A slave that I’ve cashraped in the past recently messaged me on Skype and told me that it had a fresh bottle of Jungle Juice poppers and needed to be U$ED.  I ordered the cunt to send me a tribute and be ready to sniff.  I sent the slave my cam flexed my huge muscles while the slave sniffed its poppers and watched me in awe.  I fumed up the slave and got it all fucked up.  I told it to grab a belt and wrap it around its neck like a noose.  The cash fag sent me another tribute and begged me to accept it.  I told the cunt to put the popper bottle to its nose and sniff while I count down from ten.  When ten seconds was up I told the fag to tighten the belt around its neck as tight as possible.  I could hear the cunt choke while I laughed and degraded it.  I flexed my huge biceps and ordered the slave to put the bottle to its nose for another popper countdown.  When the countdown was over I ordered it to choke itself again.  While it was choking I ordered it sniff again.  The fag used one hand to hold the belt tight around its neck and used its other hand to hold the poppers up to its nose.  I could hear the fag huffing and puffing for air.  It told me it was fumed up and felt weaker than it ever has.  I laughed and told it that fags don’t need oxygen just popper fumes all day every day.  The fag agreed then told me it wanted to drink my alpha piss.  I laughed and told it that poppers turn fags into ATMs that crave alpha waste.  Poppers bring out a fags true purpose in life.  I ordered it to sniff again and choke itself.  The cunt was fumed and sent me more fag cash.  I put my webcam on the ground and squatted over it.   The site of my huge sweaty alpha ass made the cash fag feel more helpless.  I continued to make it sniff while I drank a protein shake and ripped ass.  While the faggot was huffing and puffing it told me that it wanted to eat a huge shit log from my sweaty ass.  The poppers turned the slave into a full use toilet that wanted to eat huge protein filled shit logs.  I laughed and degraded the fag while I kept ripping ass.  I told it to suck up my fart fumes like a vacuum cleaner.  I continued doing popper count downs and kept ordering the cunt to choke itself while sniffing then after sniffing.  I wanted to keep the slave as fumed up as possible.  The longer a slave sniffs poppers the weaker it gets.  That means more fag cash for me.  The slave sent me more cash while begging me to shit in its faggot mouth.  I was really ripping ass and would have shit right in the cunts mouth if it was on the ground at my house.  I told it I would put a jaw crank in its mouth and crank its mouth open until the sides of its lips ripped.  A cash fags mouth makes a great toilet and urinal for alphas.  I counted down from twenty while the slave sniffed then choked itself.  It was so fumed up it could barely speak.  All it could say was please SIR take my cash and shit in my mouth.  I ordered the cunt to send more cash.  It said that everything looked like a blur and that its head was spinning like crazy.  I yelled at the pathetic cunt and told it get itself together.  It apologized and finally sent me more cash.  I was draining this slave mentally physically and financially.  I continued to make it sniff and showed it absolutely no remorse.  It told me that it wanted me to give its stupid fag ass a beat down.  I told the fumed up fag that I would smack it around and toss it like a rag doll.  I would put it in a headlock and choke the shit out of it while I shoved the popper bottle up its nose.  I would then toss it on the ground and piss all over and mark my territory.  I told the slave that I would beat the shit out of it and leave it in a dark alley.  While the fag sniffed it said yes SIR please leave me in a dark alley so I could suck cock and turn tricks to make you even more money.  I laughed and told the scrawny fag that it belonged on the street corner in high heels with a blonde wig on its head.  The slave said that it would love to jump in and out of cars to turn tricks.  It said it would do anything for me.  I ordered the cunt to send me more cash.  The dumb cunt said that it had to pay some bill and didn’t have any left to send.  I got pissed off and told it that paying me is more important than anything.  It agreed with me then apologized and sent me the rest of its cash.  I continued to make it sniff and choke itself.  I destroyed this slave and showed it absolutely no mercy.  It was destroyed and fumed up to the max on poppers. The slave said that its head was spinning and everything looked blurry.  I then heard a loud boom.  I yelled at the slave and asked what happened.  It told me that it fell out of its chair.  I laughed my ass off and told it to get up.  It finally crawled up back into its chair.  The slave told me that the bottle of poppers fell off the desk when it fell on the ground and that its shirt was soaked in popper juice.  I finally dismissed the slave and told it to go to bed.  It thanked me and told me that it would be back to be used again as soon as it gets more fag cash.  The slave told me that it’s never been used that hard before and was in total awe of me.  I laughed and told the slave that I’m the ultimate alpha god that knows how to put inferiors in their place.  I fumed up this slave to the maximum on poppers.  I made it feel weak helpless and exploited the shit out of it.  I made it truly realize that it was born to be a toilet and a human ATM for me.  I make it a point to put slaves in their place.  Most walk around with no purpose in life until they worship and serve me.  Get a bottle of poppers and contact me now cunts.





