A slave that I’ve cashraped multiple times online wanted to meet me for a real time domination session.  It was going to be in A.C. for business and had a comped hotel room for a night.  The slave was a pain pig and wanted to be whipped with leather belts.  The following night the slave texted me and told me that it was in it’s hotel room ready to be beat down and whipped.  I told the fag that I would be there in an hour or so.  When I arrived I opened the door and saw the faggot on all fours like a dog with my fag cash in it’s mouth.  I walked up to it grabbed the cash and spat a huge luggie in its face.  I started laughing and told the faggot that it had no clue what it was getting itself into.  On the table there was two leather belts one with a metal belt buckle.  I told the faggot to take its shirt off while I grabbed one of the belts.  I started to whip the faggot on its back as hard as I could.  The faggot was whimpering like a bitch while I whipped it over and over.  It’s back was covered in welts within minutes.  I could see the pain in the fag’s face.  It’s body was shaking and tears were about to poor from its eyes.  I whipped it right on its spine and asked the fag how it felt.  The only thing the pig said was “I’m in pain SIR, thank you SIR”.  The fag was still on all fours like a dog shaking while I kept whipping its back.  It’s scrawny arms were shaking and were about to give out.  I decided that it was time to whip it with the belt with the metal belt buckle.  The metal belt buckle was pretty big and sharp on all edges.  I could see the fear in the pain pigs eyes when I grabbed it from the table.  I started whipping it with the metal belt buckle.  The fags back was already blue and the welts were getting bigger and bigger by the minute.  It was huffing and puffing while I kept whipping its back  with the metal buckle.  The metal buckle started to rip skin off of its back.  The faggot couldn’t take it anymore.  It’s arms collapsed and it fell flat on the floor.  I laughed while the pain pigs back was sliced up and bloody.  The faggot begged me for a five minute break but wanted to continue.  I was surprised how much pain this faggot could handle.  It was definitely a pain pig that knew it was supposed to suffer in the presence of an alpha god.  While the faggot rested on the bed I flexed my huge arms and bounced my huge pecs while it watched in awe.  I told the fag that this is how a man is supposed to look and that it was a scrawny pathetic piece of shit.  I verbally degraded the faggot for a few more minutes then told it that break time was over.  I made the faggot bend over on the bed with its pants off.  I laughed while I it’s tiny dick was hanging.  It was so small that I thought it was a womans clit.  I told the faggot that it definitely needed to be put in its place.  I started cracking its bare ass with the belt over and over.  My shoulder started getting sore from whipping the slave so hard.  The fag was letting out screams every time the belt cracked its ass.  Its entire ass was black and blue after five minutes.  While the faggot was whimpering like an abused dog  I walked up to it and spat in it’s face.  I told the pig that I show absolutely no remorse towards inferior men.  I ordered the faggot to spread its legs while it was bent over.  I laughed and asked the faggot if that was a penis or a womans clit.  The faggot acknowledged how pathetic and small its “penis” was.  It knew that by having such a small pathetic penis that it was born to be a slave and to worship alpha males.  I believe that any male that has a dick smaller than my pinkie finger was born to be a slave and a cuckold.  A cock that small could never satisfy a woman.  I was actually offended that the faggot wasn’t locked in chastity.  I told the slave that a fag dick that small should be locked in chastity at all times.  The only time a small dick faggot should be near a urinal is when its drinking out of one.  Small dick faggots should always sit down on the toilet to piss just like a woman.  I yelled at the faggot to keep its legs spread on the bed.  I whipped its fag balls as hard as I could with the metal belt buckle.  The slave screamed and practically jumped off of the bed.  I could hear the faggot really huffing and puffing now.  I grabbed a small towel from the ground and shoved it in the fags mouth.  I ordered the faggot to keep the towel in its mouth so I don’t have to hear it scream like a bitch.  I whipped the fags balls and dick/clit again and again.  I could still slightly hear the slave scream even though the towel was gagging its mouth.  I was laughing my ass off when I looked at the faggot’s face.  There was sweat dripping from its head and tears pouring from its eyes.  I walked behind the slave and whipped its ass cheeks some more.  The slaves entire backside was swelling up like crazy.  I eventually took the towel out of its mouth and asked it how it felt.  The slave was drooling like a retard and said that it was seeing stars.  I laughed then ordered the faggot to spread its ass cheeks with its hands.  I started whipping the fag right on its asshole while it let out more screams.  I couldn’t believe how much of a pain pig this faggot was.  I cracked the belt right on its balls again and watched the faggot literally fall off of the bed onto the ground.  I looked down and spat another luggie on its face.  The pig was sweating like crazy and panting like a dog.  I could see the pain and suffering from its facial expressions.  The faggot then started to say please no more over and over.  I laughed and told the faggot that I was leaving.  While I was grabbing my stuff to leave the slave was still on the ground on its stomach.  It’s back and ass was covered in cuts and welts.  I had to take a piss really bad.  I yelled at the slave and ordered it to roll onto its back.  It  I could see it shaking and suffering while I unzipped my pants.  I told the faggot to open its mouth so I could give it some alpha champagne to drink.  I made sure to piss all over its face too.  There was piss running down the slaves nose and into its eyes.  I gave the pain pig the privilege of drinking most of it though.  When I was finished pissing the slave said “Thank you SIR that was REFRESHING”.   I told the faggot that I was really leaving so it could get up from the ground.  It told me that it was to sore to move and rolled back onto it’s stomach.  I had logger boots on and thought to myself that this fag needed a little more abuse.  I started stomping on the slave’s back and made it cry like a bitch.  When I walked out of the room the slave was still on the floor swollen and soaked in alpha piss.  This pain pig said that it craved abuse so that’s exactly what I gave it.  My shoulder was sore from swinging the belt so hard.  I made sure to whip the slave as hard as I could.  Pain pigs deserve to suffer every way possible.  I was in the room for less than an hour because the slave couldn’t handle the abuse anymore.  I knew the moment that I saw tears pouring from it’s eyes that the pain pig was put in its place.  The slave texted me a few hours later to thank me.  It said that it never experienced abuse like that before.  The slave knew the moment it saw me walk into the room that it was fucked.  It never witnessed such a tall jacked cocky alpha male before.  It said that it literally almost pissed its pants when it saw how huge my arms were in real life.  The fag said that it definitely wanted to be abused again even though I abused it so bad that it could barely move.  That’s how pain pigs should be treated.  They know they were born to suffer not only physically but financially too.  All slaves should work overtime and live with the bare minimums in life while alpha gods like myself live in luxury off of their fag cash.  That’s the way it should be so if any slaves disagree get the fuck over it.  Realize that your on the bottom of the food chain while I’m at the very top.  I’m the lion while your the gazelle.  I always get what I want anyways because I’m an alpha god that’s above the rest period.



Author: ronnieflexx

I'm a 6'4 300 lb alpha male that was born to be worshiped. Everywhere I go people stop what they're doing and stare at me in total awe. Beta males come up to me left and right just to tell me how jacked I am and how awesome I look. Slaves and muscle worshipers can tribute me online for cam worship. I'm cocky as hell and love to dominate and humiliate beta males and slaves. Message me on Skype and tribute to see me on cam now. I make custom videos and have real-time slave domination videos for sale. Submit to the ultimate ALPHA GOD now. SKYPE - RONNIEFLEXX RONNIEFLEXX@YAHOO.COM

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