I’m making new real time slave domination videos this coming in a few weeks.  The scrawny faggot cunt that I’ve owned for years is driving from Washington D.C. all the way to my townhouse in Jersey to have the privilege of starring in new videos with me and to hand over fag cash to me in real life.  I’m bigger and cockier than ever and will show the scrawny weak cunt absolutely no remorse.  I plan on making all different types of intense hardcore domination, muscle worship, and humiliation movies.  This slave has absolutely no limits and will do anything I say or want it to do.  I can squat right over its face and shit a huge protein log right into its fag mouth and let it wash the log down with alpha piss if I want too.  I have a ton of ideas for movies but if anyone has any specific ideas or special requests contact me on Skype, email me, or just write them in the comment section on here.  Slaves message me on Skype with new ideas for movies all the time but I don’t remember them all.  If you want a custom video made exactly how you want make sure to contact me on Skype the night I have the slave over.  I love abusing this scrawny cunt and showing everyone how cocky, jacked, and superior I am.  I also have a ton of videos for sale now that you can tribute for.  Watch in awe while a natural born alpha god puts a scrawny inferior fag bitch in its place.






It’s awesome to be a tall jacked muscle god.  I’m treated like royalty every where I go. When I go out to night clubs I always skip the line and get in free of charge.  I love to look back and laugh while I see all the inferior men frustrated and pissed off because they’ve been sitting in line for over an hour.  When I walk into the club with my friends it doesn’t take more than a few minutes before some scrawny beta male comes up to me starts kissing my ass and offers to by me drinks.  I’ll wave my friends over to the bar and tell the beta to order them whatever drinks they want too.  The beta ends up spending over $100 at the bar within a few minutes.  I’m so big and intimidating beta males do whatever I say without any questions.  They love to follow me around the club and watch in awe while I’m treated like royalty by everyone.   Random women grab my arms all the time and practically molest me.  There’s been times when girls randomly come up to me and start making out with me hardcore without even asking me my name.  They grab my hand and walk me over to the corner of the club and start grinding all over me.  I’ll hike their skirt up grab their ass cheeks with my huge hands spank them and even finger fuck them.  Their was one blonde chic that I was finger blasting while she squirted all over the ground.  I made her so horny she didn’t even care who saw and kept telling me to finger fuck her cunt.  My entire hand and forearm was drenched in pussy juice.  I stuck my soaked thumb up her asshole while I rubbed her clit.  She was squirting like crazy and practically shaking from cumming so hard.  I told my friends that I would be back and went to the girls hotel room that was in the casino where the club was.  I sexually dominated the slut and told her to get on all fours like a dog.  I took my belt off and wrapped it around the whores neck like a leash and walked her around the room while she was completely naked and submissive.  I took my clothes off and mounted her doggystyle and pounded her pussy while I tightened the belt around her neck so she could barely breathe.  She was moaning like crazy while I made her cum multiple times.  Her pussy was drenched and dripping all over me.  I pulled my cock out of her cunt then shoved it down her throat and told her to taste her own pussy juice.  I skull fucked her and could feel my cock head slam the back of her throat over and over while she choked and gagged on it.  I started fucking her again and spanked her as hard as I could multiple times.  She loved being treated like a submissive whore.  She begged me to cum in her mouth while I was pounding her drenched cunt.  I finally pulled out and shot my alpha load in her mouth and all over her face.  Some of my cum even got in her hair.  She took her finger and wiped the cum off of her face put every drop in her mouth and swallowed it.  She told me that she loved eating cum and told me how good mine tasted.  I sat on the bed while she sucked my cock and swallowed another huge alpha load.  My balls were drained so I got up put my clothes on and took down her phone number.  I walked back to the club to meet back up with my friends.  I told my friends about the submissive cum whore while they laughed their asses off and told me how lucky I was.  I had to correct them and tell them that she was the lucky one.  That’s the problem with most males and why women just use them for their money and pretend to like them.  Women are lucky to fuck me not the other way around.  Women are inferior and men need to treat them that way.  I love degrading women while I fuck their brains out.  They are nothing but cum dumps to me and are lucky to be fucked by a jacked alpha god.  I make everyone feel submissive and weak when they are in my presence.  Men turn into walking ATMs when they see my pictures and read my blog stories.  They message me on Skype and beg to send tributes so they can watch me flex my huge alpha muscles on cam.  My deep cocky voice sends chills throughout their scrawny inferior bodies while they end up on their knees without even realizing it.  I’ll order them to send more tributes and cashrape them with no remorse at all.  I have no problem putting a slave in the poorhouse.  I always tell them that there’s a metal dog cage in my basement that they can live in.  Worship me now and have the privilege of worshiping a straight muscle god that makes everyone bow down and submit.  Check out my videos and watch me dominate scrawny pathetic slaves.  New hardcore domination videos will be coming very soon.




