A slave that I’ve cashraped multiple times online wanted to meet me for a real time domination session.  It was going to be in A.C. for business and had a comped hotel room for a night.  The slave was a pain pig and wanted to be whipped with leather belts.  The following night the slave texted me and told me that it was in it’s hotel room ready to be beat down and whipped.  I told the fag that I would be there in an hour or so.  When I arrived I opened the door and saw the faggot on all fours like a dog with my fag cash in it’s mouth.  I walked up to it grabbed the cash and spat a huge luggie in its face.  I started laughing and told the faggot that it had no clue what it was getting itself into.  On the table there was two leather belts one with a metal belt buckle.  I told the faggot to take its shirt off while I grabbed one of the belts.  I started to whip the faggot on its back as hard as I could.  The faggot was whimpering like a bitch while I whipped it over and over.  It’s back was covered in welts within minutes.  I could see the pain in the fag’s face.  It’s body was shaking and tears were about to poor from its eyes.  I whipped it right on its spine and asked the fag how it felt.  The only thing the pig said was “I’m in pain SIR, thank you SIR”.  The fag was still on all fours like a dog shaking while I kept whipping its back.  It’s scrawny arms were shaking and were about to give out.  I decided that it was time to whip it with the belt with the metal belt buckle.  The metal belt buckle was pretty big and sharp on all edges.  I could see the fear in the pain pigs eyes when I grabbed it from the table.  I started whipping it with the metal belt buckle.  The fags back was already blue and the welts were getting bigger and bigger by the minute.  It was huffing and puffing while I kept whipping its back  with the metal buckle.  The metal buckle started to rip skin off of its back.  The faggot couldn’t take it anymore.  It’s arms collapsed and it fell flat on the floor.  I laughed while the pain pigs back was sliced up and bloody.  The faggot begged me for a five minute break but wanted to continue.  I was surprised how much pain this faggot could handle.  It was definitely a pain pig that knew it was supposed to suffer in the presence of an alpha god.  While the faggot rested on the bed I flexed my huge arms and bounced my huge pecs while it watched in awe.  I told the fag that this is how a man is supposed to look and that it was a scrawny pathetic piece of shit.  I verbally degraded the faggot for a few more minutes then told it that break time was over.  I made the faggot bend over on the bed with its pants off.  I laughed while I it’s tiny dick was hanging.  It was so small that I thought it was a womans clit.  I told the faggot that it definitely needed to be put in its place.  I started cracking its bare ass with the belt over and over.  My shoulder started getting sore from whipping the slave so hard.  The fag was letting out screams every time the belt cracked its ass.  Its entire ass was black and blue after five minutes.  While the faggot was whimpering like an abused dog  I walked up to it and spat in it’s face.  I told the pig that I show absolutely no remorse towards inferior men.  I ordered the faggot to spread its legs while it was bent over.  I laughed and asked the faggot if that was a penis or a womans clit.  The faggot acknowledged how pathetic and small its “penis” was.  It knew that by having such a small pathetic penis that it was born to be a slave and to worship alpha males.  I believe that any male that has a dick smaller than my pinkie finger was born to be a slave and a cuckold.  A cock that small could never satisfy a woman.  I was actually offended that the faggot wasn’t locked in chastity.  I told the slave that a fag dick that small should be locked in chastity at all times.  The only time a small dick faggot should be near a urinal is when its drinking out of one.  Small dick faggots should always sit down on the toilet to piss just like a woman.  I yelled at the faggot to keep its legs spread on the bed.  I whipped its fag balls as hard as I could with the metal belt buckle.  The slave screamed and practically jumped off of the bed.  I could hear the faggot really huffing and puffing now.  I grabbed a small towel from the ground and shoved it in the fags mouth.  I ordered the faggot to keep the towel in its mouth so I don’t have to hear it scream like a bitch.  I whipped the fags balls and dick/clit again and again.  I could still slightly hear the slave scream even though the towel was gagging its mouth.  I was laughing my ass off when I looked at the faggot’s face.  There was sweat dripping from its head and tears pouring from its eyes.  I walked behind the slave and whipped its ass cheeks some more.  The slaves entire backside was swelling up like crazy.  I eventually took the towel out of its mouth and asked it how it felt.  The slave was drooling like a retard and said that it was seeing stars.  I laughed then ordered the faggot to spread its ass cheeks with its hands.  I started whipping the fag right on its asshole while it let out more screams.  I couldn’t believe how much of a pain pig this faggot was.  I cracked the belt right on its balls again and watched the faggot literally fall off of the bed onto the ground.  I looked down and spat another luggie on its face.  The pig was sweating like crazy and panting like a dog.  I could see the pain and suffering from its facial expressions.  The faggot then started to say please no more over and over.  I laughed and told the faggot that I was leaving.  While I was grabbing my stuff to leave the slave was still on the ground on its stomach.  It’s back and ass was covered in cuts and welts.  I had to take a piss really bad.  I yelled at the slave and ordered it to roll onto its back.  It  I could see it shaking and suffering while I unzipped my pants.  I told the faggot to open its mouth so I could give it some alpha champagne to drink.  I made sure to piss all over its face too.  There was piss running down the slaves nose and into its eyes.  I gave the pain pig the privilege of drinking most of it though.  When I was finished pissing the slave said “Thank you SIR that was REFRESHING”.   I told the faggot that I was really leaving so it could get up from the ground.  