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This pathetic faggot messaged me again and begged me to exploit it even more.  It kept telling me over and over that it thinks about me day and night.  The fag told me that it never worshiped a real alpha god like me before.  I told the slave that I have it all and every cash faggot knows it.  I have the looks, the awesome physique, the attitude, and everything else that makes every fag drop to their knees.  I turn all of them into human ATMs.  The fag sent me a big tribute and begged me to go on cam and humiliate it.  This time it had a blue dress on with a diaper on drinking wine from a baby bottle.  This fag looked so pathetic I really wished that I could beat it.  The first thing I did was make it shit its diaper again.  I then ordered it to put its hand in its diaper grab its shit and rub it all over its face and on its teeth.  I even made it shove a ton of its own shit up its nostrils.  This faggot was foul and pathetic.  I laughed my ass off while the fag kept eating its shit out of its diaper while it sat there in a blue dress.  It was drinking cheap wine out of its baby bottle and already seemed drunk.  I saw the bottle of wine on the floor and told the slave to grab it.  It was time to really get this faggot annihilated.  I told it to grab the bottle of wine while it still had its shit smeared all over its face.  I made the slave lift its legs over its head and shove the bottle of wine up its ass/cunt.  I’ve made fags do alcohol enemas on cam in the past and watched while they got annihilated in minutes.  Pouring alcohol up your ass makes it go right into your bloodstream which makes it way more powerful and gets your insanely drunk.  I watched and laughed while the faggot had the entire bottle head of the wine bottle up its cunt.  It was getting drunk as hell and was slurring its speech.  It poured almost half of the bottle of wine up its ass/cunt.  It sat on the ground all drunk and stupid while I humiliated the shit out of it.  I made it send me more fag cash.  Right after it sent me more cash I ordered it to send more.  It hesitated until I yelled at the cunt which made it immediately obey and send more fag cash.  It sat on the floor in its blue dress anniliated on cheap wine with shit smeared all over its face.  It could barely talk and was wobbling all over the place.  It started to tell me how important it is in real life and how its a wealthy banker again.  I laughed and told it to shut the fuck up.  I told it that its nothing but a stupid cash faggot dressed like a baby with its own shit smeared all over its face.  I told it that I wanted to send the snapshots I took to its boss.  It begged me not too and finally admitted that it was a pathetic pig shit.  A pathetic faggot dressed like a baby eating its own shit.  I kept humiliating it and told it how weak and pathetic it was.  I made it send me more fag cash.  I wanted to put this pathetic pig in the poorhouse where it belonged.  It told me it had to piss so I told it to grab a glass and piss in it.  The faggot filled the glass up with it fag piss and drank every single drop of it.  It was so drunk it was wobbling all over the place.  It said it needed a break.  Before I let it go I made it rub its shit off of its face and made it eat all of it.  The shit pig didn’t even choke while it eat its own shit.  There was so much shit it was disgusting.  This pathetic faggot is really going to get destroyed the next time I abuse it.  I turned it into a full blown shit pig that would make a great full use toilet at one of my house parties.  The pig belongs shackled under a rim seat servicing dirty assholes all day long.  It would be covered in shit, piss, ass pubes and would love every second of it.  Crawl to me now and serve cunts.  Slaves can only resist me for so long before they give in and shower me with fag cash.



