My boy from up north called me the other night and told me he was at one of the casinos for a birthday party for one of his co workers and that they had a big hotel suite. He told me there was a couple of older women there but only one of them was hot.  It was around 1 am but I said fuck it I need to get some pussy.  I eat got dressed and drove to the casino.  I met my friend in the casino and he told me everyone was in the night club there.  He told me that he wasn’t sure if he could get me in for free since it was past midnight.  I laughed and told me that I never pay to get into a nightclub.  We got to the club entrance and the bouncer who I didn’t even know shook my hand and let me walk right in for free.  The club kind of sucked and it was only open for another hour but I told my friend there was a few other spots we could go to that were open later.  He introduced me to everyone that he was with.  There were a couple of older women but I saw who the hot one was.  The hot one got right up and started dancing and grinding all over me and even asked me if I would be her boyfriend for the night.  I laughed and was making out with her the minute we started dancing together.  The club finally closed and the milf was eyeing me up like a piece of  meat the entire time we walked back up to the hotel suite they had.  The suite was big and most of the people were already ready to go to bed.  I my friend that we were going to leave for a little while and check out a few other spots.  The milf begged me to stay but I told her that I would be back for her.  The night just started and I wanted to keep my options open.  My friend and I walked around the casino and went into another club there.  We walked right in for free but it was pretty weak and not busy at all.  I told my friend we had to go to another casino and find hot pussy. He knew that I was the man when it came to finding women and was down for anything.  We walked to the parking garage to my car and drove to this other casino that had a 24/7 bar that’s usually busy all the time.  It was decent and I saw a few people from the gym I knew there.  Most of the women hanging out at the bar were hookers though.  My friend thought they were all hitting on him and I had to tell him they were hookers since he wasn’t to familiar with Atlantic City.  We walked around and sat down at the slot machines.  I was talking to some chic while he was playing slots.  After about ten minutes I heard the slot machine he was at make all these loud noises.  His lucky ass hit the jackpot at the machine and got $1500 from $10 dollars that he put in it.  By the time he got paid it was past 4 a.m.  We walked back by the bar and a few chics were in there.  The hottest one had a plastic birthday crown on her head and eyed me up the second she saw me.  She came up to me and was all over me.  Her friend came over and reminded her that her boyfriend was over there at the bar watching the entire time.  My friend started laughing his ass off.  She said she didn’t care and gave her friend her phone and told her to take some pictures of us.  She kept telling me over and over how amazing my body was and even started making out with me while her friend was taking pictures.  I picked her right up in my arms and had my one hand right on her ass while I was kissing her.  I sat down on one of the lounge chairs while the birthday whore sat on my lap and made out with me.  I put my hand up her skirt and finger blasted her soaked cunt.  My hand was drenched and she sucked every finger on my hand dry and said she loves the taste of her pussy juice.  My dick was rock hard and she grinded all over it and almost made me cum in my pants.  The scrawny pathetic boyfriend finally walked over after 10 minutes of watching me hook up with his girlfriend.  She kept saying to her friends and to him that it was her birthday and that I was her birthday present.  The boyfriend finally spoke up and said that’s enough but wouldn’t even make eye contact with me.  He tried to grab his girlfriend by the arm while she was in my lap but she told him to get off of her.  She started making out with me again and was biting my neck while the boyfriend said enough enough but still wouldn’t even make eye contact with me.  I told the loser to go take a seat and let his girlfriend hook up with a jacked alpha male for her birthday.  I even told him that I could go up to their hotel room and he could watch in the corner while I fucked her brains out free of charge.  My friend was laughing his ass off the entire time.  I told the boyfriend that he was a pussy and to be a man for once in his life.  He finally got his girlfriend to walk out of the bar along with all of her friends.  I started yelling out to him that he was a pathetic pussy and a bitch while they walked away.  He just kept walking like a pathetic cunt while one of the girls turned around and told me not to be so “mean” to him.  My friend and I left the bar and I walked right by the boyfriend and mocked him every single way possible.  I even asked him if he was wearing his girlfriends panties.  He just walked faster while dragging his muscle whore girlfriend with him like a scared little bitch.