It told me that it was to sore to move and rolled back onto it’s stomach.  I had logger boots on and thought to myself that this fag needed a little more abuse.  I started stomping on the slave’s back and made it cry like a bitch.  When I walked out of the room the slave was still on the floor swollen and soaked in alpha piss.  This pain pig said that it craved abuse so that’s exactly what I gave it.  My shoulder was sore from swinging the belt so hard.  I made sure to whip the slave as hard as I could.  Pain pigs deserve to suffer every way possible.  I was in the room for less than an hour because the slave couldn’t handle the abuse anymore.  I knew the moment that I saw tears pouring from it’s eyes that the pain pig was put in its place.  The slave texted me a few hours later to thank me.  It said that it never experienced abuse like that before.  The slave knew the moment it saw me walk into the room that it was fucked.  It never witnessed such a tall jacked cocky alpha male before.  It said that it literally almost pissed its pants when it saw how huge my arms were in real life.  The fag said that it definitely wanted to be abused again even though I abused it so bad that it could barely move.  That’s how pain pigs should be treated.  They know they were born to suffer not only physically but financially too.  All slaves should work overtime and live with the bare minimums in life while alpha gods like myself live in luxury off of their fag cash.  That’s the way it should be so if any slaves disagree get the fuck over it.  Realize that your on the bottom of the food chain while I’m at the very top.  I’m the lion while your the gazelle.  I always get what I want anyways because I’m an alpha god that’s above the rest period.






Slaves and beta males can never resist my alpha power.  My huge muscles always bulge out of my shirts.  When I go out anywhere I always see scrawny inferior males staring at me from all different directions.  I can see them in the corner of my eyes drooling over my awesome jacked body.  When I hang out with a chic they get jealous and pissed off because I get all of the attention from people.  Beta males stare at me in awe and some come up to me to give me compliments while the girl I’m with stands next to me all pissed off.  Women always crave attention because they are so insecure.  When they go out with me no one even acknowledges them.  They get so jealous and think theres something wrong with them because they usually get a ton of attention from men when they go out.  I tell them its  normal that everyone kisses my ass and worships the ground I walk on.  I have to admit that destroying a womans ego is pretty funny.  They’ll bitch about it the entire time they are out with me until I finally shove my alpha cock down their throat when we get back to my house.  Once I start banging their brains out they finally shut up.  Women are walking cum dumps to me and are slaves that tribute pussy.  I have had a lot of women buy me stuff to though.  I met this one female in a night club that became obsessed me the moment she laid eyes on me.  She actually thought I would take her seriously after making out with her and finger fucking her in the club after knowing her for less than five minutes.  I put my hand under her skirt and made her squirt all over the floor in the corner of the night club.  A few minutes later I left the club with her and fucked her brains out in her hotel room.  I even took my belt off my pants wrapped it around her neck and walked her around the hotel room like a dog.  This chic was a submissive cum dump.  All she wanted to do was eat my cum.  She came over my house the following night and got her brains fucked out again for a few hours.  I was bored with her after that and ignored her text messages.  After two weeks of ignoring her she texted me saying that she left a steak dinner for me at my doorstep.  I opened my door and their was a huge bag full of food in tupperwares.  I texted her back after eating the food and told her to come over.  I fucked the shit out of her because I was bored and had nothing else to do.  That’s just one example of the power I have over others.   I make women melt the second they lay eyes on me.  When you’re a tall jacked stud that stands out everywhere everything comes extra easy to you.  I’ve fucked smoking hot women with no effort.  The most effort I put in is walking down my stairs and opening the front door for them to come in.  Most males would have to spend a ton of money on them and take them out on multiple dates just to get the girl to kiss them.  Meanwhile I’m stuffing my dick in their pussy and up their ass without spending a single dollar on them.  I’m every betas worst nightmare if they are married or have a girlfriend.  I can’t even remember how many girls I’ve met and fucked that had boyfriends and husbands.  Most of the time I don’t even know until they finally tell me after I’m done fucking them.  I can say from experience that women cheat all the time and are worse than men.  Women are just better at it and usually never get caught because most men are idiots.  When a women says they are having a girls night out with their friends it really means they are going out to find alpha cock to fuck.  Its so easy to turn slaves into submissive human ATMs.  I just had a slave tribute me for cam and made it take a huge dump on its pizza that was just delivered to its house.  When I command a slave to do something they have no other choice but to obey.  The second they see me on cam they truly realize how inferior they are.  They know that they were born solely to worship alpha males and should feel extra privileged to worship me.  Slaves and betas crave my sweaty worn out jockstraps and socks.  My alpha scent is intoxicating and sends them right to their knees where they belong.  The power I have over others is mind blowing.  My presence alone makes everyone submit one way or another.  The majority of people in life need someone to follow and worship.  I’ve never looked up to anyone in my life and my role model has always been myself.  I’m a natural born leader and alpha god that was born to be worshiped.  Get on your knees and worship me now.  It’s impossible to resist me no matter how hard you try.  I’m so intimidating to some slaves that they sometimes piss themselves.  