I’ve always put inferior males in their place and made them realize that they were born to be slaves.  Slaves that were born to serve and worship me.  I stand 6’3 inches tall covered in alpha muscle with size 15 feet.  I’m cocky as hell and know that I was obviously born to be worshiped.  I mind fuck slaves and make them easily realize that they deserve to suffer mentally, physically, and financially.  They realize their place in life the moment they pulled their pants down in front of a female.  A slave recently confessed to me that back in high school it hooked up with a female at a house party.  When the female pulled his pants down her pussy dried up within seconds.  She immediately put all of her clothes back on trying not to laugh and told him that she suddenly got her period.  She walked out of the room and within a few minutes everyone at the party was laughing at him while he had no idea why.  He looked for the girl finally found her outside and asked her why everyone was laughing at him.  She started laughing in his face and said that she never saw a dick so small in her entire life.  He was stupid and didn’t realize that two inches was small for a penis.  The slave told me it never felt so humiliated and confused at the same time.  It still stayed at the party and eventually got pretty drunk.  It walked upstairs in the house and heard a chic screaming and moaning in one of the bedrooms.  The door was closed but the moaning was so loud it decided to crack the door open quietly to see what was going on.  It was the same chic he tried to have sex with on the bed bent over doggystyle getting fucked by one of the high school football players.  The slave told me it stood there watching in awe and couldn’t believe how big his cock was.  The girl saw him and told him to come in the room.  While she was moaning like a whore she told him to look at the football players cock and see for himself how big a cock is supposed to be.  The football player laughed and pulled his massive cock out of her pussy.  The girl started sucking and deepthroating him while the slave pulled its micro penis out and played with itself.  The slave told me that it was completely fixated on the football players massive bull cock and hardly paid attention to the naked female.  It knew from that moment on that it wanted to be a faggot cock sucker and bottom whore.  The slave watched while the alpha males huge cock exploded all over the girls face and in her mouth.  It immediately came all over itself and wished that it was the one sucking the cock.  It didn’t take long before everyone in school knew that he was a faggot with a micro penis.  The next day in high school the slave was ridiculed by everyone.  He was bullied by the jocks everyday in the gym locker room.  Some of them would toss the slave in the gym showers after gym class.  They would then make the slave strip naked and laugh while they took turns pissing all over its face.  The slave told me that it would feel ridiculed but aroused at the same time.  It told me that one alpha jock started to discreetly invite it over to its house after school.  The jock would skull fuck the slaves mouth with his huge cock and eventually cum up its asshole while he fucked the slave bare back.  The jock told the slave that he would get the shit beaten out of him if he ever told anyone about the weekly arrangement they had.  The slave told me that it eventually bought panties and started wearing them regularly to school and to the jocks house.  The slave was completely turned into a faggot bitch and completely lost interest in pussy.  This pathetic faggot told me all of this in detail the other night while it worshiped me on cam.  Eventually every small dick loser realize they were born to be slaves.  They find themselves going to random gloryholes sucking off random cocks and swallowing huge loads.  I laugh my ass off every time a slave worships me and admits that they were born to worship jacked alpha males and service big cocks even if they are attracted to women.  After getting rejected by multiple women because their cocks are so pathetically small they know that they don’t deserve pussy and only deserve a cock in their mouth and up their ass.  Slaves are so fucking pathetic to me.  I see them as walking ATMs that dispense fag cash whenever I order them too.  Worship the ultimate alpha male now shower me with fag cash and realize your role in life.




