This stupid cunt messaged me on Skype and told me that it had a secret that no one knew about. It told me that it wanted to show me its “secret” on cam. I told the cunt to send some fag cash. I was in the mood to really humiliate this stupid faggot. After wasting my time for ten minutes it finally paid up. I told the cunt since it wasted so much of my time to send more fag cash. At first it hesitated but then it finally did as ordered. When I video called the fag on Skype it was dressed up like a baby wearing a diaper and had some kind of baby dress on. It also had one of those things in its mouth that babies suck on. I forget what they are called. I humiliated and degraded this loser while it acted like a baby on cam. I took picture after picture of its stupid ass. I finally told the stupid faggot to piss and shit its diaper. The fag didn’t want to at first but finally did when I started screaming at it. I then told the baby fag to take its diaper off. The diaper was covered in shit and piss. I then ordered the fag to smear the shit all over its face. I was laughing and cringing at the same time. This faggot cunt was a disgusting piece of shit. It even showed me its passport on cam so I could take a picture of it. I finally told the faggot that cam time was up. It begged me to stay on cam longer so I told it to send me more fag cash. I drained this stupid faggot and humiliated the shit out of it. I took tons of snapshots of the baby fag so I can exploit it for the low life scum bag that it is. After I was done with it on cam it messaged me and started to beg me not to exploit it and post its pictures. I told the dumb ass that it was too late. If I saw this stupid faggot in real life I would seriously beat the shit out of it take all of its cash and turn it into a full use toilet.





The stupid cash faggot that I recently blogged about that was sodomized with a tree branch sent me more fag cash tonight to be humiliated.  It told me that I’ve been on its mind every single day.  It told me that it was eating at a restaurant with its parents today and went to the bathroom.  The bathroom was filthy and probably hasn’t been cleaned in weeks it said.  It pulled its fag clit out dropped to its knees and started drinking out of the dirty urinal.  It told me it was fantasizing about me while it was drinking disgusting filthy piss water and playing with its fag clit.  It even grabbed the filthy urinal patty and took a bite out of it.  The faggot told me that it squirted on the floor within five minutes and had dirty piss all over its face and in its mouth.  It then licked its own fag cum off of the floor.  It cleaned its face off in the sink but the taste of dirty piss was still in its mouth.  The faggot then went back to the table where its parents were and finished its food.  The faggots father said “Whats that smell?”  It was the faggots shirt because part of it was soaked in dirty piss water.  The faggot looked the other way and pretended to not smell anything.  When the faggot was telling me this story on cam I was laughing my ass off.  What a pathetic loser.  I would love to find its father and tell him the truth about his so-called “son”.  The father would probably take his belt off and whip the shit out of the faggot and probably take a piss on it.  This dumb cunt is nothing more than a full use toilet.  I made the faggot squeeze its nipples as hard as it could on cam.  It was moaning and screaming in pain like a whore.  I told the cunt that I want it to squeeze and pull on its nipples every single day because it will raise its estrogen levels and make it even sluttier.  I told the faggot that it needs to start wearing panties every single day even to work.  The faggot said “I can’t wear boxers?”  I laughed and told it that boxers are for MEN.  This fag definitely wasn’t a man and never will be one.  A man wouldn’t drop to its knees in front of a public urinal and start drinking out of it.  It finally agreed and told me that its going to go shopping tomorrow for pink lace panties.  I told it that I want it to also wear thigh high stockings every day to work.  The faggot needs to do a tranny tuck and tape its fag clit between its legs everyday when it has panties on.  It really should have a chastity on its small pathetic clit.  I would take its chastity key and melt it on my stove top.  The faggot is also going to buy a butt plug and wear it every day to stretch its cunt out.  I want to stick a crank in this slaves mouth and turn it into a full use toilet.  I would love to drown this faggot in piss and spit.  This slave is being feminized more and more every time it sends me cash.  When it sees me on cam it realizes that it will never ever be a man.  It’s just a bitch and should be treated like one.  Its going to find a porn shop with a gloryhole and start sucking random cocks and swallow all of the cum.  What a pathetic fucking pig.  It’s full name is English Robert Calvert and its phone number is 7193602512.  Give this slave bitch a call.  It will tell you more amazing I am and how I’m the KING OF ALL ALPHA GODS.  Bow down and submit now cunts.