I trained my arms like a beast the other night in the gym.  My arms were still insanely pumped when I got home and jumped in the shower.  While I was showering I heard Skype messenger ring like crazy on my phone from slaves sending me messages.  I got on my computer after I was done showering and started taxing slaves.  I was selling videos and flexing my jacked muscles on cam.  One slave sent me a ton of tributes while I made it sniff poppers.  I made the slave do a ton of popper count downs and got it so tweaked out that it fell out of it’s chair.  Cashraping popper whores is so easy its like walking to the ATM machine.  While I was dominating some scrawny cunt on cam, my friend from up north texted me and told me he was coming down to A.C. to gamble with a few people from his work.  He asked me if I wanted to meet up with him.  I was in the mood to find some pussy so I told him to text me when he got to AC.  I got dressed and was ready to go when he texted me.  I drove to A.C. and met him in Tropicana at the blackjack tables.  He said he wanted to play a few more hands then go find some girls to fuck.  I had to take a piss so I walked to the bathroom.  The moment I walked out of the bathroom I saw two girls at the slot machines waving at me to come over to talk to them.  Since my friend was gambling I walked over and said whats up to them.  The one was a hot Italian chic with huge tits and a huge ass.  The other girl was alright looking but was with her boyfriend.  The hot Italian chic told me that I was by far the sexiest guy she’s seen in the casino all night.  I laughed and told her that I’m the sexiest guy shes ever laid eyes on.  She just looked at me then started to feel me up with her hands.  She looked amazed while she felt my rock solid arms and chest through my shirt.  I lifted up my shirt and showed her my rock hard stomach.  I sat down and started to talk to her.  She told me that she was a model and sometimes even does nude modeling.  She took out her cell phone and started showing me all of these pics of her completely naked.  I told her that she should model nude for me.  She started giggling then both girls asked me if there was anything to do in the casino.  It was late and all the clubs were already closed.  The Italian chic told me she was from North Jersey and that she staying in a hotel room in the casino with her friend and her boyfriend.  I asked the other girl where her boyfriend was and she told me he was up in the hotel room.  Both girls got up and the Italian chic asked me if I wanted to go up to their hotel room.  She was pretty hot so I figured I might as well go fuck her.  She started making out with me and was literally all over me while we walked to the elevator where the hotel rooms were.  I texted my friend and told him I met some chic and was going up to her room real fast.  He told me to text him when I done.  When we got in to the room the boyfriend was sitting on the one bed watching T.V.  He said whats up to me and told me I was huge when I shook his hand.  He turned the light out by his bed and went to sleep with his girlfriend.  I took my shirt off and got in the other bed with the Italian chic.  I started making out with her while she took off her clothes under the blanket.  I sucked on one of her huge tits while I finger fucked her pussy.  She was squirming and moaning.  My hand was drenched in pussy juice.  I stuck my fingers in her mouth and made her taste her pussy juice.  I took the rest of my clothes off and was already rock hard.  I got up on the bed on my knees so the chic could suck my cock.  She whispered to me that she was horny as hell and wanted to go in the bathroom so we wouldn’t wake up her friends.  In the bathroom this slut was bent over doggystyle  on the floor while I pounded her pussy and spanked her ass as hard as I could.  She was shaking and cumming like crazy while I fucked her like a porn star.  I met this hot slut not even 30 minutes ago and was banging the shit out of her.  I pulled her hair so hard I almost ripped it out.  Her ass was huge and was bouncing all over the place while I was pounding it.  I shot a huge load in her pussy and kept fucking her.  I stayed rock hard and sat on the toilet seat while she rode me.  We fucked for at least an hour.  I shot another load down her throat while she was blowing me.  When we were done we walked back into the room and laid in the bed.  She grabbed her thong and gave it to me as a souvenir.  I looked at my phone and saw that my friend texted me. I texted him back and told him I’ll be down in the casino in a few minutes.  I told Italian chic that I had to go meet up with my friend and asked her what her number was.   She gave me her number but confessed to me that she had a boyfriend for over five years that stayed home because they got in an argument.  She told me that was the hottest sex that shes ever had and asked me if I was a pornstar.  I laughed and told her that she has something to fantasize about when she gets back home and fucks her pathetic boyfriend.  She told me that she was already wet again from just looking at me with my shirt off.  We went back in the bathroom and I told her to get on her knees.  I grabbed the back of her head with my hands and skull fucked her.  She was choking and gagging like a total whore.  I shot another big load down her throat.  This whore was a walking cum dump.  I got dressed and kissed her good bye.  I walked down to the casino to meet up with my friend.  I told him the entire story while he laughed his ass off.  I took her panties out of my pocket and showed him the souvenir she gave me.  The panties were still wet.  I shoved them in my friends face when he wasn’t paying attention.  It was funny as hell.  We walked around the casino for a little while but it was pretty empty.  I went home while my friend went back to the blackjack tables.  I laughed the entire way home thinking about that Italian cum dumpster and how I fucked her brains out after only knowing her for 30 minutes.  Maybe the boyfriend will taste my load that I shot up her pussy when she gets home.  I love turning women into cum dumps especially when they have a boyfriend.  Women will always crave alpha cock.  Their boyfriends should feel lucky that their girlfriend got fucked and creampied by an jacked alpha god.  Like I always say life is great when you’re an alpha god and I always get whatever I want.