Slaves and betas always become infatuated with me.  I’m on their minds all day long 24/7. They even find themselves thinking about me all day at work.  They start looking at pictures of me online on social media while their little fag dicks/clits get rock hard in their pants.  Some fags have told me that their bosses have caught them reading my old google blog and looking at my pictures.  Most bosses know that their undercover fags anyways so they just yell at them to get back to work while calling them stupid faggots under their breathe while they walk away.  Married beta males tell me all the time that they fantasize about being cuckolds while I fuck their wives and shoot my load deep in their cunts.  They want me to get their wives pregnant so they can have a child that has alpha DNA in them.  I love fucking a slut that is married or has a boyfriend.  I met this one whore in the club who was engaged and left all her friends to come back to my house.  She ended up staying at my house for three days and got fucked non stop by me and two of my friends.  Her fiance was blowing up her cell phone.  She finally answered and told him that she was at my house and was getting pounded out by muscle cocks.  She was mad at him because he didn’t get her a Valentines day present.  What a great way to get back at the beta loser.  She walked around naked the entire time she was at my house.  The only thing she wore was a baseball cap.  I shaved her pussy into a landing strip while two of my friends watched.  This whore swallowed so many cum loads in the three days that she was at my house it was crazy.  The fiance drove over two hours to finally pick her up at my house because she had work.  There was no way I was driving her home.  I would’ve dropped her off at the bus station five minutes for my house. I fucked this whore in her dripping asshole pulled my cock out shoved it all the way down her throat and came right before the boyfriend got to my house.  When the loser finally arrived I walked outside and laughed while he stayed in his car and looked down in shame.  She drove down a few more times to my house and got fucked while the fiance was at work.  My friend was at my house one of the times she came over.  We ended up gang banging her and even double penetrated her.  When we were done her asshole and pussy were gaped with alpha cum dripping out of both holes.  This chic was one of the horniest sluts I ever fucked.  She was a total sex addict for muscle gods.  When your a jacked alpha male pussy is so easy to get you don’t even have to try or put in any effort.  Slaves tell me all the time that they have wet dreams about me and wake up soaked in their own sticky fag squirt.  I’ve been getting messages like this on Skype for years from inferior cunts but decided to write about it.  I want everyone to know how weak and helpless I make slaves feel.  Crawl to me now inferior cunts spit some cash out and worship me now.  You know you cant resist me any longer.  Time to have a purpose in your pathetic life.



Dominating inferior males has always came natural to me.  Beta males feel a sense of weakness when they are in my presence because I’m so tall built and have such a dominating personality.  While most betas stare at hot women in the club, I just walk right up to them and pick them up without even trying.  I have high levels of pheromones which naturally make women insanely horny.  Women always tell me I smell so good even if I don’t have any cologne on.  Their panties always get soaked when they smell my alpha scent.  The majority of beta males I see are barely the size of my arm.  I could pick them up with one hand and toss them with ease.  It’s so easy for me to drain betas egos and make them realize that they are slaves born to serve and worship me.  I know how to get inside a slaves head break them down and make them incredibly weak to the point that they are brainwashed completely.  I also know how to easily mind fuck, dominate, and humiliate slaves.  Some of my specialities when it comes to abusing slaves are turning them into human ATMs, intense cash rape, feminization, force intoxication with poppers booze and every kind of drug, CBT, cuckolding, jock sniffing pigs, condom eating, human urinals and full use toilets, chastity torture, muscle worship, foot worship, boot worship, size comparison, trampling, leather worship, hardcore beatings, and pretty much everything else you can think of.  Make your life finally have purpose and open up your p*ypal, Amazon, Google wallet, Venmo and tribute me so you can see for yourself how superior I am.  I’m one of a kind and you will never find anyone else like me to worship.  I know that I’m the definition of an alpha god and that I’ll make you submit to me easily.  When you see my huge jacked body and hear my deep cocky voice on cam you will be trembling like a bitch.  I can easily turn you into a walking ATM while you beg and beg for the privilege of serving me in real time.  Every slave that I’ve done real time with knows that I’m the ultimate straight alpha god that no one can compare too.  I’m  6’4 300 plus pounds of jacked muscle and slaves that get the privilege of serving me in real time cannot even believe how much bigger I am in real life than I am on webcam.  There’s been times that slaves were so intimidated by me that they actually pissed their pants the moment they saw me in real life for the first time.  I have alpha blood running through my veins and was born to be worshiped.  I’ve always been a leader in every aspects of life since childhood.  I have this scrawny cunt slave that tributes me every single week to flex on cam and tell it how I would rip its underwear over its head then shove it face first inside a dirty public restroom toilet.  Sometimes for fun I even make the slave shit its pants while it’s at work.  I’ll even make it sit down afterwards so its fag shit gets smushed all over its ass.  It ends up in the bathroom to clean itself up as fast as possible and tosses its shit filled underwear in the trash.  It then has to free lip with just pants on for the rest of the day at work.  I say free lip because the slave is a bitch and probably has a pussy with a 2 inch clit between its legs. It makes me laugh how easily I make slaves do whatever I want them to do while taking their fag cash.  