This pathetic faggot that I’ve cashraped in the past recently came crawling back to me begging to $erve.  It’s an undercover sissy bitch and pretends to be a “man” in real life.  What a complete joke.  The cunt tributed me and watched me on Skype wearing jeans and Nike Shoxs.  I humiliated the faggot and told it how pathetic it was.  I told it that I would squat over its face and turn it into a full use toilet.  I ripped ass on cam several times and told the slave to suck the fart fumes up like a vacuum cleaner.  It told me that it thinks it’s a man until it see and hears me on cam.  It’s pretty easy for me to drain a slaves manhood that it probably never has in the first place.  It told me that it fantasizes about me kicking it in its useless balls with my Nike Shoxs as hard as I can.  I told the fag that if I saw it in real life I would kick it in its balls until they literally pop.  I would lace up my old football cleats from high school and stomp on its balls as hard as I possibly could.  Its faggot balls would look like a pin cushion.  I told the weak submissive faggot that it should be castrated.  It already sounds like a bitch over Skype and I’m sure that its balls are completely useless.  When I told the fag that I would castrate it, it immediately sent me more fag cash.  The faggot told me that its been wearing a chastity on its clit and huge black plug up its cunt.  I told the cunt that it should be wearing pink panties and stockings every day even to work.  I even got the cash fag to admit that it watches gang bang porno and wishes that it was the whore getting fucked by all of the men.  The slave finally told me that it went to meet some other faggot off of Craig’s list for anonymous fag sex last week in a public park at night.  When it got to the park there was three Hispanic guys there that started to beat the shit out of it.  They took turns skull fucking the faggot and even shoved a tree branch up its ass.  The slave was practically crying when it was telling me about the encounter and all I could do was laugh my ass off.  I asked the faggot how the tree branch felt when it got shoved up its cunt.  It said that the tree branch was huge and that the three guys sodomized its cunt.  They were laughing the entire time while the faggot was crying and suffering.  The slave said that it couldn’t even scream for help because its mouth was full with cock the entire time.  When the three Hispanic guys were done they took all of its belongings and ran off.  The faggot was left on a bench in the middle of the night completely naked with a huge tree branch sticking out of its cunt cum all over its face and multiple loads shot down its throat.  The slave told me that it finally pulled the huge tree branch out of its ass and had to walk back to its car completely naked because all of its clothes were stolen.  I was laughing my ass off when this stupid fag was telling me this story.  It told me that a few people even saw it walking back to its car completely naked and were laughing at it.  Some guy was yelling “Stupid faggot” at the slave when it was walking with its head down and tears pouring from its eyes.  What a horrible sad story haha.  I made the fag send me more fag cash for listening to its pathetic story.  I told it that it should be at a glory hole sucking multiple random cocks because it’s a feminized cum drinking slut.  It agreed with me and knew it was a pathetic piece of shit.  I really made this slave realize how pathetic it was and told it that it deserved to get sodomized with a tree branch by the three Hispanic guys.  I told it that it was born to be humiliated and used by straight men.  It’s been living life as an undercover faggot which is a complete joke to me.  I told it that people already know that its a submissive cock sucking faggot bitch.  I cashraped this pig and told it to find a glory hole to suck cock and swallow cum.  This slave was just another weak pathetic loser that needed to be put in its place.  It’s a cash faggot ATM and full use toilet for alpha gods.  I know if I saw this faggot I would toss it on the ground and take a huge steamy piss all over its face.  I love putting inferior cunts in their place and making them realize their purpose in life.



The ultimate alpha god put another inferior cunt in its place.  I met a slave for a real time domination session last night.  The faggot has been tributing me online for a while and couldn’t resist meeting me any longer.  It was a popper sniffing pain pig ATM like every faggot I humiliate and dominate online.  I had my size 14 logger boots laced up and a tight wife beater that showed my huge bulging alpha muscle.  This fag told me that it wanted me to make it $uffer every way possible.  When I walked into the slaves hotel room it was on all fours like a dog.  I laughed while the slave looked up at me in fear and awe at the same time.  It was amazed by my height and size.  I grabbed its fag cash from the table and put it in my pocket.  I then sat in a chair and told the faggot to clean the soles of my boots with its tongue.  I made sure to walk outside to get a ton of rocks and pebbles stuck in the boot treads before I met the faggot.  I lit up a cigar and smoked it while the slave cleaned my boots.  