I’m a 6’4 300 LB cocky arrogant muscle god that will cashrape you and show you no remorse at all.  All I have to do is flex my massive arms and bounce my huge pecs while you watch in awe.  Slaves are human doormats to me and deserve to be trampled and crushed.  I could stand over you while I flex and intimidate you so much that you would piss your pants.  Hand over those tributes while you worship me on cam and experience real legit straight alpha superiority.  It’s so easy for me to brainwash and manipulate slaves into doing whatever I want them to do.  When you see my huge muscles and hear my deep cocky voice your manhood will easily be drained.  Sniff your poppers while I financially destroy you.  Check out my new website/blog and read about all the pussy I fuck and slaves that I easily cashrape and dominate.  That’s the life of a superior alpha god.  Your all just lost slaves that need a purpose in life and that purpose will be worshiping me.  Tribute for custom videos and worn sweaty gym gear.  My alpha aroma is powerful and intoxicating.  Sniff my sweaty gym jocks and chew on my dirty size 15 gym socks.  Message me now you can’t resist me no matter how hard you try.



This slave that went by the name WALLET4ALPHAS on Skype recently contacted me and said that it wanted to be cashraped and put in the poorhouse.  I messaged it back and said that every slave should be in the poorhouse while I live in luxury off of their fag cash.  It gave me its Teamviewer numbers and begged me to log in and take whatever I wanted.  I usually don’t Teamviewer slaves that never tributed me before but I had a feeling that this faggot seriously wanted to be financially ruined.  I logged onto its Teamviewer and its p*ypal was on the front page.  I put my p*ypal email in and took a tribute.  The slave messaged me and said to take more.  I sent the slave my cam so it could see how jacked I was.  The slave was in awe while I flexed my biceps and bounced my pecs.  It messaged me and said please SIR drain me you are amazing.  I went back to its p*ypal and took another huge tribute.  I kept taking my own tributes while the slave just watched without clicking anything.  The slave finally messaged me and asked if I had any bills I that I needed to pay.   I logged onto my Sprint account and told the slave to put its credit card information in to pay my cell phone bill.  It put in its credit card information without any hesitation.  The slave messaged me to thank me and asked me if I had anymore bills that needed to be paid.  I had this cunt pay my Comcast bill and electric bill.  This faggot really was a human ATM.  I logged onto its Amazon and bought myself some clothes and supplements.  I was on this fag’s Teamviewer for almost an hour while it helplessly watched me cashrape it.  The slave begged me to take one more tribute from it’s p*ypal.  I made sure to take a huge tribute and told the fag how lucky it was to serve me.  The faggot told me that it was an honor to be cashraped by such a muscle god.  The cash fag thanked me over and over.  It told me that it was completely broke now and that it probably wont be able to go out anywhere or even have enough money to buy food for the month.  I told the slave to find a fast food dumpster to eat out of just like I tell every faggot that I cashrape.  The slave said that it was cashraped badly a few months ago and it really had to go the homeless shelter to eat.  It said that there was a soap kitchen there where you can get a free meal to eat every night.  I told it that it needed to teach more slaves how to really serve and worship alpha gods.  This cash fag knew that alphas come first no matter what.  It truly believed that slaves deserve to suffer while alphas live in luxury off of fag cash.  I could tell that the cash slave was serious and truly knew it’s place in life.  The cash fag said that it would contact me soon with more fag cash to hand over.  It thanked me again for taking it’s cash before it signed off.  I drained this cash faggot with absolutely no remorse.  Every time I flexed my muscles on cam it literally begged me to take more cash.  This slave was the definition of a cash pig and loved to be financially destroyed.  I always tell slaves that there’s a metal dog cage in my basement that they can live in if they become homeless from being cashraped.  A slave should go to work during the day then live in my basement at night.  Their paycheck would get direct deposited into my bank account and they wouldn’t have a worry in the world.  Have purpose in life and serve the king of all alpha gods now.  You can only resist for so long.  I will always live like a king solely off of fag cash like a real alpha god should.  Every slave knows that I come first.



