Slaves and betas always become infatuated with me.  I’m on their minds all day long 24/7.  They even find themselves thinking about me all day at work . Their bosses catch them all the time reading my blog and looking at my pics at work.  Betas fantasize about being cuckolds while fuck I their girlfriends and turn them into cum addicted anal whores.  Slaves tell me they always have wet dreams about me and wake up drenched in fag squirt.  I get messages like this all the time on Skype from obsessed cunts but decided to blog this one just to show you how WEAK I make inferiors.

[1/29/2015 12:57:31 PM] Jake Bake: Hi
[1/29/2015 1:34:03 PM] Jake Bake: Hi, I’d like to add you on Skype.
[1/29/2015 1:37:12 PM] ronnie flexxx: What’s up
[1/29/2015 1:37:17 PM] *** ronnie flexxx has shared contact details with Jake Bake. ***
[1/29/2015 1:37:31 PM] Jake Bake: Ure hot
[1/29/2015 1:37:34 PM] *** ronnie flexxx has shared contact details with Jake Bake. ***
[1/29/2015 1:38:10 PM] Jake Bake: Nj faggot here
[1/29/2015 1:38:33 PM] Jake Bake: Nice to see an alpha represent the state
[1/29/2015 1:39:55 PM] ronnie flexxx: yeah what u want
[1/29/2015 1:40:12 PM] Jake Bake: To meet an alpha
[1/29/2015 1:40:37 PM] ronnie flexxx: u wanna meet me u gotta pay online first and worship me on cam
[1/29/2015 1:41:22 PM] Jake Bake: Where in jersey
[1/29/2015 1:42:21 PM] Jake Bake: I can do that
[1/29/2015 1:42:28 PM] Jake Bake: But would you meet me
[1/29/2015 1:42:31 PM] Jake Bake: Today
[1/29/2015 1:42:44 PM] Jake Bake: I need to choke on an alphas foot
[1/29/2015 1:43:26 PM] ronnie flexxx: i live by ac
[1/29/2015 1:43:57 PM] Jake Bake: Lol
[1/29/2015 1:43:59 PM] Jake Bake: Me too
[1/29/2015 1:44:20 PM] Jake Bake: Would you meet me at a starbucks or dds
[1/29/2015 1:44:59 PM] Jake Bake: fill up a cup of your piss and watch me drink it across from you
[1/29/2015 1:45:11 PM] Jake Bake: Pay you and go our seperate ways
[1/29/2015 1:47:58 PM] *** Missed call from Jake Bake. ***
[1/29/2015 1:49:39 PM] Jake Bake: Any interest?
[1/29/2015 1:49:53 PM] Jake Bake: Or do you have a better place
[1/29/2015 1:51:13 PM] Jake Bake: How do I pay online
[1/29/2015 1:51:31 PM] ronnie flexxx: do u have ——
[1/29/2015 1:51:55 PM] Jake Bake: Jake Bake sent a photo.
This device doesn’t support Skype’s new photo sharing features yet, but you can still view it in your browser here: https://api.asm.skype.com/s/i?0-eus-d4-115dabf7583f4fff8bdb1143269c6869
[1/29/2015 1:51:59 PM] Jake Bake: Just this
[1/29/2015 1:52:27 PM] Jake Bake: Enough for alpha piss?
[1/29/2015 1:53:29 PM] ronnie flexxx: do u have ——–
[1/29/2015 1:53:36 PM] Jake Bake: No
[1/29/2015 1:53:56 PM] Jake Bake: How much for a cup
[1/29/2015 1:56:46 PM] Jake Bake: Any1 ever paid you for this or its a first
[1/29/2015 1:58:57 PM] ronnie flexxx: I’m busy hold on
[1/29/2015 1:59:14 PM] Jake Bake: Noprob
[1/29/2015 2:07:07 PM] Jake Bake: Come back later?
[1/29/2015 2:09:14 PM] Jake Bake: Im a fat fag
[1/29/2015 2:09:47 PM] Jake Bake: Will drinking your piss give me energy
[1/29/2015 2:21:50 PM] Jake Bake: Hello?
[1/29/2015 2:22:08 PM] ronnie flexxx: I told u pay up
[1/29/2015 2:22:10 PM] ronnie flexxx: Up
[1/29/2015 2:22:13 PM] Jake Bake: Yes
[1/29/2015 2:22:22 PM] Jake Bake: U said hold on
[1/29/2015 2:22:34 PM] Jake Bake: Ill pay on cam ?
[1/29/2015 2:22:53 PM] *** Missed call from Jake Bake. ***
[1/29/2015 2:26:43 PM] Jake Bake: Tell me if I look familiar