I could hear it chewing on rocks and pebbles.  I flicked my cigar ashes on its face and in its fag mouth.  I laughed at the faggot and asked it how my dirty boot soles tasted.  It told me that they tasted great and that it was born to serve straight alpha males like myself every way possible.  I laughed and humiliated the cunt while it shined up my boots with its fag tongue.  There was a fresh bottle of poppers on the table that the slave brought with it.  I stood up and wrapped my huge forearm around the slaves neck.  I put just enough pressure on its neck so it could it breathe just a little bit.  I grabbed the bottle of poppers with my other hand and shoved it up the faggots nose.  I told the faggot to sniff as hard as possible.  I could hear it huff the popper fumes like a faggot bitch.  I counted down from ten while the faggot sniffed.  After the countdown I tightened my forearm around its neck so it couldn’t breathe at all.  I could hear it gag and choke.  I then took the bottle of poppers and shoved it up its nose and ordered the cunt to sniff.  I choked the fag and made it sniff poppers for a good ten minutes straight.  When I finally let go of the slave it fell right to the ground.  It was slurring its speech and said that the entire room was spinning.  I hacked up a huge luggie and spat in the cunts mouth. While it laid on the ground I started trampling it with my size 14 logger boots.  I crushed this scrawny cunt and made it realize that it was nothing more than a doormat.  I ripped its shirt off and continued trampling it.  Its entire body was covered in big boot imprints.  I stomped this pathetic cunt from head to toe.  I even stood on the side of its head with one boot.  I could see its face turning purple while drool was coming out of the side of its mouth.  The faggot laid on the ground flat completely trampled and covered in size 14 logger boot imprints.  I picked the fag up like a rag doll with one hand.  I wrapped my huge forearm around its neck and made it sniff poppers again.  I fumed this faggot up really good.  It was so tweaked out on popper fumes that it couldn’t even stand without wobbling all over the place.  I ordered the slave to drop to its knees and keep its mouth wide open.  I spat in the fag mouth and all over its face.  I then took my alpha cock out of my pants and took a long heavy piss right in its mouth.  The fag turned into a human urinal and chugged down all of my piss.  I couldn’t stop laughing at this pathetic loser.  I couldn’t believe that this faggot was married with kids.  I told it that I would fuck the shit out of its wife while it would helplessly watch.  It told me that it was a cuckold and that its wife fucks other men all the time.  It even told me that it eat cum of its wife’s pussy multiple times.  I shoved the popper bottle up its nose again and told it to sniff.  I humiliated the cunt and truly made it realize how inferior it is.  It told me that it was in complete awe of my jacked body and cocky confident attitude.  I flexed my huge biceps that were bigger than the faggots head.  It was so fumed up on poppers that it was completely helpless and could barely see straight.  I told the faggot to take its wallet out and hand it over to me.  I pushed the faggot to the ground and stood on it while I took more fag cash out of its wallet.  I then tossed its wallet to the ground and took a piss all over it while I had one boot dug into its crotch.  When I was done soaking its wallet in piss I stomped on its crotch with my boot and made the faggot squeal like a pig.  I laughed and kicked it in the balls as hard as I could.  It screamed and started puking up some of the alpha champagne that I pissed in its mouth.  The faggot laid on the ground covered in boot imprints tweaked out on poppers and was totally humiliated.  I took all of fag cash out of my pocket and waved it in the cunts face.  I laughed and told the faggot that all of its fag cash was mine now.  It looked so weak and pathetic.  I told the cunt to bring its wife next time so I can pound her pussy and shoot a huge load inside of her.  I really turned this faggot into popper sniffing pain pig.  Its body was all swollen and covered in boot imprints.  Its face was covered in spit and piss.  Before I left I wrapped my forearm around its neck again and shoved the bottle of poppers up its nose.  When I left the faggot was so fumed and tweaked out on poppers that it couldn’t even stand.  This slave was really put in its place.  I took all of its fag cash and stomped the shit out of it with my logger boots.  It was so fumed up on poppers that it chugged down my hot steamy piss without any hesitation.  It’s so easy for me to put inferior cunts in their place and make them realize their purpose in life.  The moment they are in my presence the manhood that they think they possess gets completely drained.  I turn them all into submissive sluts to straight cocky alpha muscle.  They know I’m a superior alpha god the moment they lay eyes on me.  I stand over them and make them all feel completely weak pathetic and helpless.  Submit to me now slaves its time to get drained every single way possible.  Get put in your place by the ultimate alpha stud now cunts.