After three months of appeals with Google regarding my old blog being shut down for no valid reason Google finally turned it back on out of no where.  So my old blog is now back up online and active.   I downloaded the blog and uploaded it to this this site you can read all of my old blog posts that date back to 2011.  I’m going to keep the Google blog online but keep updating this one.  So have a great time reading about my alpha life slaves.  If you don’t already know that I’m the Alpha king you definitely will when you read over 200 blog posts from the past. Be ready to drop to your pathetic knees while you read them and don’t drool all over yourself to much.  Contact me now and get in your rightful place cunts.










Slaves crave my huge jacked muscle in leather.  They know they belong on their knees licking my size 14 leather logger boots clean.  I’ll step in dog shit outside and a fag will still lick the bottoms of my boots clean.  I love hearing a slave crunch on rocks and pebbles when they pick them out of my boot soles with their teeth.  I’ll look down spit in their face and laugh my ass off.  When my logger soles are clean I’ll trample the slave using all of my weight.  I’ll step on the side of its head with one boot and put down as much pressure as I feel like.  I wanna see the slave drool from the side of its mouth while I crush its skull.  A cash fag also makes a great boot rest.  I’ll make them go on all fours like a table and rest my huge logger boots on its back.  I’ll sit back smoke a cigar and watch T.V. while the slave suffers.  I love watching their puny arms shake while I stomp and dig my boot heels right into its spine.  When their puny arms finally collapse I’ll stand up and stomp the slave out all over again.  While I smoke a stoggie I’ll make the faggot open its mouth and use it as a spit bucket and ashtray.  I look like a total bad ass when I have my sleeveless leather vest on with my XXL leather gloves on my huge alpha hands.  I wanna wrap my gloved hands around a slaves neck and choke it until its face turns purple.   Sometimes I’ll even pick a slave up by its puny neck and choke slam it.  My big jacked muscles always put slaves in their rightful place.  When they see me they instantly know that they were born to be slaves and realize that their purpose in life is to serve me.  I’ll be dressed in leather from head to toe while a slave sniffs poppers at my command.  They instantly turn into human ATMs and give me the fag cash I want.  A 300 pound plus muscle god dressed in leather makes every slave weak and helpless.  If a slave acts disobedient in any way I’ll take my leather belt off and whip them like a dog.  I love tieing up a slave in my basement and cracking its bare skin with my leather belt over and over.   I can see the pain and agony right in the slaves face as I whip it with the metal buckle.  Slaves need to be put in their place and realize their purpose in life.  They were born to worship straight jacked alpha studs like myself.  They belong on their faggot knees with cash in their mouth ready to hand over to me.  After I take their fag cash ill unzipper my pants and leave them with a big mouthful of alpha piss.  Alpha waste is fag nutrition.  Every slave is a toilet for straight alpha gods.  I’m the ultimate alpha god and everyone always submits.  Get your fag cash out now hand it over and thank me for taking it cunts.  You were born to submit and when you worship me on cam you will truly realize it.







