My friend from up north came down this past Saturday night to go out to the club with me.  We decided to go to Pool club in Harrah’s Casino.  I was ready to party and find some cum dump sluts to fuck.  We got in the club and it was pretty busy.  We did a walk around and checked out all the pussy that was there.  There was a few hot chics there and a ton of ugly ones.  I told my friend we aren’t leaving until I find a slut to fuck.  After about an hour of being there I decided to walk around with my shirt off.  People started staring at me like crazy.  My friend actually walked behind me and recorded me on his snapchat on his phone.  I purposely walked right through the big crowd of people dancing.  I could seriously see all the women staring at me in the corner of my eye even if they were dancing with their beta boyfriends.  This one slut walked up to me out of no where and practically started to rape me.  She kept telling me how sexy I was and how “tasty” I looked.  She kept grabbing 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 She started begging me to fuck her.  I took all my clothes off and started to face fuck her balls deep.  She had no gag reflex and took my entire cock in and out of her mouth.  It didn’t take long for me to get rock hard and fuck her in every position possible.  She was so tiny I picked her up with my cock inside of her and started fucking her while standing up.  She was biting my neck and going crazy while I pumped the shit out of her.  I could feel her pussy juice dripping all over my cock and down my leg.  I finally banged her doggystyle and literally exploded in her pussy.  I pulled my cock out still rock hard and my cum started leaking out and ran down her ass and thighs.  I stuck my dick back in her and fucked her while she laid on her back.  She had her legs behind her head with some of my cum still on her thighs.  While I was fucking her she used her finger to scoop up my cum on her thighs and eat it.  When I saw that I pulled out and shot all over her face and even in her 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It’s so much fun to put inferior cunts in their place in real life.  The moment they see me they are scared and in awe at the same time.  The webcam doesn’t show the true size of me.  Being in my actual presence is overwhelming to all.  A cash pig thats been tributing me for a few months came to A.C. last night and had a comped room at Tropicana.  It messaged me the night before and asked if I would be available.  Since it was on short notice I made the fag pig pay me more fag cash for real time abuse.  It wanted to be fully abused.  It was a pain slut and wanted me to dish out all the pain I could to it especially on its pathetic dick and balls.  It really wanted to be used as a doormat and be trampled and stomped on.  I went to the fag pigs room in a sleeveless shirt shorts and laced up leather logger boots.  The door was open so I walked right in.  The faggot was wearing nothing but a pink thong.  I laughed and told the fag to hand over my cash.  While I counted my cash the pain pig was on its hands and knees licking and cleaning my boot soles.  I got up and kicked it right in the face and told it that it was lucky to be in my presence.  All it kept saying was Yes Sir Yes Sir you are amazing.  I took my belt off and started whipping it as hard as I could on its back.  I could hear the fag whimper while its back swelled up black and blue and even broke skin.  I commanded the dumb cunt to lay flat on the floor.  I jumped as high as I could and landed right on its back.  I could feel my logger soles sink right into the slaves back.  It was shaking like a little bitch.  I repeatedly jumped up and down on its back with all my weight.  Its back was now completely swollen with deep size 14 logger boot imprints all over its back.  It literally looked like a human doormat.  The faggot was huffing and puffing and begged me to give it a break because it was in so much pain.  I hurt the faggot so much it pissed itself.  It turned around and I saw its fag thong drenched in fag piss.  I laughed and spat right in the fags mouth.  The thong crotch was so baggy the fag looked like it didn’t even have a penis.  I laughed and commmanded the fag to take its thong off.  It hesitated look humiliated but finally took it off.  I laughed as soon as I saw its micropenis.  The slave said its penis hard isnt even 2 inches.  I laughed and kicked its micropenis and balls with my boots multiple times.  It was shaking on the floor and I could tell it was trying not to puke.  I told the faggot to get on all fours so I could watch some T.V. and rest my boots on its swollen back.  I made sure to dig my logger heels in its back while I ignored its groans.  I then told the fag to get on its knees and get back to cleaning my boots.  It licked every part spotless and even chewed on some pebbles that were stuck in the logger treads.  I took my boot and pushed the slaves head to the ground.  I stepped on the side of the slaves head with a ton of weight.  It was drooling out of the side of its mouth.  I pushed down more and even dugged my heels back and forth on the side of its head and on its ear.  While I crushed the side of its head I took my belt and started to whip it.  I whipped its micropenis and balls hard multiple times.  The slave begged for mercy.  I gave it one more hard whip to its nuts then took my boot off of its head.  It layed flat on the ground and I stood on it in all different positions and completely covered it in logger boot imprints.  I abused this faggot hardcore.  It wanted pain so thats what I gave it.  Before I left to go home I made sure to take out my big alpha dick and take a long steamy piss in the fags mouth and all over its face.  I Left this dumb cunt completely humiliated covered in boot imprints whip marks and piss.  Abusing inferior scum is my speciality.  All cash pigs message me now and worship the ultimate straight muscle god that will make your little clit size penis tingle.  The next day the slave messaged me online and told me it was in complete awe the second it layed eyes on me in real life.  It said that it was so sore still that it could barely move.  It then thanked and sent me a nice tribute.



I sold my a bottle of my alpha piss to a chasity slave last week and totally got it hooked.  I made sure to piss the moment I woke up in a bottle so the piss would be yellow and steamy.  It was total alpha waste which is fag nutrition.  Fags can solely live off of my piss for weeks on end.  The day the fag recieved the bottle in the mail a few days later and messaged me immediately to send another tribute.  It told me that it couldn’t resist to taste it and was in complete awe of how amazing it tasted.  It said it tasted like expensive champagne and already chugged half the bottle.  It even took an eye dropper and dropped some of it into its eyes.  The piss fag almost finished the bottle and is going to be sending me another tribute for two more bottles this week so it doesn’t run out.  Slaves always become addicted to me whether they like it or not.  Whether its my huge muscles deep voice or natural dominance they immediately know i’m the real deal.  A straight muscle stud born alpha and superior to all.  I sold a sweaty worn gym tank to another slave so it could wear to to the gym for motivation.  The slave said that wearing my tank will give it an extra push in the gym by wearing my worn alpha gear.  I’m always in charge whether slaves like it or not.  Drop to your knees crawl to me and serve dipshits.  Feel the wrath of the ultimate alpha god.


 Piss fags clit locked up like it belongs.  Every slave should take note.  Your clit is useless and should either be locked or superglued between your legs.  Standing and using urinals are OFF LIMITS to fags.  Urinals are made for MEN.  The only thing a fag has in common with a urinal is that they are one in the same.