It’s awesome to be a tall jacked muscle god.  When I walk  around my presence is felt by everyone.  People stop whatever they are doing to just stare up at me and get a glimpse of my biceps that are bigger than a person’s head.  Short inferior beta males feel overwhelmed when I stand next to them.  My height casts a shadow over them which makes them feel completely helpless and at my mercy.  The power I possess comes natural to me and makes people flock to me from all different directions.  Whenever I’m out at the club or walking around in the casino random people make it a priority to come up to me and give me their respect.  Beta males always tell me how huge I am and how awesome I look.  Some even try to touch my biceps and follow me around the casino  wherever I go.  There’s been times when I’ve made followers by my friends and I drinks in the club.  I remember one time when I was in AC with my gym friend looking for women to fuck.  This beta that we knew from the gym started talking to us then followed us everywhere in the club.  I eventually walked up to the bar with the beta fag and made it spend over $100 in drinks that my friend and some girl I met ended up drinking.  Since I don’t really drink I only had one shot and drank bottled water that the beta bought with its money.  Scrawny betas want to buy me drinks every time I’m out at the club.  Since I’m a jacked up stud I get into every club for free and don’t even have to buy drinks.  Everything comes free to me.  People look at me like I’m a celebrity especially when I’m wearing a tight tank top that shows my huge bulging muscles.  When I’m out my cockiness and confidence is through the roof.  I’ll walk up to any girl that I feel like fucking and start talking to them.  Women are privileged to grace my presence and are lucky to be fucked by me.  I fuck their brains out and make them cum more times than they can ever imagine.  Every girl that I fuck goes out of their way to tell me how nice and perfect my alpha cock is.  The following day they always text me and tell me how sore their pussies are from me fucking them so hard and rough.  I love fucking them doggystyle pulling their hair with one hand and spanking their ass as hard as I can with the other.  I pump their pussies as hard as I can and love making them cum as much as possible.  They always need a break and usually can never keep up with me in bed.  I’ve made so many girls feel intimidated and insecure in bed.  I guess most of them aren’t used to being with men that know how to fuck.  Women always tell me that their beta boyfriend can’t even last a minute fucking them with their small pathetic dick.  The only reasons that hot women date betas is so they can walk all over them and spend all of their money.  The pathetic beta will catch their girlfriend cheating on them and they will be the one apologizing begging the slut to stay with them.  Men are so weak and feminized now its pathetic.  They are all slaves whether its to alpha muscle or pussy.  I love fucking these sluts that are married and have long term boyfriends.  They are just walking cum dumpsters to me that don’t deserve one ounce of respect.  When I’m out at the clubs I talk about this all the time to my alpha friends.  They say the same exact things that I say and can’t believe how pathetic most men are today.  A few weeks ago I picked up some innocent looking slut from the club.  When the club closed she left with me and my two friends.  We went right to my friends hotel room and took turns fucking the shit out of this slut.  She told us that she’s fantasized about being gangbanged by as many alpha males as possible for years.  She said she wished that their was more guys with us and wanted to be turned into a cum dumpster.  She wanted alpha cum dripping out of every hole.  We fucked her brains out and definitely gave her what she wanted.  When we were fucking the slut her cell phone was going off non stop.  She told us afterwards that it was her boyfriend texting her.  She got dressed and told us that she had to go meet up with him and make up some story about where she was. The slut was dating the beta male for over six years and didn’t feel one ounce of remorse after getting fucked by three guys at once.  The women that betas worship are sex objects to me.  Every one that I fuck wants me to treat them like a slut in bed and shower their face with cum.  The life of a straight alpha god consists of pumping iron in the gym everyday, going out and fucking multiple women, and cashraping slaves turning them into helpless popper sniffing ATMs.  Muscle worshipers can also tribute to watch me flex my huge alpha muscles on cam.  A stud like me gets worshiped all day every day.






This cash faggot toilet from Florida that I’ve been cashraping for years online told me that it was coming to A.C. and staying in Borgata for a few days.  It told me that it just wanted to meet me and didn’t want any type of domination session.  It wanted to buy me dinner and bankroll me while I play blackjack.  I ended up meeting the fag last night after I went to the gym.  I walked through the casino looking jacked up god and could see people staring at me from all different directions.  I texted the slave and ended up meeting it in front of the poker room.  The slave looked like a pathetic geek like every faggot I abuse.  I could tell that it was overwhelmed by my size and power.  We had dinner at a high end Chinese restaurant in the casino.  After we eat we sat down at the blackjack table.  The slave got a few hundred dollars worth of chips for us to both gamble with.  The fag was pretty good at blackjack and knew how to bet the right way.  The cocktail waitress came around a few times and gave us drinks.  The casino was pretty packed and the blackjack table was full the entire time.  We played for at least two hours and stayed almost even the entire time.  The most we were down was like $200 but ended up winning $100 before we cashed the chips in.  We walked over to the cashier so the fag could cash in the chips for money.  It said “Thanks for meeting me SIR it was a privilege” and handed me $300.  I laughed and told the faggot that I had to take a huge piss.  The faggot looked at me dumbfounded and intimidated at the same time.  I told the cunt that I wanted to see its hotel room before I left.  There was no way this faggot was getting off that easy.  When I talk to it online it always tells me how badly it wants to be trained to be my full use toilet and have me take over its house while it stays locked up in its room.  When we walked into its hotel room I saw a bottle of poppers right next to the T.V.  I hacked up a big luggie in my mouth and spat right in the fags face.  I ripped the fags shirt off and laughed at its pathetic skinny/fat inferior body.  I then ordered it to grab the bottle of poppers and lay flat on the floor.  I looked down at it and told it how weak and pathetic it was.  I grabbed its wallet from the table and took a few $100 bill.  I then took my shirt and pants off.  