I sold a bottle of my alpha piss to a chastity slave/human urinal last week.  The slave contacted me when it received it and told me that my piss was addictive and that it almost drank the entire bottle already.  I made sure to piss the moment I woke up in a bottle so the piss would be yellow and steamy.  It was total alpha waste which makes great fag nutrition.  Slaves can solely live off of my piss and cum for weeks on end. The piss pig told me that it couldn’t help itself and needed to tribute for another bottle.  I made the pig pay extra for the second bottle.  The slave sent me the money ASAP and even sent extra money so I would have it shipped quicker.  The piss pig received the second bottle in the mail then messaged me on Skype.  It told me that it felt completely helpless and addicted to me and that it was in complete awe of how amazing my alpha piss tasted.  It said that it tasted like expensive champagne.  It even told me that it took an eye dropper and squirted my piss in its eyes.  I laughed then ordered the human urinal to send a big tribute to worship me on cam and ordered it to turn its cam on with my bottled piss in its hand.  The piss slave sent my cash right away without question.  I sent the slave my cam while it watched me flex my huge muscles in awe while it drank my bottled piss.  I flexed and laughed my ass off while the fag practically chugged down my bottled piss.  The slave was drinking my alpha piss with a smile on its face.  The slave literally begged me to tribute for a third bottle of piss.  I raised the price again just to make this piss pig suffer.  It did as told and sent me more cash and extra to ship it faster.  A few days went by and the slave messaged me again.  It sent me a picture of a plastic ice tray that had my frozen piss in it along with popsicle sticks in every piss cube.  The piss slave said that it now sucks on piss popsicles everyday.  This slave was the definition of a human urinal.  It sent me another tribute for two more bottles of piss along with extra cash to thank me for acknowledging its dumb ass.  I was happy that I made this dipshit realize that its a walking and talking human urinal that belongs on its knees with its jaw cranked open ready to drink alpha piss.  It was completely mind fucked and brainwashed thanks to me.  I seriously want to shackle this slave up in my bathroom so that its stuck on its knees, hands tied behind its back, while its jaw is cranked wide open so that it could be used as urinal when I have a bunch of friends over.  We would chug down beers and take turns pissing and spitting in the fags mouth.  I would even tell one of my friends to smoke a cigarette and toss the end of it right into the slaves mouth.  The piss fag would end up completely soaked in piss and spit.  I would make sure I pissed all over its face and even in its eyes.  I would probably order it to lay flat on the ground so I could squat over its face and shit a huge protein filled loaf in its mouth.  The slave would be so brainwashed that it would swallow my huge shit in full with the help of me pissing in its mouth.  After the fag was done eating it, it would use its tongue like a baby wipe and lick my dirty asshole clean.  I have no remorse for inferior scum and think that most of them belong under a rim seat that I’m sitting in.  I would order the toilet slave to pluck my ass pubes with its teeth while I drank a protein shake and ripped loud stinky farts in its face.  It’s mouth would be cranked wide open while it watches a huge turd squeeze out of my jock ass and fall directly into its mouth.  It would have no choice but to swallow the alpha shit or choke to death on it.  If i’m in a nice mood I would piss in their mouth so they could swallow it down easier.  I might just take a huge dry shit and make the fag chew on it.  Every slave should be toilet trained so they enjoy the taste and crave it.  I’m so powerful and love making slaves feel so weak and helpless.  I would have no problem leaving a slave on the ground in a puddle of alpha piss with ass pubes and shit stuck in its teeth.  Slaves were born to serve alphas and are extra privileged if they get the chance to serve and worship me.  Contact me now and serve.




I know how to mind fuck slaves, dominate and humiliate, cash rape, feminization, force intoxication, popper countdowns, cash rape , CBT, cuckolding, jockstrap sniffers, condom eaters, human toilets, chastity, muscle worship, foot worship, boot worship, size comparison, trampling, leather worship, beatings, etc.  Open up your p*ypal, amazon, google wallet and tribute the ultimate master and be ready to drop to your knees in AWE when you see me on cam.  I’m 6’4 300 plus pounds of jock muscle that was born a superior alpha and a leader in every aspects of life.  I can’t go anywhere without random people coming up to me whether its to kiss my ass, ask to take a picture of me or with me, tell me how big and awesome I look, offer me to sit with them and hang out with them at their VIP table in the club, buy me drinks at the club, and even pay me to feel my rock solid bicep while I flex it for a few seconds in public.  I see women staring at me and smiling all the time even if their with their boyfriend.  Women come up to me in the club all the time and start making out with me and beg me to fuck them in their hotel room within an hour of meeting them.  There’s even has been times where I’ve fucked a chic within five minutes of knowing them.  I’m a stud and no one can resist me.  I’m like a drug that turns men into human ATMs.  Life is great when your treated like a celebrity everywhere you go in real life and online on the net.  Within the first minute of seeing me and hearing my deep cocky voice on cam you will realize why I’m a superior alpha god that gets whatever I want when I want.  You can work over time at your job to worship me while I’m in the gym training like a beast and fucking random females at night.  Some slaves even get the privilege of tributing me for real time sessions to worship my huge muscles, get a beat down, get humiliated and dominated, worship my size 15 feet, and get trampled and used as a footstool and doormat.  It’s time to bow down to me and shower me in tributes while you worship me on cam.  My deep cocky voice will send chills through out your entire scrawny body.  I cant wait to own you and watch you easily submit to me while making you realize you will always be an inferior slave.  Finally you’ll feel like you have purpose in life being my property.  You can even tribute to own a pair of sweaty dirty gym socks, sweaty worn jock straps, skid marked briefs, and whatever else your pathetic self craves.  Message me on Skype now and feel my unstoppable alpha power.




