I’ve been cashraping a ton of human toilets lately.  They confess to me how badly they crave my alpha piss and protein filled shit logs.  They think about it all day even while their at work.  Human toilet pigs belong shackled under a rim seat with their jaws cranked open while I tear ass and shit giant logs in their fag mouths.   If I felt like being nice I would take a big piss in their mouth so they can wash down my shit logs easier.  I would drink a ton of protein shakes and have no problem shitting all over a slaves face.  I’m a sadistic cocky alpha god that shows no remorse to inferior scum.  I can easily mind fuck and brainwash a slave to do anything including being turned into a full use toilet.  Their tongues make great toilet paper and baby wipes to lick dirty muscle ass clean.  A long time toilet pig that I’ve been cashraping online kept begging me for a real time meet.  It wanted to be dominated, stomped out,  and forced to swallow and eat alpha waste.  I told the pig to get a hotel room in A.C. and that there was absolutely no turning back when I get there.  It told me that it reserved a hotel room for the following week.  When the night arrived the slave texted me on my cell phone and told me that it just got to the room and gave me the room number.  I laced on a pair of logger boots and wore shorts with a tight tank top.  I knocked on the hotel room door when I got there turned the door handle and walked right in.  I saw the slave pig on all fours like a dog with my cash in its mouth.  I took the fag cash from it’s mouth and told the faggot to start licking my dirty boots clean.  While the slave was busy licking my dirty boot soles I lit a cigar and started smoking it.  I ordered the fag to crawl closer to me stay on its knees and keep its mouth open.  I flicked my cigar ashes in its mouth and spat all over its face.  I made sure to spit a ton of thick luggies right down its fag throat.  When I was done with my cigar I wrapped my arm around the slaves puny neck and choked it.  I even picked the slave off of its feet with one arm.  The pig was so pathetic and puny that I used it as a human barbel and tossed it around with ease.  I made it lay flat on the floor with its shirt off and stomped all over it’s body with my size 14 logger boots.  The slaves body looked like a human pin cushion swollen and covered in boot imprints.  I stood on the slave with all of my weight several times.  I could hear the slave suffering and panting for air while I crushed it with 300 plus pounds of body weight.  I even kicked and stomped on the slaves crotch a few times.  I felt like stomping on its balls until they popped.  It’s not like the slave had any use for them.  The slave told me that it never felt so weak and helpless.   The slave was in total awe of me even though it’s body was completely crushed and its face was covered in cigar ashes and spit.  I was drinking protein shakes the entire time time I was there and started to rip ass.  The slave could hear my farts and knew it was time to be toilet trained by an alpha god.  I told the slave to put the jaw crank in its mouth that it brought which would keep its mouth wide open.  I brought a few roles of duct tape and used two roles taping its puny arms against its body.  I even taped its legs together so it was completely mummified while laying completely flat on the floor.  I brought a new five blade razor with me that the slave had no idea about.  I pulled my pants down and shaved my entire ass over its face.  When I was done I looked down and saw the slaves face covered in ass pubes.  It’s mouth was also full of dirty ass pubes.  The slave was flat on the floor with its mouth cranked wide open so it could only grunt and not talk.  I squatted over it’s face again while drinking another protein shake and tore nasty farts in it’s face and mouth.  I told the fag to suck my fart fumes up like a vacuum cleaner.  It was finally time to give the slave what it deserved.  I squeezed out a long dry turd that fell directly into the fag’s mouth.  I looked down and saw half of the turd hanging out of its mouth while it was slowly swallowing it.  I yelled at the pig and told it to swallow down my protein filled shit log.  The slave was choking and having a hard time while swallowing it so I decided to take a huge piss in its mouth.  That was enough for the slave to finally swallow down my shit log and ass pubes.  I laughed and asked the fag if my alpha waste tasted good.  It nodded its head yes while it’s face and hair was soaked in piss and teeth were completely covered in shit.  I told the fag how pathetic and disgusting it was.  It was now totally enslaved to my alpha waste.  I took another piss directly in its mouth so the shit on its teeth would come off and wash down its throat.  I sat on the fags face and made it lick my dirty asshole clean with its fag tongue.  I even ripped a few more farts in its mouth.  This slave was a disgusting rim pig turned full use toilet.  I told the fag I wish I had some alpha buddies with me so they could shit and piss in it’s mouth too.  I pulled my pants back up and ripped the duct tape off the slave’s arms.  It took the jaw crank out of its mouth and told me that my shit and piss tasted amazing.  It told me that it felt like it was eating expensive steak and drinking expensive champagne.  I told the slave that alpha waste is fag nutrition.  It kept saying thank you SIR over and over like a broken record.  The slave grabbed a bathroom towel and used it to dry it’s piss soaked hair.  It then sucked on the piss soaked towel.  I had to take another piss so I pulled my alpha cock out and took another heavy piss all over the fags face.  I could see my piss splash all over its face hair and even in it’s eyes.  The hotel room smelled like a dirty public restroom.  When I left the room the slave was still on the ground practically swimming in a puddle of piss.  That slave was now the definition of a human toilet.  It messaged me on Skype a few hours later and sent me more fag cash because I told it too.  It kept thanking me and told me that it finally felt like it had a purpose in life.  The slave said that its entire body was swollen and covered in boot imprints while the taste of alpha waste was still on its breath.  I brainwashed and dehumanized this toilet pig to the extreme.  It told me the following day that the taste of alpha waste was still in its mouth while the aroma of dirty muscle ass was up it’s nose.  The slave has been tributing me every single night since the real time meet to worship me on webcam.  I’ve been brainwashing the pig even more and keep telling it that its sole purpose in life is to be a urinal, toilet, and septic tank for alpha gods.  The slave agrees with me 100% and wants to eat even more alpha waste the next time I give it the privilege to worship me real time.  I told the fag that it should have a real toilet seat superglued on its face so I have something to sit on when I squeeze out a huge loaf in it’s mouth.  Dehumanizing slaves comes so easy to me.



Author: ronnieflexx

I'm a 6'4 300 lb alpha male that was born to be worshiped. Everywhere I go people stop what they're doing and stare at me in total awe. Beta males come up to me left and right just to tell me how jacked I am and how awesome I look. Slaves and muscle worshipers can tribute me online for cam worship. I'm cocky as hell and love to dominate and humiliate beta males and slaves. Message me on Skype and tribute to see me on cam now. I make custom videos and have real-time slave domination videos for sale. Submit to the ultimate ALPHA GOD now. SKYPE - RONNIEFLEXX RONNIEFLEXX@YAHOO.COM


  1. I would never have courage to do this, but I have to confess that the idea of to be forced to ingest your shit makes me very horny.


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