I stood over the dipshit in nothing but a jockstrap and kept ordering it to sniff poppers.  It pleaded with me and told me that it wasn’t ready to be toilet trained yet.  I looked down laughed and told it to keep sniffing its poppers.  I pulled my alpha cock out of my jock and told the faggot to keep its mouth open.  I pissed for a minute straight right into the fags mouth.  It looked like it was drowning in my piss while it was chugging it down.  My alpha piss was splashing all over its face and in its eyes.  I couldn’t stop laughing while I watched the pathetic cunt chug down my piss.  When I was finally done pissing it begged me to stop and said it had enough.  I told the faggot to shut the fuck up and stay flat on the ground.  I spit in its face a few more times while it sniffed its poppers.  I then ordered the faggot to keep its mouth open because I had to take a dump.  It was whimpering and sounded like it was going to cry like a girl.  I squatted down inches away from its face and took a shit.  I then grabbed its shirt from the ground and wiped my ass with it.  When I stood up I looked down and saw a huge turd sticking out of its mouth.  I yelled at the faggot to chew and eat it.  It was gagging and choking while it fed on my alpha waste.  Luckily for the faggot I had to take another huge piss.  I took my alpha cock out of my jockstrap again and pissed directly in its mouth so it could eat my shit easier.  The faggot was flat on the floor drenched in piss while it eat my huge long protein filled shit log.  I grabbed a few more $100 bills out of its wallet.  I told the faggot that all of its cash was mine.  A few minutes later it was finally done eating my shit.  I looked down and told it that its nothing more than a faggot toilet ATM.  It was still choking a little bit and asked me if it could get up from the ground.  I told the faggot to get on its knees and open its mouth again because I had to take another piss.  I pissed in the faggots mouth again and laughed while it drank all of it.  The faggot was so high on poppers that its body was swaying back and forth while it was on its knees.  I finally put my pants and shirt back on and took more of its fag cash.  I picked up the shirt that I wiped my ass with and shoved it in the faggots mouth.  The faggots hotel room smelled like a dirty public restroom.  It was completely soaked in piss.  I must have pissed at least a gallon directly into its faggot mouth.  I told the cunt to stay on its knees gagged while I walked out of the room and left.  I laughed the entire time I was in the elevator while counting all of the fag cash I took from it.  I completely turned the cunt into a full use toilet and human ATM.  It texted me a few minutes later to thank me for taking all of its fag cash and toilet training it.  The fag said that its life will never be the same now after being turned into an alpha toilet.  I really brainwashed and mind fucked this stupid faggot.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  More slaves need to be put in their place like this dumb cunt.  The moment a slave is in my presence it realizes that it was born to serve and worship the ground that I walk on.  Submit to me now slaves and shower me with fag cash while I dominate you and flex my huge muscles.




I’ve been cashraping this scrawny pathetic cunt every night on Skype.  It sends me fag cash then messages me and begs to serve.  It’s another popper sniffing popper whore that is in total awe of me.  When it sends me its webcam I can see drool coming out of the side of its mouth when it watches me flex my rock hard muscles.  I fume it up on poppers really good which easily makes its realize its purpose in life.  Like most popper sniffing faggots it realizes that its nothing more than a human toilet for straight muscle gods like myself.  It wants me to give it a good beat down and leave it in a puddle of alpha piss.  It even wants to eat my protein filled shit logs like every fumed up human toilet.  Every night when it sends me its cam it begs me to take pictures of it and wants me to exploit it and post pictures of it on my blog.  When I’m done using it though the slave begs me not to post its pictures up.  I tell the cunt that I won’t post the pictures up as long as it sends me fag cash every night.  The last two nights though its been pissing me off and calling me on Skype all night long without sending any fag cash.  Its been giving me every excuse in the world why it has no more cash to hand over.  It claims that its credit card was flagged for suspicious activity but keeps begging to see me on cam.  I could care less what its excuses are for not having more fag cash for me.  The popper sniffing fag exists solely to be my human ATM.  Obviously I cant blame the fag for calling me non stop on Skype because every slave gets addicted to me the moment they see me and hear me on cam.  I think its time to post its pictures up and exploit this dumb cunt.  I told it tonight that I’m going to post its pictures up and the only way I’ll take them down is if it finally comes to its senses and sends me more fag cash.  Tributing me comes before anything.  I don’t give a fuck what bills the fag has to pay if it has any to pay at all.  I’ve told slaves in the past that if they have no money for food to find a fast food dumpster to eat from and a public toilet to drink from.  I show no mercy to weak scrawny faggots and believe that they all deserve to be exploited and humiliated every way possible.  They are submissive cunts that solely exist to serve straight muscle gods and keep them happy every way possible.  Every time I did cam with this slave it begged me to take pictures of it and exploit it anyways.  As soon as its fag clit squirts it completely changes its mind and begs for mercy haha.  Well I’m not one to EVER show mercy to anyone especially popper sniffing faggots.  This dumb cunt better send me a ton of fag cash if it wants me to take its pictures down and have the privilege of serving me again.  I just had another closet faggot tribute me for cam and beg me to post its pictures up on my blog.  It sent me its cam and I took a few snapshots of it.  Its an undercover cocksucker and told me that it goes to glory holes at night to suck cock and guzzle down fag loads.  It told me that all of its friends think that its a normal straight guy that fucks women haha.  I hope someone that knows the undercover fag finds my website and sees the pictures of it that I posted.  I’m sure its friends are probably undercover cocksuckers too.  When betas are in my presence they all turn into weak submissive bitches.  I just look down at them in shame because I can tell from just looking at them how pathetic they are.  Society is becoming full of weak inferior men that belong on their knees sucking dick.  It really is truly pathetic.  Every chic that I fuck even tells me that most guys today are pathetic losers and that finding real men like me is almost impossible today.  I’ve fucked so many chics that tell me they only stay with their pathetic boyfriend because they shower them with gifts and worship the ground they walk on.