I got a package from amazon in the mail the other day that I wasn’t expecting.  I opened it and it was two big jugs of muscle milk protein from my Amazon wishlist.  The note left inside read “Thank you SIR” from a slave that I never talked too.  The slave realized that I was a legit alpha god from just reading my blog entries and looking at my pictures.  It knew that I deserve to be showered in cash and gifts.  When I signed onto Skype that night I got a message from the slave telling me it was the one who sent me the amazon package and that it wanted to be cashraped to the extreme over Teamviewer.  I logged onto its payp*l and took several huge tributes while the slave helplessly watched.  I then went to my own Amazon wishlist and bought a ton of clothes, watches, and even a brand new leather couch set.  I drained this slaves credit card to the extreme.  The following night I made the slave buy me the most expensive Apple I-phone and had it set up an automatic bill pay so my cell phone bill would automatically be paid with the slaves credit card every month.  I then took a few more tributes while the slave watched over Teamviewer.  The slave told me that it was tired and wanted to go to sleep.  I told the slave that it wasn’t going anywhere.  I turned my cam on and flexed my huge biceps and bounced my huge pecs.  The slave woke right up and begged for more cashrape.  I went on Amazon and bought a ton of stuff for my house and racked up the slaves credit card up as high as I possibly could.  I love cashraping inferior cunts and showing them how to truly serve an alpha god.  Slaves should have to work overtime while I live in luxury off of their cash.  I turn slaves into addicts that fiend straight cocky alpha muscle.  When they see me on cam and hear my cocky voice they instantly turn into popper sniffing ATMs.  I’ll force intox them while they send me tribute after tribute.  I’ll drain their bank accounts and put it in the negatives.  Slaves belong in the poorhouse and solely exist to serve me.  I’ll eat steak for dinner while they eat from a fast food dumpster and drink toilet.  Slaves can never resist me for long.  They see one picture of me online and always come crawling back begging to send me cash and worship me.  Life is great when you’re a tall jacked muscle god.  When you look like me you get whatever you want in life.  I pump iron in the gym everyday, go to clubs at night, and fuck all the pussy I want.  Crawl to me now and worship the alpha king.





I cash raped another pathetic closet faggot tonight that begged me to humiliate it and even expose it on social media.  It goes to its day job acting like a normal straight male then at night it secretly whores around with other men and loves to get its mouth and asshole trashed by big cocks.  It’s the perfect example of a human cum dump.  I can’t help laughing my ass off when I drain this losers bank account.  It watches me on cam in total awe and wants to lick my huge sweaty muscle ass clean after I take a huge shit.  I told the fag that I would rather just squat over its face and shit a huge protein filled loaf down its throat then piss in its mouth and all over its face.  It wants to be toilet trained so that it can be used as a full use toilet and urinal at all times.  It also wants me to personally whore it out online on cam and in real life so it can give me every single dollar it makes.  I’ll make this pathetic fag whore wear a blonde wig and high heels on the street corner in Atlantic City so it can turn tricks all night long.  It knows it was born to serve an alpha god like me and is happy that I cashrape it and even acknowledge it.  I would love to pimp this whore out then lock it up in my basement in a metal dog cage.  It belongs caged with a huge plug up its ass and a chastity around its fag clit.  I could even tie it up like a punching bag in my basement and beat the shit out of it with my friends.   I’ll brainwash and mindfuck this piece of shit with absolutely no remorse and take every single dollar it has.  This pathetic pig shit deserves to be exposed and should just embrace its new life as a walking cum dump and human toilet.  It’s name is Rob but to me it’s just another fag whore and human ATM.  