Slaves grow weak and helpless when they feel my power and dominance.  I’m the ultimate Jersey Alpha god and King of all alphas.  When I talk slaves listen while looking at me in fear and in awe.  I love making slaves drop to their knees and grovel because I’m so big and intimidating.  Every slave should have a jaw crank in its mouth so I can pull my big alpha cock out and use them as urinals.  When slaves are in my presence they realize that they are low pathetic scum and privileged to be acknowledged by me.  Most of them crave my alpha piss and big protein shit logs while they sniff poppers.  A fumed up faggot is a walking ATM and septic tank in my eyes.  I’ll use and abuse a slave anyway I feel like it.  I’m an unstoppable force that easily manipulates and mind fucks any weak pathetic slave.  They know their fag cash is better off with me and will do anything to hand over as much as they possibly can.  I’ve had slaves pawn jewelry steal cash and even whore themselves out in real life just to get me more cash.  The only thing that makes them happy is lining my pockets up with more fag cash.  When a slave has the privilege to see me on cam and witness my size and power they know they don’t have to look any further for a straight alpha god to serve.  They can look around all they want but they always come crawling back to me begging to serve.  I’m one of a kind and was born to dominate and be worshiped by all.  The slaves that have served me in real time piss themselves when they first see me in real life.  I’m way bigger in real life than on cam.  The moment I walk into a hotel room to meet a slave their eyes light up and stare at me in total awe.  They try to talk but just stutter because I’m so big and intimidating to then.  I could easily pick a slave up with one hand and toss it like a rag doll.  My biceps are bigger than any slaves head.  I could wrap my huge forearm around a slaves neck pick it up and manhandle it without any effort.  I’m the biggest and cockiest alpha god that you will ever witness in your life.  I stand 6’4 over 300 pounds of jacked ripped muscle that’s completely unstoppable in every aspect of life.  I could easily pick a slave up by its ankles and shake all the cash out of it pockets.  Slaves need to be put in their place and I’m the alpha god to do it.  I make them all realize that they were born solely to serve huge jacked straight alpha muscle.  A fumed up popper slave equals a human ATM machine to me.  You can only resist me for so long.  Eventually you will come crawling to me like every other slave does.  When I bounce my huge jacked pecs you will become brainwashed and will turn into a submissive cunt.  Contact me now and have the privilege of serving and being owned by me.  You’re already my property even if you don’t realize it yet.  Time to bow down and worship me now slaves.  When you sniff and taste my sweaty jockstrap and stretched out socks you will become a full blown addict to me.  Time to be put in your rightful place which is on your knees worshiping the ground I walk on.  I always have custom videos for sale that will make you drool.





Every single cash fag should be sniffing poppers.  Poppers were made for weak pathetic inferior cunts.  The moment they sniff poppers they realize that they were born to be cash faggots for straight alpha gods like myself.  Slaves literally become human ATMs when I get them fumed up on poppers.  The more a slave sniffs the more cash they hand over.  I love force intoxicating a cash fag on poppers.  They turn into walking zombies and become incapable of making any decisions on their own.  I feel like I’m the puppet master controlling everything the slaves does.  They become property and do whatever I say without questioning anything.  When they are sniffing poppers all I have to do is flex my huge biceps and bounce my sweaty jacked pecs.  I love to make slaves sniff while I do count downs.  I’ll make them sniff poppers while I count down from ten seconds and eventually make them sniff for an entire twenty plus seconds.  It’s even easier when they have their Teamviewer on so I can cash rape them myself.  While I make them sniff and do countdowns I’ll go into their accounts and take all the cash I want.  There’s been times when I’ve taken thousands from a fumed up faggot in a single session.  The longer a slave sniffs the more cash I get.  Their cash is better off  in my wallet  and poppers make slaves truly realize it.  I’ve also had slaves sniff Maximum Impact which also turns them into helpless mindless zombies.  Slaves spray Max Impact on a towel then sniff the towel.  I’ve seen some dipshits on cam sniff to hard and actually pass out from it for a few seconds.  That means it’s time to completely drain them and bleed their bank accounts dry.  Fumed up faggots can easily loose their entire paycheck in only a few minutes.  I’ve cashraped a ton of slaves that sniffed a combination of poppers and Maximum Impact.  Some fags even take turns sniffing different brands of poppers.  Some brands of poppers are stronger than other brands.  I see most popper fags sniff either Jungle Juice or Rush poppers.  The stronger the poppers are the weaker the faggot becomes.  I’ve also humiliated the shit out of some slaves when they are fumed up on poppers.  It’s so easy to drain the manhood from a slave and completely feminize them.  Some cunts wear a chastity on their fag clit along with pink panties.  When they are fumed up on chems the realize they aren’t men and don’t deserve to cum like a man.  They usually shove a plug or a gigantic dildo up their cunt and milk themselves while their clits stay shriveled and limp.  Their fag cum is so watery it looks like a females pussy squirt.  I’ve also turned many popper faggots into human toilets.  When they sniff poppers they crave alpha waste.  Some slaves drink their own piss on cam when they are chemed up on poppers and savior every last drop of it.  Some chem fags even eat their own shit on cam.  I have one that squats over a plate and takes a huge dump on it.  It then grabs a turd from the plate and holds a bottle of poppers in one hand and its own shit log in the other hand.  It sniffs the poppers while it eats its own shit like a candy bar.  When I first started cashraping  this toilet faggot it could barely hand the smell of its own shit.  The fag toilet now loves feasting on its own shit and even smears it all over its face.  Poppers definitely helped this cash faggot turn into a full use toilet.  Get your poppers out now fags it’s time to serve the ultimate muscle god.  While you sniff I’m going to drain you every way possible.  I’m the alpha king and I never show any remorse towards inferior cunts.