[1/29/2015 2:28:45 PM] Jake Bake: Ive seen you at the gym
[1/29/2015 2:30:54 PM] ronnie flexxx: Nice
[1/29/2015 2:31:00 PM] ronnie flexxx: I’m busy
[1/29/2015 2:31:45 PM] Jake Bake: I stared at you once for half an hour
[1/29/2015 2:33:57 PM] Jake Bake: Im a smaller guy
[1/29/2015 2:34:01 PM] Jake Bake: Ure ripped
[1/29/2015 2:35:34 PM] ronnie flexxx: good if i catch u starin at me again ill knock u out
[1/29/2015 2:35:43 PM] ronnie flexxx: or bring u in the bathroom and piss on you
[1/29/2015 2:35:50 PM] Jake Bake: Ill have cash ready
[1/29/2015 2:36:09 PM] Jake Bake: Please can you see if you recogonize me
[1/29/2015 2:40:49 PM] Jake Bake: You locked eyes with me
[1/29/2015 4:57:01 PM] Jake Bake: Here now?
[1/29/2015 5:04:01 PM] Jake Bake: Yo
[1/29/2015 5:08:51 PM] Jake Bake: Hey
[5:15:02 AM] Jake Bake: Hey u up
[5:15:08 AM] ronnie flexxx: YO
[5:15:36 AM] Jake Bake: Can i please drive and drink your alpha piss today
[5:15:48 AM] ronnie flexxx: WHY DO U KEEP BOTHERING ME
[5:15:56 AM] Jake Bake: Maybe it will help me be more of a man
[5:16:16 AM] Jake Bake: Jake Bake sent a photo.
This device doesn’t support Skype’s new photo sharing features yet, but you can still view it in your browser here: https://api.asm.skype.com/s/i?0-eus-d1-c08abd48e7aa437d92dcc6197a638496
[5:16:20 AM] Jake Bake: My picture
[5:16:26 AM] ronnie flexxx: DOENT WORK
[5:16:28 AM] ronnie flexxx: I DONT CARE
[5:16:32 AM] Jake Bake: Do you recognize me
[5:16:49 AM] Jake Bake: Please dude i feel like such an inferior
[5:17:01 AM] *** ronnie flexxx blocked Jake Bake ***
[5:17:05 AM] Jake Bake: I will make a fucking —- today if u can meet me
[5:17:18 AM] Jake Bake: Jake Bake sent a photo.
This device doesn’t support Skype’s new photo sharing features yet, but you can still view it in your browser here: https://api.asm.skype.com/s/i?0-eus-d4-28e95a402d234a928ab27c50d7419b3d
[5:17:23 AM] Jake Bake: Im goodlooking
[5:17:59 AM] Jake Bake: Please
[5:18:02 AM] Jake Bake: Whats ur —–
[5:44:26 AM] Jake Bake: R u serious
[5:44:37 AM] Jake Bake: Ure not even giving me a chance
[5:44:41 AM] Jake Bake: Whats your ——
[5:48:03 AM] *** Missed call from Jake Bake. ***
[5:48:32 AM] Jake Bake: Did you know your videos are online for free viewing
[5:48:50 AM] Jake Bake: Of you abusing a slave
[5:49:17 AM] Jake Bake: I can send you the link
[5:49:30 AM] Jake Bake: Try to have it removed
[5:49:41 AM] Jake Bake: Please
Talk to my faggot ass
[5:51:17 AM] Jake Bake: Your —–l?!?
[6:05:51 AM] Jake Bake: Pls youre beautiful
[6:06:06 AM] Jake Bake: Can we make a vid together?
[6:07:43 AM] Jake Bake: Where do i send?!?
[6:08:00 AM] Jake Bake: You can beat me up
[6:12:38 AM] Jake Bake: im in toms river nj
[6:12:50 AM] Jake Bake: Thats close right
[6:13:52 AM] Jake Bake: Beat my 23 yo punk ass and film it please
[6:14:11 AM] Jake Bake: Send the vid to my gf
[6:14:33 AM] Jake Bake: Dude ill tribute online first
[6:14:42 AM] Jake Bake: Just tell me where
[6:43:44 AM] Jake Bake: Please i dont care even care if my girlfriend finds out
[12:07:51 PM] Jake Bake: Please meet me
[12:07:55 PM] Jake Bake: What do i have to do
[12:08:00 PM] Jake Bake: I can drive to you now
[12:08:26 PM] Jake Bake: We can meet at a dunkin donuts
[12:13:58 PM] Jake Bake: But will you meet
[12:14:05 PM] Jake Bake: It will take 5 min of your time
[12:14:15 PM] Jake Bake: I heard you have a dungeon for faggots