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There’s nothing better than stomping out a slave and turning it into a human doormat. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve laced up my size 14 logger boots and met a slave in real time. The second I walk into their room, they drop to their knees and hand me MY cash. The last slave I did real time with got pinned down and trampled naked under my boots. I stood on it with all of my weight and jumped up and down on it then stomped directly on its crotch. The fag screamed like a girl while i dug my sharp logger soles into its balls. I finally took my leather belt off and whipped it with the metal buckle over and over on its swollen back. I abused this pain pig non stop for over two hours. Its body was covered in boot lug imprints from head to toe. There wasn’t one place on its body that I didn’t stomp on. I had to take a huge piss before I left. I looked over at the helpless swollen pig on the ground and told it to open its mouth and keep it open. It looked up at me in fear and in awe while I stood over its face with my alpha cock in my hand and pissed in its mouth and all over its face. The slave looked like it was drowning when I pissing directly in its mouth. I made sure to get some piss in the losers eyes too. I looked straight down at the fag in disgust while it was practically swimming in a puddle of alpha piss on the ground. I ordered it to open its mouth again then spat a huge thick luggie in it. The hotel room smelled like a dirty public restroom while I was walking out. I put this sub human pig in its place and made it realize its purpose in life. Serve and submit to the ultimate alpha god that stands 6′4 300LBS of jacked muscle.



I went out to the club in AC this past Monday night with one of my gym bros.  We were both in full alpha mode at my house getting ready to go out and reak havoc.  It was ladies night at this club so we would easily find some pussy to fuck.  Right before we left my house, this hot blonde chic that I fucked a while ago from Tinder texted me out of no where and told me that she was on her way to A.C. with one of her girlfriends and wanted to hang out.  She told me she had a comped room and wanted to party.  I told her that I had a friend with me and to text me a picture of her girlfriend.  She texted me a pic and her friend was just as hot as the blonde was.  I showed my alpha bro and he was down to fuck her.  A little while later,  she started texting me like crazy asking me where I was.  I told her that I was about to leave my house and should be there in 15 minutes.  I love making these chics feel desperate and act like I could care less about them.  It lowers their ego and makes them totally submissive regardless of hot they are.  My friend and I finally arrived at the club and met up with the two girls.  These two girls were dressed so slutty they could of been mistaken for hookers.  The hot blonde was all over me and made out with me while my friend was hitting it off with her friend.  We hung out at the club for a while and had a few drinks.  I sat on a couch in the upstairs area while the blonde was giving me a lap dance and was grinding all over me.  I had my hand up her skirt and played with her soaked pussy.  She asked me if I knew where our friends were.  I texted him and he said that he was already up in their hotel room with the other girl watching tv and drinking.  I told the blonde and we left the club to go to her hotel room.  When we got up there they were drinking and talking to each other.   They laid on one bed while I went on the other bed with the blonde.  I started making out with her took her shirt off and sucked on her fake tits.  We ended both got totally naked and started fucking right in front of the other two.  In the corner of my eye I could see my friend fucking the other girl.  The entire room started to smell like sex.  The girl I was fucking asked me if I was ready to “really party”.  I had no idea what she meant until she called her girlfriend over and started making out with her.  They ended up in the 69 position eating each others pussies while my friend and I just watched.  I finally shoved my dick in the other girls mouth while my friend did the same with the other girl.  I got up on the bed and shoved my cock in the blondes pussy while my ass and balls were in the other girls face.  She didn’t seem to care because I could feel her tongue licking my balls and ass while I was pounding the blondes pussy.  My friend fucked the other one and blew a load pretty fast.  I started to fuck the blonde doggystyle while she eat her friends pussy at the same time.  I ended up blowing a huge load all over both girls faces.  My friend was drunk as hell and passed out on the other bed.  I laid in the other bed naked with one girl on each side.  The blondes friend was giggling and told me that I was even hotter than the blonde said.  I ended up getting hard again the girls took turns riding my cock and face at the same time.  Each girl came multiple times on my face and cock.  By the end my balls were literally drained.  The two girls ended up falling asleep.  I got dressed woke my friend up and told him that it was time to bounce.  I woke up the blonde and told her that we were leaving.  The blonde gave me a hug thanked me for the fun time and told me she would text me.  I was tired as hell and thankfully only had to drive 15 minutes to get home.  It was definitely a good time.  On the way home my friend kept saying how awesome that was and how he never had crazy sex like that before.  I laughed and told him that I’ve had so many threesomes since I was 18 that I couldn’t even remember half of them.  When your an alpha stud theres nothing you haven’t experienced.  I always get everything I want.



New blog



Welcome to my new blog.  My other blog that I had for over 4 years was suspended by Google.  I’m in the process of trying to get it back, but for now I’m starting up a new blog on here with some past stories that I have saved on my computer and new current stories.  I plan to make this blog better than ever and will eventually even put links on here to buy videos and other things.   I’m going to keep this blog as updated as possible.  My reign at the top will never end no matter how hard anyone tries to stop me.  I live the life that people dream about.   So keep reading about the life of a superior alpha GOD that was born to be worshiped by all inferior males, slaves, and women.