My size and strength alone is overwhelming to slaves and instantly makes them drop down to their knees without even realizing it.  I force intoxicate slaves and control them in every possible way.  They sniff poppers and instantly turn into human ATMs.  My huge alpha muscles make faggots weak and helpless.  When they turn their Teamviewer on their computer is ready to be taken over by me.  $laves sniff poppers and helplessly watch while I take my own tributes and drain their bank accounts.  I show no remorse and love putting slaves in the poor house where they all belong.  I easily brainwash and mind fuck weak faggot pigs and make them realize that they were born to serve me.  They should live with the bare minimums in life while I live in luxury off of their fag cash.  I tell slaves to find a fast food dumpster to eat from and a toilet to drink from.  Slaves were born to be on their knees licking and worshiping my size 15 Nike sneakers and huge meaty alpha feet while I look down at them in shame.  They look so pathetic I can’t help but laugh.  I’ll smoke a Cuban cigar and use their mouth as an ashtray and spit bucket.  Their face ends up covered in cigar ashes, tar, and spit.  If the fag is lucky  I’ll pull out my alpha cock and wash their face off with my piss.  A slave’s mouth makes a great urinal.  Fags open their mouth up as wide as they can and drink my alpha piss like its expensive champagne.  Slaves crave my jacked muscles and would do anything to taste my alpha sweat after I’m done working out at the gym.  I’m a 6’4 300 pound plus muscle god that slaves were born to worship.  If I give a slave the privilege to worship me they finally find their purpose in their pathetic life.  Slaves were born to worship and submit to straight alpha muscle.  Tribute for my sweaty worn jockstraps and socks.  The smell and taste of my alpha sweat will give you a high that nothing compares too.  I’ve had slaves message me on Skype the moment my sweaty gym gear arrives in the mail.  They send me more fag cash and get on their webcam.  I’ve watched them lick and worship my sweaty gear like a bitch in heat.  I even give slaves the privilege to tribute me for my stretched out filled rubbers.  I’ve watched a ton of slaves drink my load then chew on my condom like a piece of gum on webcam.  Some pathetic slaves have even tried to wear my rubbers on their fag dicks for it to only fall right off because their dicks are smaller than my pinky finger.  Some of their fag dicks are so small they look like a womans clit.  The power I have over inferior cunts grows and grows by the day. Submit to me now and experience straight alpha domination like never before.  I’m a natural born alpha god that was born to be worshiped.  Message me on Skype now and $erve.



I went to the Tropicana casino with my friend and was treated like a GOD.  We got to the casino pretty late.  There was only one night club open but still a decent amount of people walking around the casino.  I wore jeans and a tight wife beater since it was so hot outside.  The tight wife beater I had on made everyone drool.  People stared at me non stop.  Random betas came up to me just to say “Damn your jacked man”.  I must’ve heard that almost a hundred times.  We walked around the casino for a little while then went to the night club.  There was a new female bartender working who was pretty hot.  I could see her eyeing me up the moment my friend and I walked in.  My friend walked up to the bar to get a drink and the female bartender started asking him about me.  While he was getting a drink a ton of betas came up to me and shook my hand.  They talked to me like I was best friends with them.  I seriously had no idea who they even were.  When you’re  a tall jacked alpha god people go out of their way to show respect to you.  They think by showing respect and offering me drinks that I’ll have their backs in case anything goes down.  Everyone wants me on their side obviously because I’m a 300lb beast that could easily destroy anyone.  My friend told me that the female bartender thought I was hot and wanted to talk to me.  I looked up and saw her smiling at me.  I walked right up to the bar and started talking to her.  Tbe music was really loud so it was hard to hear each other.  She was asking me a ton of questions and smiled at me the entire time.  My friend walked back to the bar and stood next to me.  The bartender gave me some free drinks which I passed over to my friend since I don’t really drink.  I told her I would be back and walked around the club.   Random people kept coming up to me out of no where.  I had people asking me for workout advice and even diet plans.  A beta came up to me with his overweight girlfriend.  The girlfriend was pretty grotesque.  The beta asked me how she could loose weight and get into shape.  She kept saying that she was happy with how she looked and didn’t care that she was 300 lbs.  I could obviously tell that the beta boyfriend cared though.  He tried to have her talk to me about loosing weight and getting into shape.  I barely paid attention and looked around for hot females the entire time.  