I turn betas into helpless pathetic slaves everyday.  The moment they see ME their “clits” starts to tingle.  Maybe I should go fuck this losers girlfriend while it sniffs and licks my skid marked underwear.  If its lucky maybe ill let it eat my loads out of her pussy and asshole. 



The ultimate alpha god gets everything handed to him.  While normal people struggle, I live like a KING.  Tonight I will blog another alpha story about another chic I used as a personal cum dump who swallowed multiple cum loads from my alpha cock.  She literally said she loved the taste of my cum and left my house with my cum still on her breath.

I ordered one of my popper slaves to get a popper gas mask to take popper cash rape to the next level.  The slave ended up poppered up and tweaked to the max while I ended up with an account FULL of tributes.


I’ve always put slaves in their places.  They all deserve to suffer.  They realize their place in life the moment they pulled their pants down in front of a female.  When the girl saw its penis her pussy dried up within seconds.  She couldn’t help but laugh at his clit sized penis.  She told him to leave and called one of the jocks from school to come over and pound her with his huge alpha dick.  He left the girls house in tears and cried like a bitch for hours.  The next day in school he was ridiculed by everyone.  He was bullied by the jocks everyday in the gym locker room. Even some of the school teachers made fun of his micro penis.  Eventually they realize they are slaves and even start wearing panties.  They find themselves at glory holes sucking off random cocks and eating every ounce of cum.  They walk around life without a purpose until they find the ultimate alpha master RonnieFLEXXX.  The moment they see me they drop to their knees in awe.  They work over time at their jobs so they can tribute me as much cash as possible.  They tribute for my sweaty gym jocks and briefs.  When they smell them they feel a sense of euphoria.  My 6’4 tall frame huge alpha muscles and cocky attitude makes everyone weak.  Worship me now cunts you know its your purpose in life.  I was born an alpha and have been a leader my entire life.  


Slaves and beta males naturally submit the moment they are in my presence.  I was born superior and have always been a leader in every aspect of life.  Every time I go out to the club with my gym bros we are treated like royalty.  We cut every line and walk right in the club for free.  We always get invited into the the most expensive VIP sections.  Beta males will do whatever it takes to hang out with us no matter how much it costs them.  Sometimes It will even cost them their girlfriend.  Women stare at me in awe while beta males come up to me from all different directions just to kiss my ass.  I cant even keep track when it comes to people telling me how jacked and huge I am.  My massive arms are bigger then every betas body.  I love fucking a chic hard and rough while their boyfriend sits in the corner and watches.  The boyfriend loves eating their girlfriends pussy after its freshly fucked with my alpha load dripping out of it.  I  Always have new videos and custom videos available.  Send me a tribute and have the privilege of owning my sweaty gym gear.  My alpha scent will make you drool.  Some slaves even wear my underwear to the gym for motivation.  When you worship me you will be left powerless on your knees begging for more.