This past weekend during the day time I went to the boardwalk in A.C. with my friend to walk around and go to the beach.  It was hard to find parking because the city was so packed.  The boardwalk was full of people.  I walked around shirtless with just Affliction board shorts and Versace sunglasses on.  People were staring at me from every direction while I walked around with a grin on my face.  My friend couldn’t believe how many people were literally stopping whatever they were doing just to stare at my tan jacked body.  Some guy took his cell phone out and asked me if he could take a picture of me.  My friend was laughing while I told the guy he could for $20.  He actually reached in his pocket took out two $10 bills and handed them to me.  I flexed my huge arms and pecs while the guy took a picture.  He gave me a thumbs up and walked away.  While we walked around the boardwalk a group of middle aged women came up to me and started to grab my arms and literally started to molest me.  I even felt one grabbing my dick through my board shorts.  They took turns taking pictures with me like I was a celebrity.  Two of them started to make out with me at the same time.  The group of women said they had to leave the boardwalk and go back to their hotel.  One of the women gave me their phone number and said that they would be in A.C. for another two days.  They were pretty decent looking for older milf whores.  My friend and I got some food to eat before we walked down to the beach.  There was a decent amount of women on the beach.  I saw this hot Latin chic walking right by us. I walked right up to her and started talking to her.  She told me that she was from north Jersey and that she was looking for her friends.  I told her to hang out with us for a little while and that I would help her find her friends.  It was really hot outside so I told the chic to come in the water with me.  My friend laid a towel down and hung out on the beach while I went in the water with her.  We were towards the end of the beach so their weren’t that many people around.  We walked into the water about waist deep.  It was a low tide so the waves weren’t that bad.  The Latin chic had gigantic tits that looked like they were about to burst out of her bikini top.  My dick was rock hard in my board shorts from staring at them.  I brushed my hard cock on her and she started making out with me hardcore.  I pulled one of her big tits out and sucked on it while she pulled my dick out of my board shorts and played with it.  She whispered in my ear that she was horny and wanted to fuck.  She practically ripped my board shorts completely off.  I was completely naked in the water while she pulled her bikini bottom to the side and sat on my cock.  She bounced up and down on my cock in the water like crazy.  Her pussy was tight as hell and within ten minutes I shot a huge load in her.  She was moaning like crazy and kept riding me.  I stayed hard and eventually shot another huge load in her.  I put my board shorts back on and walked out of the water with her.  My balls were totally drained.  She kissed me and said “Thanks papi I needed that badly” then grabbed her cell phone from her bag and walked away.  I didn’t even know the sluts name.  I told my friend what happened and he gave me a high five.  We hung out on the beach for a little while longer then walked back on the boardwalk.  We decided to leave because it was hot as hell outside.  While we walked back to the car guys were checking me out left and right.  My friend said that I was right when I told him that most men turn into fags when they see jacked muscle.  Overall it was a good time and I just wanted to fuck the Latin chic again.  I love fucking women on the beach and in the water.  A while ago I fucked this one bitch on the beach at night when no one was around.  I was on top and fucked her so hard that she ended up getting burn marks on her back from the sand.  I love plowing pussy as hard as I can.  I’ve made girls feel sore for days after fucking them and even made some of them get their period early while I plowed them.