I have sweaty gym jocks, briefs, and socks for $ale.  My intoxicating alpha aroma will make you feel completely powerless and helpless.  You will realize what a privilege it is to worship me and own some of my gym gear.  Slaves love to shower me in cash especially when they get my gym gear in the mail.  Some of them go on cam with my underwear in their mouth while some of them actually have them on.  The crotch area of my underwear is always so baggy and loose on a slave.  Their fag dicks are so small that it looks like a woman is wearing them.  I have one slave that always tributes for my underwear and filled up condoms.  When the slave gets them in the mail it always tributes me to humiliate it on cam.  I laugh my ass off while the slave takes one of my condoms and drinks the load right out of it.  It saviors the taste and always craves more alpha cum to swallow.  The slave even tries to wear my stretched out condom on its fag clit.  My rubbers are way to stretched out and slide right off the slave’s clit within seconds even when it’s fully erect.  The fag’s dick is so tiny it looks like a mangina.  The fag tells me that it’s a good reminder that it belongs in chastity and that it will never be a real man.  It’s so easy for me to drain every ounce of manhood from a slave.  I even sell bottled alpha piss to slaves and always make sure to fill the bottle up with hot steamy morning piss.  A slave can tribute me for whatever it craves.  They love to sniff my skid marked boxer briefs that are soaked in ball sweat.  I also sell worn out gym shirts and tank tops.  When the package arrives in the mail you will get so excited that you might piss your pants.  When you own a pair of my sweaty underwear and socks you will become so addicted that you will be begging me to let you tribute for more alpha gear.  Slaves become addicted pigs to the smell and taste of my alpha fluids.  Foot slaves crave sweaty socks that were worn and stretched out on my size 15 feet.  Contact me now and tribute for whatever you crave.



I’m a cocky arrogant muscle god that has always been the total package.  The moment a slave is in my presence they feel chills in their bodies.  They fall to their knees without even realizing it and look up at me in fear and in awe at the same time.  Some faggots even piss their pants because I’m so intimidating.  I order them to stick their fag tongues out and use it to clean and shine my size 15 Nikes.   I have no problem ramming my huge sweaty foot down their throat to make them choke and gag.  I can easily pick a slave up by it’s throat with one hand and bash in their face with my huge alpha fist if they don’t follow my every single order I give them.  I always make slaves realize their purpose in life.  They know that an alpha god like me deserves to live in luxury off of their hard earned cash.  Slaves have told me that they beg their bosses to work overtime so they can shower me with more cash and gifts.  I’ll cashrape slaves so badly that they have to work another job just to get their bank account out of the negatives.  I cashrape some slaves so badly that they have to find a fast food dumpster to eat out of.  I always tell broken down fags that there’s a metal dog cage in my basement for them to live in if they end up homeless.  They all dream about living in my basement in darkness with a huge plug up their cunt and a chastity on their clit.  Faggots should be in chastity all the time while wearing pink panties because they are not men.  The only time they should be near a public urinal is when they are on their knees drinking out of one.   I’ve personally shoved a slaves face in multiple urinals in a public restroom and laughed while it drank the dirty piss out of them.  The slave’s face was soaked in urinal piss.  There was so much piss dripping off of it’s chin that its shirt was completely soaked too.  I even made the slave take a urinal patty out of a urinal and watched while it chewed on it like a rabid dog.  I was laughing my ass off while I grabbed the fag by the back of it’s neck and walked it to a toilet stall.  The toilet water was brown and stunk like nasty shit.  I shoved the fags face in the toilet and watched while it drank out of it like a dog.  While it was drinking I pulled my alpha cock out and pissed all over the it’s face and in it’s mouth.  The toilet fag loved every second of it and knew that it was a low life shit pig.  Slave’s deserve to suffer every way possible.  They soley exist to serve and worship me.  When they see my tall jacked body and hear my cocky voice they know that finally they found the master they’ve dreamed about their entire lives.  They can feel my unstoppable power  by just looking at my pictures.  Slaves message me on Skype and email me all the time to confess to me that they have been following me for months and even years but have been to intimidated to personally contact me.  They eventually all give in to me.  They know once they start worshiping me that there’s no turning back.  Some have tried to stop but always end up come crawling back to me begging me to take their cash.  I’m the ultimate addiction and every slave that worships me knows it.  Crawl to me now cunts and worship the king of all alphas.   I’m on top of the food chain while you’re at the very bottom.  Worship me now because you know you really have no choice.  Slaves were born to obey me without questioning anything.