Slaves and muscle worshippers showered me in gifts and tributes for my birthday and Christmas.  My bank accounts were filled and boxes of gifts arrived at my door step for days.  Slaves know that I’m the ultimate alpha god and that I deserve to be treated like a king.  I went out to AC with one of my gym bros for new years eve.  We were ready to party and have people drool all over us.  We first went to the quarter in Tropicana.  The place was packed with women and beta males.  We purposely walked right in the middle of the hallway and watched people scatter to the side like bowling pins.  I shoulder bumped a drunk beta and put him right on his ass while the drink he was carrying splattered all over his face.  A bunch of people laughed at the idiot while he laid on the ground soaked in alcohol.  We got into every club there for free.  We cut every line and walked right in.  Alphas never pay to get in any club.  I had betas coming up to me from all different directions.  They all told me how awesome I looked and jacked I was.  They all bought me drinks from the bar which I just handed off to my friend since I don’t really drink.  A group of women even came up to me and asked me if I would take pics with them.  I posed in pictures with 5 different chicks.  They were in awe of me and thought I was a celebrity.  I got a text from this chic I used to fuck a few months ago out of no where.  This girl had serious feelings for me and I cut her off.  She asked me if I was in AC.  She told me she was the Borgata casino with a few friends and wanted to hang out.  Tropicana was getting boring so my friend and I walked to the parking garage and drove to Borgata.  We went to the club there and walked right in for free.  As I walked in I received a text from the chic telling me she “accidentally texted me”.  A few minutes later I see her walking around holding hands with some scrawny beta male.  She saw me and immediately looked the other way.  I laughed my ass off.  She purposely texted me to try to get me jealous.  She should know that alphas never get jealous especially when it comes to females.  They are all sex toys and cum dumps to me.  My friend challenged me to get her to cheat on her boyfriend and fuck me.  I never turn down a challenge nor loose one.  I texted her back and told her to ditch her boyfriend and come hang out with me.  A few minutes later she texted me back and said that ditching her boyfriend would be wrong.  I told her that I knew she missed my cock and that’s why she texted me.  She said that she just wanted to get me jealous and get me back for fucking her over.  I ignored her and walked around the club with my friend.  We left and went to one of the bars in the casino.  Two hours later I got another text from the chic that said  she was in her hotel room and that her boyfriend was passed out snoring.  I told her to come down to the bar I was in and hang out.  A few minutes later she ran up to me and hugged me.  She did look insanely hot.  We had some drinks and she was all over me making out with me and grabbing my cock through my pants.  She whispered in my ear that she was wet and wanted to fuck.  Since her boyfriend was in her hotel room the only place to fuck was inside my car.  We walked to the parking garage and got in my car.  I had to turn the heat up since it was freezing cold outside.  She got completely naked and had rock hard nipples.  I sucked them while she moaned.  I got naked and put the front seat down completely.  The windows in my car are completely tinted so no one would be able to see anything if they walked by.  I wouldn’t care if a ton of people watched me fucking though.  I fucked this chic rough and hard.  She told me over and over how good my cock felt and how much she missed being fucked by me.   I pulled out of her pussy and shoved my cock in her mouth.  She sucked it and swallowed entire load.  I got hard again two minutes later and ended up blowing a load deep inside her pussy.  I laughed and told her if she gets pregnant she can raise the kid with her boyfriend.  We got dressed and talked.  I asked her why she was dating a scrawny dork.  She said that he treats her like a queen and has complete control over him.  She said that he sucks in bed though.  I told her that everyone sucks in bed compared to me.  She called me a cocky dickhead but did did admit that I fuck like a porn star.  While we walked back into the casino she get a text from her boyfriend asking her where she went.  She told him that she went downstairs to gamble but is coming back to the room now.  I walked back to the bar to meet up with my friend.  I got a text from the chic that said she wanted to see me again with a bunch of happy faces and hearts.  I told my friend about the sexual encounter and that I beat his challenge.  Overall it was another awesome night out for the ultimate alpha $tud.