This pathetic slave that lives in NJ has been messaging on Skype for a while begging to worship me.  I always end up telling it to fuck off because it’s always broke.  The other night I got a message from the fag telling me that its been saving up cash and wanted to hand over $4oo to me in person.  It told me that it lived about an hour away from A.C. and wanted to drive to my house so it could hand over the cash to me from its car window and drive away.  I laughed and figured the cunt was wasting my time.  I gave the slave my address and told it to message me when it got here.  I was busy cashraping slaves and completely forgot all about the fag that said it was driving to my house.  I finally got a message on Skype from the Jersey fag around 2 a.m. telling me that it was outside in its car.  I laughed and couldn’t believe the cunt actually drove all the way here.  I walked outside with no shirt on and saw the slave in some piece of shit car.  I walked over to the car and the slave said that it never saw anyone so big and intimidating before in its life.  I shook my head spat a huge luggie right in the slaves face and told it to hand over my cash.  I counted it and saw that it was only $350 and not $400 like the slave told me it was bringing.  I shook my head in discontent and asked it where the rest of my money was.  It started making excuses up and said that it had to use some of the money for gas and tolls on the parkway.  I told the cunt that I didn’t give a shit and almost ripped its car door off.  I grabbed the slave picked it up over my shoulder and slammed it right on the ground.  While it laid there I pulled my dick out and took a monster piss in its face.  There was so much piss that it looked like the slave was drowning in it.  I then told the slave to stand up.  It was shaking in fear while it was completely soaked in piss from head to toe.  It said that it couldn’t drive back home soaked in piss and begged me to give it something to wear.  I started to think about all the times this fag wasted my time on Skype then thought of a great idea.  I yelled at the slave and told it to strip its clothes off or face a serious beat down.  It looked at me hesitantly realized I was serious then started to strip as fast as it could.  It took all of it’s clothes off and stood in front of me in just underwear.  I ordered the fag to take the underwear off too.  It stood in front of me completely naked and I couldn’t stop laughing.  All I saw was a huge bush and a dick that was half the size of my pinky finger.  I told the scrawny pathetic loser that it was time to get out of my sight.  I made it walk back to its car completely naked while its clothes stayed in my driveway.  The slave got inside its car naked still smelling like piss and drove off never feeling so humiliated in its entire life.  I put on a pair of gloves and tossed the slaves piss soaked clothes and sneakers in the dumpster.  The slave messaged me on Skype later on thanked me for taking its cash and said that it never felt so embarrassed and humiliated before.  It told me while driving back home on the parkway a State Trooper pulled it over because its back headlight was out.  The cop walked up to the slaves car shined his flashlight in the car and saw that the slave was completely naked.  He just started laughing and told the slave to go home without even asking a question.  I told the fag that I let it off easy for not giving me the full amount of cash that it promised.  The slave told me over and over how good my alpha piss tasted when I pissed in its mouth and that it was going to save up more money to hand to me in person.  It said that it finally realized its place in life as a piss drinking faggot ATM.  When slaves are in my presence they naturally submit and get turned into whatever I feel like turning them into.  They are all property to me and live to solely work so I can live in luxury.


007 (2)