The Fags face covered in its own shit



I went out late night to Atlantic City with two friends from the gym. First we went to a club in the Golden Nugget Casino. The place was pretty packed but filled with a ton of beta males. The entire time I had guys coming up to me asking me all types of shit. My friends were laughing because these random betas wouldn’t leave me alone. It seems that alcohol turns most betas into muscle worshiping faggots. I really think one would drop to their knees and suck my cock if I told them too. We hung out at the club for a little while looking for pussy. Some random blonde slut came up to me at the bar and started talking to me. She started making out with me and was all over me within minutes. Some scrawny guy walked up to the bar and started yelling at the girl. She whispered in my ear “I really want to fuck you” then walked away from me. She walked away with the guy but kept looking back at me. I had no idea what just happened. The bartender called me over laughing. He told me that they were married and come to the club all the time. He couldn’t believe that he saw me making out with her. I laughed and told him that I fuck married women all the time. He ended up giving me a free drink and told me how awesome I was. I found my two other friends on the other end of the club. I told them what happened with the married woman and they laughed their asses off. We decided to go to another casino because the club started to suck. We took a cab over to the Tropicana and continued to hunt for pussy. We walked around and were being stared at by everyone. Random people were coming up to us and giving us props for being so jacked. I just shook my head because beta males wouldn’t leave me alone. They were following me around all night like I was an A List celebrity. We went to a few clubs and got in free like usual. Some hot Italian chic approached me in the casino and started feeling my biceps. She started telling me that she loved bodybuilders and guys with huge arms. I laughed and flexed my bicep while she looked at me in awe and felt it. I could tell she was a full blown muscle whore. She told me she was with her older aunt and that they were about to leave. The aunt walked up to us and started groping me. To bad she wasn’t hot at all. I talked them into going into some club before they left. When we were walking to the club I texted my friend and told him I would meet back up with him in a little bit. The bouncer shook my hand and let us in the club. I talked to the Italian chic and danced with her for a few minutes while the drunk aunt was at the bar ordering a drink. We when sat in the corner of the club on a huge couch. The hot Italian chic was playing really hard to get. She seemed really nervous and intimidated by me. You don’t see a jacked muscle god like me everyday. I used my charm and could tell she was loosening up. It didn’t take long until she was sitting in my lap and making out with me. Women can’t resist me. When they try it just makes me laugh. Her jealous aunt started bitching and saying that it was time to go home. The hot Italian chic handed me her cell phone and told me to put my number in. I walked them out of the club and found my two friends. We walked around the casino for a little bit. I got a text from the Italian chic telling me how sexy I was. She said that she couldn’t really do much in the casino with me because she was with her aunt. I took a taxi back to the other casino with my two friends. The girl was texting me non stop and even sent me nude pics of herself. It was late so I went to the parking garage to find my car and drove home. The following day I talked to the Italian chic when I got home from the gym. She ended up driving over to my house. She was over for maybe ten minutes before she was naked on her knees sucking my dick. 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These beta males are getting cheated on like crazy and don’t even have a clue about it. Like I’ve said before women are solely cum dumps and are slaves that tribute pussy. I’m the ultimate alpha god that always gets what he wants in life. Worship me now slaves you know you crave my cocky attitude and huge jacked muscles.





Friday night fag tax is due.  It’s time to submit to the ultimate alpha god.  I’m an alpha god that has it all.  I’m a 6’4 300 pound plus jacked stud that gets what he wants when he wants.  Women crave my alpha cock and get wet the moment they lay eyes on me.  I love pounding out some whore I just met in one of the casino hotel rooms while I’m out with my alpha bros.  Pussy is so easy to get when you’re a stud like me.  Women love tall masculine men and fantasize about them while their skinny/fat out of shape boyfriend is on top of them fucking them with their small pathetic cock that’s the size of my finger.  Women role their eyes while there boyfriend cums within two minutes and practically has a seizure while their on top of them.  Beta men are pathetic and deserve absolutely no respect.  They belong on their knees with a plug up their ass and a chastity on their dick while they watch a stud like me fuck their girlfriend for hours on end.  I’ve cuckolded couples in real life multiple times and I have to say it’s funny as hell.  The funniest part to me is when the cuckold eats my creampie out of their girlfriends pussy.  They love the taste of my alpha cum mixed with all the pussy juice flowing out of the girls cunt from all the orgasms I gave her.  Women are just walking cum dumps to me and deserve no respect at all either.  When your a superior alpha god like me you look down at society in general.  People are all followers and will do whatever it takes to fit in with the rest.  I’ve always been a leader in life and never followed trends or gave a shit what anyone thinks of me.  The only person I look up to is myself.  When I go out to the casinos random beta men always come up to me and call me by name and talk to me like I personally know them.  I look at them and literally have no clue who the fuck they are.  Every beta male looks and dresses exactly the same when I’m out.  I feel like I’m walking through a crowd of sheep.  I’ll make random comments to people just to make my friends laugh their asses off.  When I walk around the casino with my friends they always tell me that every person stares at me in awe when I walk by them.  They always ask me if it annoys me but I tell them I never really pay attention.  When I walk around I only look at women and blur out all the beta males.  I’ve had so many groups of women come up to me in the clubs and casinos and ask me if they can take pictures with me like I’m a celebrity.  Not to long ago an older woman actually handed me a $50 just to feel my arms while I flexed them.  When I go out my ultimate mission is to fuck as much pussy as possible.  Alpha gods need to fuck as much cunt as possible.  I’ve had so many one night stands with women over the years I wouldn’t be surprised if I had multiple kids out there being raised by inferior men.   I’m a fucking stud and my ego is sky high.  My confidence makes women so horny they’ll do anything to feel my alpha cock inside of them.  Most men submit to women and worship the ground they walk on.  I truly believe women are privileged to be acknowledged by me.  I’ve taught a few of my friends to stop worshiping women, stop liking their pictures on social media, and have the confidence to talk to any woman  you feel like talking too.  My friends started fucking so many more women after listening to me and even thanked me for teaching them my philosophy.  I’ve hung out and fucked women from all different walks of life and they are all the same.  I know everything about women which makes it even easier for me to get laid.  Worship the ultimate alpha male now inferior cunts.  You know deep down inside that you were born to $erve me and you will finally feel purpose in life when I OWN YOU.