Bow down and submit to the ultimate muscle god.  Slaves are walking ATMs that need to be degraded exploited and cashraped.  I love draining their bank accounts and putting them in the poor house where they belong.  I always tell cunts that I have a metal dog cage in my basement waiting for them to live in when I finally bankrupt them.  Just imagine living in a small cage wearing nothing but pink panties with a chastity on your fag clit.  There would be a plastic hamster thermos hanging on the side of the cage filled with my alpha piss for you to drink from.  After I’m done fucking a slut upstairs in my bedroom I’ll take my cum filled rubber downstairs and throw it in your faggot face.  My alpha load is filled with enough protein that would easily give you a food source for days.  I could just squat over your face and take a huge shit in your faggot mouth too.  I’ll make you wear a mask that will pump popper fumes in your nose all day long.  That should keep your stupid ass obedient.  Fumed up slaves know that they are human toilets for alpha gods.  They crave alpha waste and end up being turned into septic tanks.  You’re faggot jaw will be cranked open so wide that the side of your lips will start tearing.  I’ll light up a Cuban cigar and use your mouth as an ashtray and spit bucket.  When I’m done smoking I’ll put the cigar out on your tongue then spit a huge luggie right in your face.  I might even flick some cigar ashes in your eyes as well.  If you’re lucky I’ll unzip my pants pull my cock out and give you some alpha champagne to drink.  You’ll be so fumed up on poppers that your head will be spinning and everything will be blurry.  My gym bros will be over and you’ll hear us laughing at your faggot ass while we degrade you every way possible.  You will make the perfect urinal for one of my house parties.  You’ll be on your knees for hours in my bathroom next to my toilet with your mouth cranked open getting pissed on by my drunk friends.  Alpha piss will be splashing all over your face and in your eyes.  Your hands will be handcuffed behind your back so the only thing your fag ass can do is drink all the piss and eat all the cigarette butts that my friends throw in your mouth.  The popper fumes will really be keeping you weak helpless and pathetic in every way possible.  You will end up so brainwashed and dumb downed by the fumes that you will literally turn into property and will legally sign away all of your “human rights” to me.  I’ll have one of my friends who does tattoos bring his tattoo gun over.  I’ll have him give you a huge tattoo that says “OWNED BY RONNIEFLEXX” right on your lower back.  Maybe I’ll tell him to put one right on your forehead too.  Since your my property now I can do whatever I want to you.  When I have no use for you upstairs you’ll be back in your dog cage in the basement living in darkness.  You better hope that I don’t forget about you down there haha.  When all hope is lost you’ll hear my loud footsteps walking down the stairs.  Your eyes will light up with joy when you see me shirtless and sweaty.  My muscles will be pumped up from the gym and glistening in alpha sweat.  I’ll pick your dog cage up with my hands shake it as hard as I can and watch your scrawny pathetic body bounce all over the place.  I’ll be sweating so much that it will feel like your getting a shower.  Make sure to open that faggot mouth and drink as much of my sweat as possible.  I’ll toss the cage back to the ground and finally let you out of it.  I’ll order you to lay on the ground flat while I stomp all over you with my size 14 logger boots.  Your body will end up looking like a pin cushion completely covered in lug sole imprints.  I’ll then pick your scrawny ass up and hang you up by your scrawny wrists on a wall beam.  You’ll be hanging and dangling like a human punching bag.  When you least expect it you’ll feel my huge alpha fists start pounding you right in your ribs.  I could punch you so hard that your ribs will crack and blood will be spewing out of the side of your mouth.  I’ll have my gym bros over and well take turns smashing you with our fists to see who can make you bleed first.  I’ll make sure I gag you with one of my sweaty gym jockstraps so we don’t have to hear you scream like a bitch.  I would definitely put an add up on Craig’s list and pimp your mouth and cunt out.  Random Johns will hand me cash upstairs then walk down to the basement and use you how ever they want.  As long as I get paid I could care less what the fuck they do to you.  At the end of the night your cunt might be filled up with twenty plus fag loads.  I can’t even imagine how many fag loads would be pumped down your throat.  You’ll be so high on popper fumes that you wont be able to remember anything that happens anyways.  That’s the life a sub cunt like yourself dreams about every night.  Living in my basement with no worries other than keeping me happy.  Getting random beat downs and being used as a full use toilet.  Being a faggot whore getting pimped out by me.  Making me as much cash as possible.  Fumed up on poppers all day every day.  You were born to serve and worship me.  Crawl to me now you pathetic piece of shit and shower me with fag cash.  Deep down inside you know your low life scum and  your fag cash is better off in my wallet.  Grab your bottle of poppers and message me now inferior cunts.  It’s time to be put in your place.