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  The casino was dead and my friend and I decided to go back to the hotel suite in the other casino.  We got there and everyone was sleeping.  The only two people who were awake were the milf that I was hooking up with earlier in the night and her friend.  I asked them what they were still doing awake and they said they already slept for a few hours.  The sun was starting to come up and I was still ready to rock out.  My friend fell asleep on one of the couches while I sat next to the milf.  She started playing hard to get probably because her friend was sitting right next to her.  I talked to them for a little while and made out with the milf for a little bit.  She kept pulling back while her friend laughed.  I said that the room felt hot and took my shirt off.  The two women stared at me and told me that my body was amazing.  I told them that I know and that I hear it everyday.  The milf said I was cocky dickhead.  I laughed and told her that I was one of a kind and that she would never be able to handle me in bed.  I told her right in front of her friend that I would make her squirt across the room with ease.  She looked turned on but the friend kept cock blocking me.  I got up and just took my pants off and sat down on the couch in just my socks and a Diesel jockstrap that I had on.  I could see in the corner of my eye that both of them were staring at my huge bulge.  You could completely see the outline of my fat cockhead through it.  I got up to take a piss and the milf spanked me in the ass.  I told the milf to come in the bathroom with me but she acted all stuck up and said no.  I went to the bathroom to take a long piss.  I decided that I would try to hook up with the milf for another ten minutes and that if nothing worked  I was going home.  I sat back down on the couch and the milf laid down in my lap.  The friend kept cock blocking me and wouldn’t walk away and stayed on the couch with us.  She probably wanted to get fucked to but she was way below my standards.  I started to make out with the milf and started sucking on her neck.  She let out moans every single time I sucked on her neck.  I pulled her big tits out of her dress and sucked on them while her friend just sat there and watched.  She loved when I sucked and bit her nipples.  I put my hand up her skirt and her panties were insanely soaked.  They were so wet they were almost completely soaked through.  The cock block friend started talking and the milf stopped hooking up with me.  I was beyond frustrated and put my clothes on to leave.  I told the milf to walk me out.  We were outside in the hallway and fully went at it.  I was ready to fuck her hard and deep right in the middle of the hallway.  While we I was sucking on her tits some other hotel room door opened and people walked out and past us while the milfs tits were in my mouth.  They just glanced over laughed and kept walking.  The milf said that she couldn’t do it in the hallway.  She said that I should’ve stayed when I first met her and we could’ve fucked as long as we wanted too.  It was like 8 in the morning so I kissed her said goodbye and left.  The funniest part about it was that I had no clue at all what her name was.  I had a fun night but was blue balled like crazy between the milf and the birthday whore at the other casino grinding all over me.  I didn’t really care that much though because every time I go out I usually meet some horny slut to fuck.  My friend texted me the next day and asked me if I fucked the milf and I told him the entire story and how her friend cock blocked me.  If it wasn’t for her friend I would’ve slammed her right on the couch in the middle of the hotel suite.  In the hallway the milf said she didn’t want to do anything in front of her friend.  One thing about me is that I could care less if there’s an audience when I have sex.  I’ve had plenty of sexual experiences where multiple people were in the same room and watched.  I guess I like showing guys how to fuck pussy like a real man.  Insecurity is something that I never ever experience.  That’s just a part of being an alpha god.  I could fuck a chic in front of a hundred people and not even care.  There’s been times that I’ve taught my friends how to fuck even when we were in the middle of tag teaming chics. Women love to be dominated and be treated like whores when they are fucked.  I use to fuck this one slut when I was younger that use to purposely braid her hair into pigtails every time we hung out so I could use them as handle bars while I fucked her from behind.  I use to make that whore squirt all over the place every single time I fucked her.


Author: ronnieflexx

I'm a 6'4 300 lb alpha male that was born to be worshiped. Everywhere I go people stop what they're doing and stare at me in total awe. Beta males come up to me left and right just to tell me how jacked I am and how awesome I look. Slaves and muscle worshipers can tribute me online for cam worship. I'm cocky as hell and love to dominate and humiliate beta males and slaves. Message me on Skype and tribute to see me on cam now. I make custom videos and have real-time slave domination videos for sale. Submit to the ultimate ALPHA GOD now. SKYPE - RONNIEFLEXX RONNIEFLEXX@YAHOO.COM

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