This dumb cunt send me more fag cash again to watch it on webcam dressed like a baby.  It looked so fucking stupid I just shook my head in disgrace.  I wished I could’ve wrapped my hands around the scrawny fags neck and choke it until its face turns bright purple.  I humiliated the scrawny cunt and flexed my huge godly alpha muscles. It told me that it had a fresh bottle of poppers.  I told the fag to shove the bottle up its nose and start sniffing.  I laughed while it sniffed and looked stupid as hell.  It was so fumed up that it could barely hold its head up.  I yelled at the faggot and told it to shit its diaper.  After the fag shit itself  I told it to grab some shit out of its diaper with its hand.  I then told it to shove the shit in its mouth and eat it.  The slave slightly gagged but eat its own shit like it was nothing.  It grabbed more shit and kept eating it.  I could tell this disgusting faggot was already fully toilet trained and has obviously been used as a human toilet multiple times.  I was laughing my ass off at this disgusting shit pig.  I then ordered the faggot to shove its shit up its nose as deep as it could.  The toilet fag then filled up a glass with fag piss.  The poppered up toilet fag then chugged down the glass full of piss like it was chugging down a beer.  The toilet faggot sent me more fag cash and thanked me for taking it.  The stupid fag just sat on the ground dressed in a babies outfit with shit all over its face and smeared in its teeth.  It was still fumed up on poppers and could barely talk or see straight.  It started to tell me that its a rich wealthy “banker” and that no one knows that its a toilet pig that dresses up like a baby.  It begged me to expose it and take snapshots on Skype of it.  I told the “banker” fag to send me more cash since it “claimed” to be so wealthy.  It did as told then started chugging down a bottle of red wine like a woman.  I could see its shit smeared in its teeth and gums while it was drinking the wine.  This faggot was the definition of a full use toilet cash pig ATM.  It sent me several more tributes while it was all drunk on cheap red wine.  I took a few snapshots of this disgusting pig shit because pigs like this deserve to be exploited.  Filthy cunts deserve to be on the ground covered in piss with a mouthful of alpha shit.  Inferior scum deserve to be cashraped and are nothing more than property to me.  Drop to your knees and message me on Skype now slaves.  Its finally time to pay your fag tax and $erve the ultimate alpha god. 





