A few nights ago I had a real time muscle worship and beat down scheduled with a cash slave in one of the AC casino hotels.  I was on my way and stopped at a Wawa convenience store to get a protein bar and a drink.  It was late at night and a bunch of younger college kids were there and were looking at me in awe the second I walked into the store.  Some scrawny clown asked me how long it took me this built and I told him that I was born jacked and superior.  I saw three younger chics staring at me and smiling while I was walking out.  They were with three scrawny clowns who I assumed were their boyfriends.  I laughed at the girls while I saw them staring at me and asked them how they could date such scrawny pathetic womanly men.  They just blushed and looked down with smiles on their faces.  I saw the one boyfriend look at me and I asked him if he had a problem and all he did was look down in shame.  I laughed and got in my car to beat on this slave from Philly in its hotel room in AC.  I finally got to the casino and to the hotel room.  I knocked on the door as hard as I could just to scare the slave.  It answered the door really slowly until I just pushed the door into the slave and walked right in.  I yelled at the slave and told it that it should know that it should be on its knees when it sees me.  It said sorry and dropped to its knees while I hacked a huge luggie right into its face.  I told the cunt to hand over my fag cash.  It took all of my money out of its pocket and handed it right over to me.  I could notice the slave hands shaking and that it really did fear me.  I told the slave that it was really lucky to even see me live in real life and be acknowledged by me in the first place.  I ripped the slaves t shirt off.  I took my belt off and started to whip it in its back its chest and even in its face a few times.  This slave was a pain pig and liked to beaten trampled and humiliated by muscle gods like me.  I opened the bag I brought with me took out my slave trampling boots and had the slave lace up my size 14 Logger boots on my divine feet.  I made sure to have the soles covered in mud with pebbles stuck between the treads.  I sat on the bed and ordered the slave pigshit to lick my boot soles spotless.  One by one it licked both boots clean and even eat all the dirt off the bottoms.  I spat on the slave the entire time It licked my boots clean.  After my boots were cleaned I told the slave to lay flat on the floor.  I told it that it was time to be a human doormat.  I stood on the cunt with one boot on the back of its neck and the other one on its ass.  It was under the weight of a 300 lb muscle god.  It couldn’t handle my weight for long and screamed out like a bitch.  I stood on the middle of its back with one boot on top of the other and had all my weight right in the middle of its back.  I could feel my boot treads literally sinking into its skin while  the pig screamed like a bitch.  I started flexing my huge biceps and bounced my huge pecs while the slave just watched in awe on its knees.  It said my size was completely overwhelming and that it didn’t expect to be nearly as big in real life.  It then took its wallet out again and handed over more slave cash to me.  I let the slave feel my huge rock hard biceps and even took the back of its head and shoved its face into my sweaty bouncing pecs.  I made it sniff my smelly armpits and even put it in several headlocks so it was forced to sniff my pits.  I made sure not to wear any deodorant the entire day so my pits really stunk.  I wrapped my huge forearm around the slaves neck and squeezed it as hard as I could and made the slave pass out and fall to the ground in less than a second.  It woke up on the ground and ended up getting trampled by my boots again.  I made the slave bend over on the bed with its pants down to its knees.  I told it to spread its legs so I could see its child size penis/clit and balls. I took my belt and smashed the slaves clit and balls as hard as I could.  The slave screamed in agony as I whipped its dick and balls over and over.  I ended up taking its shirt and shoved it deep down the slaves throat to shut it up so I didn’t have to hear it scream.  I cracked my belt on its ass cheeks dick and balls for a good ten minutes.  I finally stopped and took the slaves shirt out of its mouth.  It was covered in spit and phlegm.  It begged me for mercy and said that ball whipping was the worst pain that it ever experienced.  I told the slave to get on its knees because I had to take a piss.  It opened its mouth while I took my dick out and pissed directly into its mouth and even on its face and eyes.  I humiliated this piece of shit for a good two hours by just stomping on it and using it as a footstool for my boots.  Right before I left I took another piss in its mouth.  The slave thanked me over and over and told me that it finally found an alpha stud that was actually real and legit.  The slave was in total awe of my size and power.  It described my presence as completely overwhelming.  It texted me when I left and couldn’t believe how naturally cocky and dominant I was.  I told the cunt that I was the real deal since day I talked to it on skype a year ago.  I made yet another slave in total awe of me.  It even paid me online the following day to see me on live cam.  I love degrading and dominating inferior cunts.  Some just need to be put in their place.  Some inferior cunts don’t even realize how inferior and pathetic they are.  The moment they just hear me and see me on cam they become addicted.  I’m the ultimate addiction slaves so worship me now and experience domination from a straight stud born alpha born superior.