  I told her I just got back from the gym and jokingly said that I could show her a full body pose down in my house.  She smiled and said “Ok cool” and followed me into my house.  I was laughing inside my head and couldn’t believe she took what I said seriously.  When we got in my house I got a way better look at her since it was pretty dark outside.  She even looked hotter in the light.  I asked her what her nationality was because she had a very exotic look to her.  She told me she was half Italian and half Greek.  I took my shirt off in my room while she 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