I’ve been cashraping a ton of human toilets lately.  They confess to me how badly they crave my alpha piss and protein filled shit logs.  They think about it all day even while their at work.  Human toilet pigs belong shackled under a rim seat with their jaws cranked open while I tear ass and shit giant logs in their fag mouths.   If I felt like being nice I would take a big piss in their mouth so they can wash down my shit logs easier.  I would drink a ton of protein shakes and have no problem shitting all over a slaves face.  I’m a sadistic cocky alpha god that shows no remorse to inferior scum.  I can easily mind fuck and brainwash a slave to do anything including being turned into a full use toilet.  Their tongues make great toilet paper and baby wipes to lick dirty muscle ass clean.  A long time toilet pig that I’ve been cashraping online kept begging me for a real time meet.  It wanted to be dominated, stomped out,  and forced to swallow and eat alpha waste.  I told the pig to get a hotel room in A.C. and that there was absolutely no turning back when I get there.  It told me that it reserved a hotel room for the following week.  When the night arrived the slave texted me on my cell phone and told me that it just got to the room and gave me the room number.  I laced on a pair of logger boots and wore shorts with a tight tank top.  I knocked on the hotel room door when I got there turned the door handle and walked right in.  I saw the slave pig on all fours like a dog with my cash in its mouth.  I took the fag cash from it’s mouth and told the faggot to start licking my dirty boots clean.  While the slave was busy licking my dirty boot soles I lit a cigar and started smoking it.  I ordered the fag to crawl closer to me stay on its knees and keep its mouth open.  I flicked my cigar ashes in its mouth and spat all over its face.  I made sure to spit a ton of thick luggies right down its fag throat.  When I was done with my cigar I wrapped my arm around the slaves puny neck and choked it.  I even picked the slave off of its feet with one arm.  The pig was so pathetic and puny that I used it as a human barbel and tossed it around with ease.  I made it lay flat on the floor with its shirt off and stomped all over it’s body with my size 14 logger boots.  The slaves body looked like a human pin cushion swollen and covered in boot imprints.  I stood on the slave with all of my weight several times.  I could hear the slave suffering and panting for air while I crushed it with 300 plus pounds of body weight.  I even kicked and stomped on the slaves crotch a few times.  I felt like stomping on its balls until they popped.  It’s not like the slave had any use for them.  The slave told me that it never felt so weak and helpless.   The slave was in total awe of me even though it’s body was completely crushed and its face was covered in cigar ashes and spit.  I was drinking protein shakes the entire time time I was there and started to rip ass.  The slave could hear my farts and knew it was time to be toilet trained by an alpha god.  I told the slave to put the jaw crank in its mouth that it brought which would keep its mouth wide open.  I brought a few roles of duct tape and used two roles taping its puny arms against its body.  I even taped its legs together so it was completely mummified while laying completely flat on the floor.  I brought a new five blade razor with me that the slave had no idea about.  I pulled my pants down and shaved my entire ass over its face.  When I was done I looked down and saw the slaves face covered in ass pubes.  It’s mouth was also full of dirty ass pubes.  The slave was flat on the floor with its mouth cranked wide open so it could only grunt and not talk.  I squatted over it’s face again while drinking another protein shake and tore nasty farts in it’s face and mouth.  I told the fag to suck my fart fumes up like a vacuum cleaner.  It was finally time to give the slave what it deserved.  I 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full use toilet.  I told the fag I wish I had some alpha buddies with me so they could shit and piss in it’s mouth too.  I pulled my pants back up and ripped the duct tape off the slave’s arms.  It took the jaw crank out of its mouth and told me that my shit and piss tasted amazing.  It told me that it felt like it was eating expensive steak and drinking expensive champagne.  I told the slave that alpha waste is fag nutrition.  It kept saying thank you SIR over and over like a broken record.  The slave grabbed a bathroom towel and used it to dry it’s piss soaked hair.  It then sucked on the piss soaked towel.  I had to take another piss so I pulled my alpha cock out and took another heavy piss all over the fags face.  I could see my piss splash all over its face hair and even in it’s eyes.  The hotel room smelled like a dirty public restroom.  When I left the room the slave was still on the ground practically swimming in a puddle of piss.  That slave was now the definition of a human toilet.  It messaged me on Skype a few hours later and sent me more fag cash because I told it too.  It kept thanking me and told me that it finally felt like it had a purpose in life.  The slave said that its entire body was swollen and covered in boot imprints while the taste of alpha waste was still on its breath.  I brainwashed and dehumanized this toilet pig to the extreme.  It told me the following day that the taste of alpha waste was still in its mouth while the aroma of dirty muscle ass was up it’s nose.  The slave has been tributing me every single night since the real time meet to worship me on webcam.  I’ve been brainwashing the pig even more and keep telling it that its sole purpose in life is to be a urinal, toilet, and septic tank for alpha gods.  The slave agrees with me 100% and wants to eat even more alpha waste the next time I give it the privilege to worship me real time.  I told the fag that it should have a real toilet seat superglued on its face so I have something to sit on when I squeeze out a huge loaf in it’s mouth.  Dehumanizing slaves comes so easy to me.




