I grow bigger stronger and cockier by the day.  I’m an unstoppable muscle god that makes everyone in my presence feel totally helpless and powerless.  When I walk by a beta male in public they always make sure to look down at the ground when they pass me even though I still see them in the corner of my eye taking a quick glance at me in awe.  They all wonder what it would be like to watch a jacked bull stud fuck their girlfriend while they sit in the corner and watch wearing the girlfriends panties.  The thought of eating my huge alpha load out of their girlfriends cunt probably makes their little clits hard and wet.  I find betas pathetic and weak and have not one single ounce of respect for any of them.  Their only purpose in life is $ERVING me and worshiping the ground I walk on.  I laugh when i’m out in public and watch women control them and walk all over them.  What makes me really laugh at betas is all the ass kissing on social media they do to women.  How many times do beta cunts seriously have to tell the same girl over and over that they don’t even personally know how hot and amazing they are?  I just see women as slaves that are only good for one thing.  I wish after I’m done fucking them I could magically snap my fingers and make them vanish from my bed and go home.  I’m just a cocky $TUD that sees myself at the top of the food chain while everyone else is on the bottom.  Have some purpose in your pathetic life losers and worship me now.

I might actually make a questionnaire and name it “What type of male are you?” for males who actually aren’t sure what they are.  


Pictures from the club last weekend

My fag cunt is coming over tomorrow night to be the victim in my new real time slave domination videos.  I’m going to show this inferior slave no remorse and make it forever remember how truly pathetic and weak it is.  I’m bigger and stronger then ever.  I weigh over 300lbs and still have visible abs showing.  I’ll also have my webcam on and will be doing live cam shows.  I plan to turn this fag into a human punching bag while using it as a urinal spit bucket and human punching bag.  I can’t wait to lace my size 14 boots up and trample it to no end.  I plan to flatten the fag so much I might have to peel it off the floor when i’m done.  It’s going to be straight alpha male domination at its finest.  My bicep is bigger then this fags head.  I could put the cunt in a headlock and add so much pressure that its eyeballs would pop out.  It’s going to be a fun time beating on this dorky cunt and showing it what a real man truly is.  This fag will have its clit tucked between its legs and will have panties on just like every single fag should.  I always tell fags that urinals are for men and are strictly off limits to them.  Every fag should sit on the toilet when they have to piss.  I have a extremely filthy toilet in my bathroom that this cunt will lick and clean spotless with nothing but its fag tongue.  The entire cleaning session will be filmed too.  Anyone who has video requests and ideas for videos can email me or just message me on skype.  This cunt is going to be brought to the DARK SIDE tomorrow night.


                                                315lbs ready to DOMINATE


I have my video fag coming here on the 28th to film new videos.  I’m still taking video requests.  I left this toilet to be cleaned by the fag using nothing more then its tongue and its teeth to scrape up the dried up piss crust of the toilet brim.  I also have a nice metal dog cage in my basement that will be used in the videos.  I show no remorse to slaves.  I mentally physically and financially ruin them.  There’s alphas betas and slaves in this world.  I’m at the top while everyone else in my presence is at the bottom.  