I love this app called Clover even more than Tinder that I have on my IPhone.  My friend in the gym told me all about it.  It’s full of horny chicks that want to fuck alpha males with no strings attached.  Most of them even admit that they have boyfriends and husbands.  They always say that their man has a small cock, sucks in bed, and that they are only with them for their money.  Women are all selfish whores that are nothing more than walking cum dumps to me.  I love to drain their egos and make them feel like shit.  I recently matched with a hot brunette chic that lived about 30 minutes from me.  She looked like she was in good shape from her pictures and talked to me about working out.  She told me that she wanted to eventually do bikini competitions and asked me if I had any tips for her.  I told her that I’ve personal trained women before and prepped them for competitions.  She asked me if I could personal train her and help her with a workout routine and diet plan. She really didn’t know much especially when it came to dieting for a competition.  We texted over the phone for a few days and made plans to hang out this past weekend.  When she came over she had some slutty looking outfit on and looked hotter than she did in her pictures.  We went out to the Tropicana and went to a few bars and clubs.  The casino was packed and full of inferior beta males.  Everywhere we went there were betas staring at me and coming up to me to tell me how insanely jacked I am.  The chic I was with was getting jealous that I was getting more attention than she was.  She kept saying to me that she couldn’t believe how many guys were staring at me and stalking me.  I just laughed and told her that it’s like that every time I go out.  We were hanging out at this bar in the casino and some guy came up to me and started buying us drinks.  He kept telling me how he used to work out and how he used to be built etc.  I hear the same stuff over and over from dudes and don’t really pay attention to anything they say.  The chic got so pissed off that she yelled at the guy and told him to fuck off.  He got all scared and walked away.  I laughed while she looked at me all pissed off.  She told me that she was in a bad mood and wanted to leave.  I knew that she was just jealous because she was all done up and not one single guy even acknowledged her.  She barely even talked to me while I was driving back to my house.  I figured that this insecure bitch was going to jump in her car and leave as soon as I got home.  When I finally pulled up and parked I was surprised that she followed me back into my house.  She went right into my bedroom and laid in my bed while I went into my kitchen and made a protein shake to drink.  When I walked back into my bedroom she was completely naked legs spread fingering herself.  I was actually in shock since she was giving me a negative vibe the entire night.  She told to get naked so she could shove my cock down her mouth.  We had some intense hardcore sex.  She had no gag reflex and sucked cock like a porn star.  She sucked my cock for a while then got on top and rode my cock like crazy.  She came so many times that it felt like a slip and slide on my crotch.  She was sliding all over the place on her own cum.  When I finally busted a nut I felt like I just got out of the shower.  Both of our bodies were soaked in pussy juice and squirt.  This chic was kinky as hell which was a complete surprise to me.  She never really talked about sex before we hung out and seemed like one of those boring non sexual girls when we hung out in the casino.  I guess my jacked body and cocky attitude made her horny as hell.  We fell asleep for a little while and I woke up to her spitting all over my cock and deepthroating it.  She sucked it so good that I just shot a huge load right down her throat.  She swallowed all of it and squeezed the rest of the cum out of my dick head and licked it clean.  We fucked again for a while before she left to go home in the morning.  Shes been texting me like crazy ever since and wants to hang out again next week.  Every girl turns into a nymphomaniac when they hang out with me.  I make women feel so insecure when we go out to places without even trying.  I already conquered this slut and started talking to a new one on the same phone app.  When you’re a tall jacked stud like me everything comes easy including pussy.  Most guys have to take women out on dates and spend a ton of money on them just to get a kiss on the cheek from them.  I can’t even remember the last woman who I didn’t have sex with the first time I hung out with them.  The most effort I usually have to make is walking downstairs and opening my front door. There’s been women that I fucked within ten minutes of meeting them.  When they go back to their out of shape boyfriend they fantasize about me.  I know how to fuck and every chic tells me how hard I make them cum and how good my cock feels.  Life is good when your a jacked alpha stud.




I’m the ultimate alpha male and every slave that worships me knows it.  Slaves always tell me how amazing it is to worship me and see my huge alpha muscles on cam.  They turn into human ATMs the moment they here my voice barking orders at them.  They thank me for taking their cash and giving them the privilege to serve me.  Here’s one of many quotes that one of my loyal slaves sent me today after worshiping me the previous night on cam.

“I read ur new blog entries and they are so hot but of course you already know that.  Between your pictures and writings I can’t help but think about worshiping you all day long.  I can’t explain how u make me feel.  I thought my craving for you would slowly go away,  but its getting stronger & stronger.  I even have dreams about you dominating me.  I can’t go very long without worshiping you. I have never known anyone as perfect as you are.  I’m your slave for life and will do anything you order me to do. As long as your happy I’m happy.  I accidently came when I wrote this so I will send you another cum tax.  Thank you so much SIR.”

Message me now and feel the power of a straight alpha male that was born a leader and born to be worshiped by all.  The moment you see me flex my huge biceps and bounce my pecs on cam you will drop to your knees without even realizing it.