My friend from North Jersey wanted to hang out and drove to my house.  We decided to go the Tropicana casino to find some pussy to fuck.  We got there late and most of the clubs were closing.  We ended up going to the one club there that stays open late after walking around the casino for a little while.  I wore jeans and a tight tank top and looked like a jacked Adonis alpha god.  People were staring at me like crazy while my friend and I walked around.  Scrawny betas kept walking up to me and kept telling me how jacked and huge I am.  I laugh because these inferior men act like I don’t already know that I’m huge and that I could toss them with one hand.  We eventually went to the night club and walked right in for free .  When I walk up to any club the door man shakes my hand and lets me and who ever I’m with in for free.  The place was decently busy but the hottest girls there were the ones that worked there.  I knew the girl who was on stage dancing when I walked in.  I hooked up with her a few months ago.  She looked insanely hot and was wearing some slutty one piece outfit that barely covered her body.  The one piece outfit had a thong back so you could see her fat ass bounce while she danced.  The moment I saw her I was on a mission to fuck her.  I didn’t even care that she was working.  When I want something I always get it.  I told my friend my mission and told me to go for it because she was hot as hell.  I usually never think that any girls are that hot but this one was looking amazing.  When she got off stage she came up to me and gave me a hug.  She said that I was looking jacked and starting feeling my arms.  We talked for a few minutes until she had to dance again.  She told me that she gets a 30 minute break at 5 am and to make sure I’m in the club because she wanted to have a talk with me.  It was around 4 am so I told her that I was going to leave and walk to the casino with my friend because he wanted to play blackjack.  She told me right before I left that I better be back by the time she goes on break.  I smiled and told her not to worry.  I watched my friend play blackjack because I don’t really gamble.  I looked around and didn’t see any hot girls anywhere.  I looked at my phone and saw that it was almost 5.  My friend stayed and played blackjack while I walked back up to the nightclub.  I saw her as soon as I walked in and she told me that she had to go in the back and put her clothes on.  A few minutes later she came out and we walked out of the club.  We hung out in front of the club and talked.  I started making out with her and could easily tell that she was horny and craving alpha cock.  I told her that we should go to the parking garage and hang out in my car since the windows are completely tinted.  When we got in my car she took her clothes off and had the slutty outfit still on that she was dancing in.  She jumped on my lap and we totally went at it.  I pulled her huge tits out of her outfit and sucked on them while she pulled my pants down and stroked my cock.  She got back in the passenger seat leaned over and sucked my cock and even deep throated it.  I reclined my seat all the way back grabbed her by the waist and stuck her ass in my face.  We 69ed for at least ten minutes.  Her ass and pussy tasted great and was drenched.  Her cunt was so wet that it was actually dripping a little bit.  She sat on my cock and rode me while she made out with me.  I sucked on her neck and made her moan like crazy.  I grabbed her by the waist and slammed her up and down on my cock.  My entire crotch was drenched in pussy juice.  I made her cum several times before I shot a huge load right up her pussy.  She was already a few minutes late so we put our clothes on and rushed back to the club.  She said my cum was dripping down her leg when we walked back into the casino.  I told her the moment I saw her in the club I wanted to fuck her brains out.  She laughed and said she was horny all night and wanted to fuck me when she saw me walk in the club with my friend.  I walked back into the club with her and told her that I was going to find my friend in the casino.  I told her that I would be back before the club closes.  The funniest thing about this slut is that she has a boyfriend that she’s been with for 5 years and recently got engaged to him.  The first time I met her she told me all about him and how she really couldn’t stand him but stayed with him because his family is really wealthy.  She told me that he’s taken her on vacations all around the world and even showed me pictures on her phone.  The boyfriend sounded like the definition of an inferior beta from how she described him.  I found my friend still playing blackjack and told him the entire story.  He gave me a high five and gave me props because the girl was smoking hot.  I would say that she’s definitely in the top ten when it comes to the hottest girls that I’ve fucked.  My friend and I walked back to the night club right before it closed.  When we walked in I saw the girl talking to some skinny tall guy.  I walked up to her and she pretended not to know me.  I couldn’t help but laugh because I knew it was her boyfriend from pictures that she showed me when I first met her.  I sat down on one of the lounge couches with my friend and watched the girl dance again on stage.  I was in a cocky mood so I walked up to the bar and stood right next to the boyfriend and pretended not to know who he was.  He looked over at me and said damn your arms are gigantic.  I laughed and introduced myself to him.  In the corner of my eye I could see the girl on stage ready to freak out.  I talked to him for a few minutes and said to him that the girl on stage was hot as hell.  He laughed and said that it was actually his fiance.  I tried not to laugh and said my bad man.  He said that he didn’t care and that everyone he knows tells him how hot she is and can’t figure out why she would ever be with him.  I told him to never ever think any girl is to good for you.  I told him that men need to stop putting women on a pedestal.  The boyfriend was a nice guy but a total beta male that was obviously pathetic.  He even bought me some shots at the bar.  I looked up at the girl on stage and could see it in her face that she was freaking out.  She finally came off stage and walked right up to us.  Her boyfriend introduced her to me and I shook her hand and pretended not to know her.  She was done for the night got dressed and left with the boyfriend.  I wondered if the boyfriend would taste my huge load in her pussy when they got home.  I always wondered what it would feel like to knock up some slut up and see the boyfriend raise my kid.  