I’m getting bigger and stronger by the day.  When I’m in the gym people watch in awe while I toss the weights around like nothing.  I easily rack every single machine and the heaviest dumbbells in the gym feel like warm up weight.  I just love pumping iron and never want to stop.  I love seeing my muscles swell up because they are so pumped and full of blood.  A few days ago an older lady came up to me while I was training biceps and asked me if I had a blood circulation problem because my veins were popping out everywhere.  I tried not to laugh in her face because she was older and was obviously ignorant as hell when it comes to bodybuilding.  I told her that my veins pop out like crazy because I’m so jacked and lean.  She was staring at me like a piece of meat while her husband was right behind her.  With a smile on her face she told me that I looked awesome and to keep up the good work.  Her husband was looking down at the ground the entire time.  He was short with scrawny arms and had a gut that was popping out of his shirt.  I see so many weak fat pathetic men in the gym it disgusts me.  I love walking around the gym and purposely walk right in front of people.  Every scrawny beta moves to the side as fast as they can and always say sorry excuse me.  A week ago some older guy didn’t move out of my path and paid the price for it.  I gave him a shoulder bump and sent him flying to the ground like a toy.  I looked down acted pissed off and told him to watch where the fuck he was walking.  He just stared at me with his fear in his eyes.  Scrawny betas annoy me and should pay the price when they get in my way.  I got back from the gym two hours ago and my muscles are still pumped and swollen.  I would love to wrap my huge forearm around a slaves neck pick it off the ground and shake it back and forth like a rag doll.  It would amuse me even more to grab a slave by the back of its underwear and hang it on a coat hanger.  While the slave is hung up by its underwear I would bounce my sweaty jacked pecs in its face and smother it in alpha muscle and sweat.  My jock sweat would drip all over its face and pour in its mouth up its nose and into its eyes.  They would truly realize how helpless they are and realize they have no choice but to obey my every single order.  Slaves need to be disciplined and be put in their place as much as possible.  When I toss them around and completely manhandle them they become brainwashed and realize they were born to be slaves to straight jacked muscle.  I easily mind fuck and brainwash inferior men and turn them into cash fags and walking ATMs.  I’m so big and powerful that a slave wouldn’t be able to stop me no matter how hard they try.  My confident cocky attitude alone easily puts every single slave in their place.  Worship me now slaves my muscles are pumped and will make you drool all over yourself.