The beta and his fat girlfriend finally walked away.  My friend was laughing and asked me how I dealt with people coming up to me all the time.  I told him that its been going on for so long that I don’t really think about it anymore.  It was getting annoying tonight though.  I guess wearing a skin tight wife beater didn’t help either.  I looked like a greek god and was treated like a celebrity the entire night.  I went back to the bar and waved the bartender over.  I asked her when we were going to hang out.  She smiled at me again grabbed a piece of paper and told me to write my number down.  I wrote it down gave it to her and told her that I was about to leave the club.  She leaned over the bar kissed me on the cheek and said that she would call me.  I’ve always been such a cocky confident alpha male that approaching women has always been second nature to me.  I never ask girls for their numbers or ask them if they want to hang out.  I tell them to give me their number and ask them when we’re hanging out.  Women love confident males and never say no to me.  If I see a hot chic that I want to fuck I go up to her with out even thinking about it.  In my head I seriously think that its a privilege for the girl to fuck me.  Most men have no idea how to talk to women and the only way they can get attention from them is to wave money at them.  A few chics that I personally know tell me that random betas come up to them all the time when their out and offer them money for sex with out even trying to hit on them.  Most males today lack any confidence and can’t get laid without paying for it.  I consider any male that has to pay for sex pathetic and a disgace to all men.   These inferior men see me and wish they could be half the man I am even though that’s not even possible.  It got really late and the casino was pretty much empty.  My friend and I decided to walk over to the blackjack table to play a few hands.  When we were done gambling it was around 7 a.m. so we decided to call it a night.  While we were walking through the casino to the parking garage this blonde milf approached me.  She started grabbing my arms and kept telling me how sexy I was.  She said her husband was sleeping upstairs in their hotel room so she decided to come downstairs to gamble.  She followed me and kept talking to me while we walked towards the parking garage.  When we got upstairs by the bathroom she grabbed my crotch and asked me if I wanted to fuck her in the mens bathroom really fast.  There was no one around at all so I thought to myself fuck it why not.  My friend stood guard at the entrance of the mens bathroom while the milf and I went into the bathroom stall farthest from the entrance.  She started making out with me then took her shirt off.  She had huge tits and could actually squirt milk out of them.  I asked her if she was pregnant and she said no.  She told me that shes been able to squirt milk out of her nipples ever since she had a kid over ten years ago.  She squeezed them and shot milk all over my face.  Since I’m a sexual deviant I had to suck on her tits and have a taste.  The milk tasted warm and sweet.  She stripped naked squated down and sucked my cock until I was rock hard.  I bent her over and made her hold her heels with her hands while I fucked the shit out of her.  While I was pounding her  I suddenly heard my friend arguing with someone.  A few seconds later casino security started yelling and banging on the bathroom stall.  The milf and I put our clothes back on.  We opened the door and I saw two male security guards and one female security guard.  When the male security guards saw me they instantly stopped acting so tough and actually looked a little scared.  I looked at them laughed and told them to relax.  The female security guard was big and fat gave me an attitude and told us that we had to leave the casino.  I laughed at her and told her I was leaving anyways.  I walked out while the female security guard and the milf were arguing with each other.  The male security guards walked behind my friend and I but didn’t say anything.  Right before we got in the elevator that brings you into the parking garage I thanked the two security guards for giving me blue balls.  I seriously felt like knocking them both out but didn’t feel like getting arrested.  When we finally got into my car my friend bursted out laughing and told me that he tried to hold back the security guards for as long as he could.  He said he had no idea where they came from or how they even knew two people were fucking in the bathroom.  I told him how the milf could squirt milk out of her tits and how much of a whore she was.  The entire night out at the casino pretty much sucked until the very end when the milf slut approached me.  Taking the milf into the bathroom and fucking her made the night worth while though.  Every time I go out I have some crazy experience.  When you look like I do getting pussy is never a challenge.  It’s so easy that I guess I take it for granted.  Like I always say life is great when your an alpha god.




