I love walking around the gym locker room in nothing but a sweaty gym jock when it’s packed full of people after a hardcore workout.  All the talking and gossip among people turns to complete silence.  Everyone looks down at the ground embarrassed and ashamed showing their true inferiority.  They get dressed as fast as they can and practically run out of the locker room.  It’s really hard to keep a straight face and not laugh at these out of shape losers.   I’ll go to my locker and practically stick my bare sweaty ass in someones face.  It’s hard not to notice the outline of my big bull cock through my jockstrap.  I love making people feel uncomfortable as possible.  I always catch betas staring at my rock hard body in the corner of my eye.  Sometimes a beta will stare at me in total amazement and not even hide it.  They’ll ask me for training tips and ask how they could have a physique like me. I’ll flat out tell them that they could never achieve a physique like me or even look half as good as me. They don’t have the genetics or bone structure that I have.  The biggest thing they don’t have is the work ethic and dedication.  Bodybuilding is a lifestyle that most people cant even survive a day living.  I’ve been training consistently for over ten years.  I stay away from junk food and rarely if ever drink alcohol.  When I go to the clubs with my friends I drink bottled water while they drink and make idiots out of themselves.  They get wasted and approach girls and try talk to them while the girls are completely fixated on me.  I don’t even have to say a word to a chic and they are all over me grabbing my cock and making out with me on the dance floor.  Sometimes I feel like I’m just a sex object to them LOL.  Only supreme alpha males like myself understand what I truly mean.  



Some people are just born SUPERIOR.  Everything comes easy to them.  Life is awesome when your an alpha god like me.  I get all the women I want while inferior men drool over me and wish they could be half the man I am.  I walk around the gym like I own it.  Scrawny betas always make sure to get out of my way.  Betas always look down at the ground when I approach them.  I’ll purposely act intimidating and cocky just to make them feel uncomfortable as possible.  Sometimes its hard not to laugh at these weak pathetic betas that have the build of a 12 year old boy.  When I walk around shirtless in the locker room everyone stares in awe.  Betas are always telling me how jacked I am and say I look like a super hero out of a comic book.  The truth they don’t know is that I’m really a super villain.  Slaves love showering me with tributes because they know that their money is better off in my wallet.  They drool when they see me on cam and finally realize they found the ULTIMATE alpha male.  


Life is great when your an alpha god.  People come up to you left and right and kiss your ass.  Everyone wants to be in my presence.  They will even pay for the privilege.  Every woman that I fuck gets addicted to my alpha cock.  They love when I fuck them hard rough and deep.  I always make sure to shoot my load in their mouth or in their ass.  I was just fucking a Russian chic for a while until I cut her off.  After a while every chic gets boring and annoying as fuck to me.  I stopped answering the Russian chics calls and texts.  She was trying to contact me every way possible.  She even cooked an entire steak dinner and brought it to my house and left it on my doorstep.  I still ignored her calls after that.  Women can never resist me and always crave more of me.  The majority men are weak and pathetic especially when it comes to women.   They worship the ground women walk on and have no problem spending every dollar they have on them.  I even know some beta from my gym that was driving SIX HOURS to see some chic he claimed was his girlfriend.  He even went to Vegas with her and paid for everything.  The day they got back from Vegas she broke up with him and told him that she was cheating on him the whole time.  He’s just another typical beta male that gets enslaved by women.  Women know the deal when they hang out with me.  They are nothing more then sex objects to me and they know it.  I love sending them back to their boyfriend with a stretched out pussy and asshole.  I sometimes wonder if the boyfriend can taste my load in his girlfriends mouth when he kisses her.  I’ve been training hard at the gym and look even more jacked.  I’m always feeling cocky and ready to make inferiors submit to my every need.  Message me and shower me with tributes slaves.