I love putting inferior cunts in their place.  They all belong on they’re knees spitting out cash like human ATMs.  My huge jacked muscles and huge cocky ego makes every slave weak pathetic and helpless.  I just got done cashraping some scrawny pathetic fag on cam.  It kept asking me a dozen questions and wasted a ton of my time until it finally paid up.  Since the cunt pissed me off I made it send me more cash.  At first it bitched and complained like a womanly faggot.  Finally the slave realized that I’m ALWAYS RIGHT so it finally sent more cash and asked me to forgive it for its stupidity.  When I saw the scrawny faggot on cam I laughed my ass off.  It looked just like Justin Bieber.  For all I know it was Justin Bieber since he looks like a pathetic weak faggot too.  The scrawny cunt already had a belt wrapped around its neck like a noose and fresh poppers to sniff.  I made the slave do multiple popper countdowns then made it choke the shit out of itself with the belt.  I made it choke itself so hard there was drool coming out of the side of its mouth.  I put my tight leather gloves on and told the cunt that I would wrap them around its puny neck and choke it until its face turned purple.  I would have loved to wrap my huge forearm around the fags neck while shoving the bottle of poppers right up its nose.  The faggot was sniffing and choking itself so hard that it was huffing and puffing really loud.  I kept telling it to sniff as hard as it could and really didn’t care if it passed out.  Poppers were made solely for faggots sniff.  The fumes make faggots realize their purpose in life.  That purpose is to be a human ATM and full use toilet for alpha gods like myself.  The fumes rearrange their brain chemistry and drain away all of their manhood and dignity if they thought they had any to begin with.  The Justin Bieber looking faggot was fumed up to the max and could barely move out of its chair.  I kept flexing my huge biceps and showed the cunt my huge gloved fists.  If the cunt was in my presence in real life I would have gave it a good beat down and would’ve tossed it around like a rag doll.  It actually begged me on cam for a beat down and wanted to feel my huge leather gloved fists bash its face in.  The scrawny cunt also wanted my huge size 15 sweaty alpha feet shoved in its mouth.  I would’ve loved to grab the scrawny cunt by its neck  choke slam it to the ground and stomp it on its puny body with my huge size 15 feet.  I made the Justin Beiber faggot send me more cash while it was totally fumed up.  It has no choice but to send and thank me for taking it.  It was privileged to be acknowledged by an alpha god like myself in the first place.  It kept sniffing poppers and watched in awe while I flexed my huge muscles while wearing tight leather gloves on my huge hands.  The faggot ended up totally fumed up on poppers and started nodding out at its computer.  It’s head was spinning while its speech started to become slurred.  I finally dismissed Justin Bieber and told it to come serve me again.  It told me I was incredible and never handed over so much cash to a master before.  It said that it never witnessed an alpha god like me before and the moment it heard my cocky voice it knew it was going to be ruined.  As usual I made another slave realize who the ultimate alpha male truly is.  I’m one of a kind and its a privilege to worship me.  I’m tall jacked and extremely cocky.  I act the same way online as I do in real life.  I walk around in life with my head held up high with extreme confidence and cockiness everywhere I go.  If I want something I always end up getting it.  If I see a chic and really want to fuck her I’ll walk right up to her and get her number.  The next night she’ll be at my house on her knees sucking my cock then on my bed getting fucked.  I always catch scrawny betas staring at me in fear and in awe in the corner of my eye.  When I walk by them they always look down in shame though.  Sometimes I’ll purposely walk into them and laugh when they say “Excuse me”.  If I feel like it I’ll take my shirt off in public and watch people stop doing whatever they’re doing to get a glimpse of me.  I naturally have extremely high pheromones which makes every girls pussy drip.  I really am an extremely cocky arrogant fuck and never gave a shit what anyone else has ever thought of me.  The only time I ever really get turned on is when I look in the mirror.  When you stand 6’4 and weigh over 300lbs the attention is always on you and I love every minute of it.  Worship me now slaves you can only hide for so long.