I was at the gym the other night with my friend.  Some beta male came up to me and invited us into his VIP area.  I had this slut laying across my lap making out with me while I fingered her pussy through her skirt.  She didn’t even have any panties on.  My friend who was sitting across from me took his phone out and recorded some of it when he saw me in action. The girl and I ended up going back to her room in the casino where I fucked her brains out.  I made this slut realize that she’s a walking cum dump like every woman is to me.  When we were done she admitted to me that she had a boyfriend like they all do.  She talked a ton of shit about him saying how scrawny he is and how bad he was in bed because his cock is only five inches long.  I made this slut cum like crazy and was covered in pussy squirt.  Afterwards we jumped  in the shower together where she gave me a sloppy pornstar blowjob.  I ended up shooting a huge load down her throat.  The life of the ultimate alpha god.  When I go out women are always staring at me and coming up to me.  It takes no effort at all to fuck any chic I want.  I’ve fucked a ton of women after only knowing them for literally ten minutes.  My jacked ripped body and cocky confident attitude makes any sluts pussy soaked.

I abused this fat cunt real time and filmed some of it on my phone.  I had my belt wrapped around it’s neck like a choke chain and humiliated the shit out of it.  I spat all over it pissed in its mouth and all over its face.  It was on all fours choking while I shoved my dirty gym Nike Shoxs down its throat.  I made the fag cunt crawl on all fours and made it do laps around the room while pushing a heavy chair with its head.  It was so out of shape it was huffing and puffing for air.  I couldn’t stop laughing my ass off.  I love abusing inferiors real time and making them truly realize how pathetic they are.  They all drop to their knees with fag cash in their mouth the moment they see me.  My huge muscles and cocky attitude intimidates them like crazy.  I’ve turned plenty of slaves into cash faggot ATMs and full use toilets in real time meets.


Here’s a few pictures I took when I got home from the gym.  My arms were still pumped up and veiny from an intense bicep/tricep workout.  One of my arms is bigger than your whole entire body scrawny twerps.  Bow down to the ultimate alpha god now.  When you see me on cam your whole entire body will shake and you will drop to your knees without even realizing it.  I’m the king of all alphas and was born a leader in all aspects of life.  The only person I’ve ever worshiped in life is myself.  I love turning helpless weak fags into human ATMs when I flex my huge muscles and dominate/humiliate them.  I will make you realize that you’re not a man and never will be one in my presence.  Shower me with fag cash while I dominate you and put you in your rightful place.  You were born to $erve while I was born to be worshiped.  I have tons of videos and sweaty worn gym gear for sale.  Suck the ball sweat out of my gym jockstrap and chew on my dirty crusty socks.  I have huge size 15 feet that will trample you and turn you into a human doormat.  Bow down to the king of all alpha gods now inferior cunts.



I copied and pasted an email I got today.  I thought it would be great to share it on here haha.
Today at 2:42 PM


My presence is overwhelming and makes inferiors drop to their knees in awe.  I’m a natural born alpha that gets what he wants when he wants.  An alpha stud that women and slaves eye up and down like a piece of meat.  When I go out to clubs all the attention is on me. Beta males constantly approach me everywhere I go just to shake my hand and tell me how AWESOME and AMAZING I am.  People sense a WINNER when they see me.  Women get jealous when I go out with them because I get more attention than they do.  Women are insecure as hell and can’t handle not having a single person pay attention to them.  I love crushing their egos and making them realize they are just slaves to my alpha cock.  Serve me now fags l will turn you into a feminized pussy whore.  You will drop to your faggot knees the moment you lay eyes on me and hear my deep cocky alpha voice.  I’ll flex my huge biceps and bounce my huge pecs and show you what an alpha god truly is.  You’ll be turned into a cash faggot ATM without even realizing it.  I love putting inferior faggots in their rightful place.  I was born to rule while you were born to serve.  I have tons of sweaty underwear briefs, jocks and socks for sale that you can sniff like a dog and suck the alpha sweat out of.  I can even sell you a worn stretched out rubber filled with alpha cum that I fucked a chic with so u can smell pussy on the outside of it while you suck my alpha cum down like you’re doing a shot at a bar.  I have tons of videos for sale and make custom ones for you to worship.  Grab your bottles of poppers and start sniffing cunts.  It’s time to get cashraped by the ALPHA KING.