I recently took a few new pictures and decided to post some of them up.  Make sure you don’t drool over them to much.   I’m the king of all alpha gods and not a single person can stop me.  People find themselves weak and helpless the moment they grace my presence.  I’m 6’4 over 300 lbs of rock hard alpha muscle that was born to be worshiped.  Women throw themselves at me when I’m out at the club and beg for alpha cock.  I have the body of a Greek god that every woman fantasizes about.  They’re used to being in bed with their skinny/fat boyfriend that have cocks smaller than my finger.  I can fuck for hours and have the sexual stamina of a pornstar.  Most beta males can’t even last five minutes in bed.  Their girlfriends have to fake an orgasm and usually end up fucking themselves with their dildo.  I last so long in bed women tell me they have trouble walking for days because their pussies are so sore from my big alpha cock.  Their inferior boyfriends should thank me for fucking them.  I love to send a slut home with a creampie so their boyfriend can suck it out.  Alpha males rule the world and get all the pussy they want.  Slaves drop to their knees and obey my every command when they worship me on cam.  They sniff poppers and shower me with a ton of cash.  They thank me over and over for accepting their fag cash because they know it’s better off in my hands.  I live in luxury while slaves live with the bare minimums in life.  Slaves were born to suffer and submit to alpha gods.  They always tell me they finally found purpose in their pathetic life after they worship me.  Submit to me now and see for yourself how dominant and powerful I am.







There’s only a few men the world that are born alpha males.  They are natural born leaders that everyone follows and worships.  The rest are born inferior and need someone to serve and follow.  They aren’t even men in my eyes.  Most are weak scrawny and pathetic in every way possible.  They are nothing more than human ATM’s that should feel privileged to be acknowledged by an alpha god like myself.  Since I was young I always lead and always had a flock of followers walking behind me.  Every one looked up to me and would do anything to impress me.  The alpha gene is in my DNA.  I never looked up to anyone in my entire life.  The only role model I have ever had is myself.  If I want to see what an alpha male looks like all I have to do is look in the mirror.  I look at most men in disgrace and sometimes can’t help but laugh.  They worship the ground women walk on and usually get walked all over by them.  They’re girlfriends cheat on them all the time and stay with them just to drain their bank accounts.  I never bowed down to a woman and never ever will.  When I hang out with a chic I just nod my head when they talk and pretend to pay attention to what they say.  The only thing I think about is them being naked spread eagle on my bed with my alpha cock inside of them.  They are walking cum dumps and solely exist to service alpha cock.  I’ve always been a confident cocky alpha male and never gave a shit what anyone thinks about me.  I walk around tall and jacked while inferiors stare at me in awe literally every where I go.  In the food store the other day I had two older women hanging all over me.  They were staring at me and giggling to each other when I walked by them.  One of them came up from behind me grabbed my huge arm and started to grope me.  She told me that she loved my tattoos and never saw a guy with muscles like me before.  Her friend grabbed my other arm and was drooling all over me.  They asked me if I personal train people and if I could be their trainer.  I could tell they were obviously flirting with me but I told them that I was a certified trainer and trained people in my garage and at their houses.  They looked at each other smiled then looked at me like I was a piece of meat.  They told me that they wanted to be trained at their houses and asked me for my phone number.  They were decent looking for older woman and would be good to skull fuck if I was out partying with my friends.  Women stare at me all the time and hit on me.  I had a girl over my house a few nights ago that I would consider a fuck friend.  She came over in the evening and had her brains fucked out by me.  When we were done I had to run to Wawa to get some stuff.   She stayed in my house and watched a movie while I went.  When I got to the store I walked in and saw some hot chic with a huge ass at the deli counter talking to the female employee that worked there.  For some reason I yelled out “Damn” when I saw her without even realizing it.  She turned around stared at me and started eyeing me up while giggling with the girl who worked there.  I grabbed a few things and walked over to the register.  I could hear the hot chic talking to her friend about something to do with her ex boyfriend and never ever having good sex.  She was staring right at me when she was saying it and said it loud enough so I could hear it.  I looked at her smiled and walked out to my car.  I heard her saying goodbye to her friend and saw her walking outside to her car.  She got in her car a few seconds after I did pulled out of the parking lot and drove behind me.  I could tell she was following me because she was tailgating me.  I put on my blinker and pulled into the townhouse complex.  She turned and kept driving behind me.  I pulled into my garage and she parked right in front of my house.  She got out looked at me and said “Oh I thought you were someone I knew”.  I laughed and told her that I heard her in Wawa talking and knew she wanted to fuck.  She 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