My friend was throwing a Labor Day weekend party last night and invited me to come by his house.  I haven’t seen him in a while and only knew a few people who where going to be there.  When I got home from the gym I showered and got ready to drive over there.  I wore a tight tank top and my arms were still pumped from working out.  When I walked into his house everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at me.  I then practically got smothered by a bunch of drunk betas.  One beta grabbed my arm and said “Damn man you’re huge how big are your arms?”  I just looked at him and told him that they are bigger than his head and laughed at him.  There was a few good looking women there and a ton of drunk annoying beta males.  When I was sitting on the couch I noticed these two girls staring at me and giggling to each other.  The one was a hot brunette that had her hair braided into pigtails while the other was a little thick but alright looking.  The party was already going on for a few hours and most people there were already drunk as hell.  There was a lot of people already passed out and sleeping on the couch or floor.  I walked outside and hung out on the patio with my friend.  We both talked and bullshited  for a while.  His back yard was pretty big and there was a wooded area in the back.  We talked about the times we had when we were teenagers and all the girls that we used to fuck.  He didn’t want to talk about it to loud because his wife was right inside the house.  While we were talking the two girls that were staring at me almost the entire night walked outside and started talking to us.   While we were all talking my friend’s wife came outside and him to come inside to help her with something.   The two chics were staring at me like I was a piece of meat.  They kept grabbing my arms and were amazed by my size.  It was hot outside so I took my shirt off.  The two chics were staring at me and feeling me up with their hands.  I told them that we should take a walk in the back yard where no one could see us.  As soon as we walked all the way back towards the woods I started making out with both chics and watched them make out with each other.  They both got on their knees pulled my pants down and took turns sucking my cock.  I wrapped my hands around the brunettes pigtails and skull fucked her as hard as I could.  She had no gag reflex at all and took my entire cock down her throat.  The other one started sucking on my balls while the other one kept sucking me off.  I told both sluts to get butt naked and watched them take their clothes off.  They started making out with each then we all three way kissed.  These two chics were total freaks it was crazy.  The brunette with pigtails got on the ground on all fours and begged me to fuck her.  I squatted down and pumped her pussy as hard as I could.  The friend got behind me and licked my balls and ass while I drilled her friends cunt.  I told the other one to get on the ground doggystyle next to her friend.  I stood up and looked down at two sluts butt naked bent over begging to get fucked.  I felt like I was in a porno.  I fucked the other friend while I fingered the other.  I switched back and forth a few times.  I grabbed the brunettes pigtails and pulled them as hard as I could while I pounded her brains out.  The other slut laid right in front of her friend so she could eat her pussy while I fucked  her.  I let go of her pigtails and watched her eat her friends pussy while I fucked her and spanked her as hard as I could.  Her pussy was convulsing like crazy on my cock.  My crotch and lower abs were soaked in pussy juice.  Both sluts were moaning loud as hell.  I finally pulled out jerked off in their mouths and all over their faces.  Both of their faces were plastered in alpha cum.  The brunette slut grabbed my cock and eat the cum that was still dripping out of it.  I  watched both girls lick my cum off of each other’s faces.  These two chics were such cum sluts it was crazy.  We all put our clothes on and walked back into the house.  They both walked right into the bathroom.  My friend looked at me laughed and asked me what just happened.  We walked back outside and I told him the story.  He was in shock but then said he wasn’t surprised.  He then told me the hot brunette had a boyfriend and he was laying on the couch passed out drunk.  I laughed my ass off and reminded him that women are all sluts especially for alpha cock.  He said he just worked with the guy and wasn’t really friends with him.  We walked back in the house and I saw the brunette slut sitting on the couch with the boyfriend.  The boyfriend was awake but was still drunk and stupid as fuck.  She looked over at me with a smile real fast then started talking to her beta boyfriend again.  I shook my friend’s hand and told him I was leaving.  I walked up to the brunette slut and her boyfriend and told them it was nice meeting them.  The drunk beta shook my hand and said “Man I drank too much and passed out way to early.”  I laughed and told him that he  missed out on a lot of fun.  The brunette slut looked away and probably thought I was going to tell her boyfriend how much of a slut she was.  The drunk boyfriend grabbed his girlfriend and kissed her in front of me.  In my head I was wondering if he could taste my load that was in her mouth a few minutes earlier.  The other girl came up to me gave me a hug and say goodbye.  I finally left and went home.  I had a smile on my face the entire way home.  I still couldn’t believe how slutty these girls were especially when the one sluts boyfriend was in the house the entire time.  When you’re a jacked up muscle stud pussy is so easy to get.  I never even have to put in any effort in at all.   When I got home I got on the computer and cashraped a few slaves online.  Life is great when your a natural born alpha god.