I haven’t posted in a while since I’ve been really busy.  Pulling double sessions in the gym and fucking women takes up a lot of time for an alpha god.  Last week I met of my friends at one of the casinos to see the Mayweather fight.  The casino was so packed you could barely walk.  There was hot ass all over the place though.  I could see women eyeing me up and down.  I would have a hot chic come up to me and start talking to me and within two minutes one of her ugly girlfriends would cock block me and take her friend away.  I just laughed and kept walking with my head high.  I felt like a lion hunting a pack of gazelles.  I was walking around the casino with one of my friends to find a place to watch the boxing fight.  It was playing in three separate bars and they all were insanely packed.  I mean so packed that you would need binoculars to see one of the televisions.   It was getting late and the main event was about to start.  My friend and I found this one restaurant that was the least packed.  They had security at the entrance and weren’t letting anyone in.  My friend asked me what we were going to do.  I cut about 15 people and went right up to the bouncer and made up some story about being at the restaurant earlier with my friend and spending a ton of money there.  The tiny bouncers looked at me and said “oh yeah we remember you guys” and let us right in.  They knew we were full of shit but they had two choices.  They could pretend to believe my story or get tossed aside like little kids and be humiliated.  Either way I was getting in and watching the fight.  I sat with my friend about 5 feet from the television and saw the whole entire fight.  We were both disappointed with it since they both fought like pussies.  The casino seemed to empty a lot afterwards but their were still a lot of people there and both clubs in the casino were open.  Like usual we got stamped for both clubs for free admission.  We went in the first one and it was alright.  I talked to a lot of different sluts.  It seemed like they were all with bachlorette parties or they were all with their boyfriends in big groups.  As I walked around I could tell it was total beta central.   Beta after beta coming up to me trying to feel my biceps and pecs.  It didnt help that I wore a low cut v neck t shirt with my ripped sweaty pecs popping out.  The sausage fest got to out of out hand so we left and went to the other club.  The other club was way better.  I had women grabbing me left and right as soon as I walked in.  My friend noticed that this hot blonde in one of the VIP areas was standing on the couch and literally eying me up like a piece of meat.  I looked over and she had a bottle of champagne in one hand and was waving me over to come in her VIP with the other hand.  I walked over and the bouncer who was watching the VIP sections opened up the rope for me to go in.  The blonde bitch practically jumped right on me and started making out with me.  I put my hand up her skirt and felt her pussy through her panties until she slapped my hand away.  I just laughed and sat down knowing it wouldnt take long for me to have those panties in my mouth.  She gave me a glass of champagne and told me it was $500 bottle.  My friend and I hung out in their VIP for a while.  I had this hot blonde all over me.  She kept giving me lap dances and make my cock rock hard.  I could feel her huge ass rubbing against my dick.  I put my hands up her legs and fingered her pussy which was soaked.  She took my wet fingers and  sucked them dry.  She was a real freaky slut.  Her two girlfriends were back and forth from the VIP section to the dance floor.  I usually dont drink but that expensive champagne tasted great.  The club was closing and the blonde gave me her phone number.  She told me she was stayin at the Tropicana and wanted me to come to their room.  I took down her number and told her if she was lucky she might get a call from me.  She started making out with me again and said that coming to her room would be well worth it.   My friend and I walked out of the club and went to one of the restaurants to get some food to eat.  Afterwards we walked around and realized it was getting late.  He said he had a long day and was tired so he left.  I called the blonde bitch twice and she didn’t answer.  I walked around the casino for a little while longer looking for ass but it was all hookers by then.  I walked to the parking garage and got in my car.  As soon as I pulled out I got a call back from the blonde bitch.  She told me about some drama which I paid no attention to then told me to come to Tropicana.  She said her 3 friends were sleeping so I had to be quiet.  She told me call her when I got into the Tropicana so she could meet me and let me up in her room.  When I got up to the room I was surprised how big It was.  She told me to come in the bathroom because she had to continue something she already started.  She sat on the toilet seat still with that hot black dress she had on and hiked it all the way up with her legs totally spread eagle.  She fingered her clit like crazy while her panties were soaked and cum was dripping down her leg.  She told me to be a “good boy” and to strip naked and get on my knees and lick her cum off her legs.  As I licked it off she took her panties off and shoved them in my mouth.  They tasted so good as she ordered me to suck on them.  She started fingering her cunt like crazy and squirted all over my face and naked body.  Sbe must’ve squirted for like two minutes straight.   I felt like I was in the shower.  I’ve been with some kinky sluts but this one might of been the kinkiest.  I ended up fucking her brains out and even plowed her in her tight asshole.  She told me to even stick my cock in her mouth after I was pumping her ass.  I busted two pornstar size loads one deep in her ass and one down her throat.  I was pumping her doggystyle and was about to pump a third nut until her ugly friend walked in the bathroom and totally ruined everything.  I got changed and realized it was bright day light out.  I talked to the blonde for a little while before I left and told her to text me.  She told me she lived in Connecticut and that this was the second time she was ever in AC.  I finally left and got in my car and drove home tired as hell.  My balls were drained.  That was definitely one bitch that I wished lived closer so I could fuck her on the regular.