She was a total muscle whore like most girls that I fuck and even told me herself that muscle makes her pussy wet.  I made that slut cum so hard that she would have something to fantasize about for a while when she fucked her scrawny pathetic boyfriend.  I love pounding out girls 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A small percentage of people are born superior and born leaders.  The majority of people are followers and will do whatever it takes to fit in with society.  When your born superior like me everything comes extra easy in life.  I’m a tall jacked stud that gets all the women I want without even trying.  When I go out with my friends to clubs women usually approach me and hang all over me.  They start making out with me and grab my cock before I even know their name.  I went to a club in Harrahs with my friend and got there an hour before it closed.  Right before the club closed we were upstairs and I saw two scrawny betas trying to talk to these two girls.  I could see the one girl rolling her eyes and could tell that the two girls wanted nothing to do with them.  I told my friend to follow my lead and went up to the two girls.  I could see the girls eyes light up the moment they saw me.  I asked them if these two clowns were bothering them.  They started to laugh while I told the two beta males that they were pathetic and to get out of my sight.  They just stared at me and with out saying one word walked away.  I started talking to the two girls and introduced my friend to them.  We all talked for a little while and left the club together.  The four of us went to a restaurant in the casino to get some food to eat.  I could easily tell that these girls were horny and wanted alpha cock.   After we eat we walked around the casino and played some slot machines.  The hotter girl that I was talking to suddenly started talking about sex out of no where.  She told me that she had a huge fantasy about having sex in public while people walked by and watched.  I laughed and told her that I always have kinky sex and have fucked plenty of girls in front of my friends while they watched.  The other girl was married and told my friend that she fantasized about fucking other men and turning her husband into a full blown cuckold.  The two girls had a hotel room in the casino and wanted us to go back to their room to hang out.  There was a huge couch right next to the elevators on their hotel room floor.  My friend walked to the room with the one girl while the girl I was talking to sat on the couch.  I sat down next to her and she jumped right on my lap.  She started making out with me and started to take her clothes off.  She dropped to her knees completely topless with just her skirt on and started sucking my cock.  I took my shirt off and laid back on the couch naked with my pants down to my ankles while she blew me like a pornstar.  While this was happening I could hear the elevator door open and people walking in and out of it.   The slut sucked cock so good that I didn’t even care.  She took all of her clothes off sat on my cock and rode me.  I was spanking her tight ass while she was bouncing up and down on my cock.  I saw another person standing next to the elevator waiting for it to open.  It seemed like the entire time I was fucking this girl people were walking in and out of the elevators.  I could see people staring and even heard some laughing.  This girl was a complete freak and didn’t care at all.  I bent her over doggystyle and plowed her as hard as I could.  She was moaning and screaming while people kept walking by.  We fucked for at least 15 minutes on the couch.  I eventually said to her that security guards were going to come up and try to kick us out of the casino or call the cops.  There must have been at least 25 people who saw us fucking because the couch was right next to the elevators.  We decided to go to the room and continue fucking.  I pulled my pants up while she grabbed her clothes off of the ground and walked to the hotel room completely naked.  This chic was a crazy sex freak and I loved it.  She was giggling and said how fun and hot that was.  I would’ve fucked her on the couch for an hour if we didn’t have to worry about being arrested.  We walked in the room and saw the other girl riding my friends cock on the bed.  She took me in the bathroom and begged me to fuck her brains out and make her cum.  I pounded her pussy for a while in multiple positions and made her have multiple orgasms.  I ended up blowing a load all over her face and in her mouth.  We ended up going in the shower and fucked again.  She got right on her knees started to blow me again and got me hard almost instantly.  She bent over and put her hands against the wall while I pounded her pussy from behind.  I love fucking girls in the shower.  I sat on the side of the bathtub while she rode my cock.  I sucked on her tits while she bounced on my dick and moaned in my ear.  I eventually shot a load in her cunt while she screamed and squirted all over my cock.  I looked at my phone when we got out of the shower and saw that we were in the bathroom fucking for almost two hours.  My balls were completely drained.  I got dressed walked out of the bathroom and saw my friend dressed laying on the bed with the other girl.  I told him that it was time to leave and kissed the girl goodbye.  She said thanks for the fun time and gave me her number.  It was already 10 a.m. in the morning and my friend and I were pretty tired.  When we walked to my car in the casino parking garage he told me that the girl he fucked had her husband’s name tattooed on one of her tits.  Her husband called her cell phone and she actually answered the phone and told him that she was gambling while she was sitting on his cock.  He couldn’t believe that I actually fucked the girl on the couch and was surprised that security didn’t end up coming upstairs.  I told him that it was hard not to laugh when I saw all the people walking by when I was fucking her and that security could go fuck themselves.  They were probably jerking off when they saw me fucking on the security camera.  He said that I was crazy and I told him that I’ve had crazier sex experiences than that.  I had to admit that sex experience on the couch was up there with other experiences that I’ve had.  When you’re an alpha sex god nothing seems that crazy.  Most men would be way to insecure to have sex with a girl with just one person watching.  When your an alpha male you never feel insecure about anything.  You could care less what people think and purposely do the opposite of what the majority does.  I’m a jacked stud that does whatever I want when I want.