Inferior cunts know their place in my presence.  They all can sense and feel my power and dominance.  I make inferiors weaker then they could ever imagine.  They are all feminized and turned into helpless cash whores.  I get inside their heads and make them wear pink panties with their fag clit tucked in between their legs.  They watch me in awe as I flex and show off my huge ripped alpha muscles.  My deep cocky alpha voice makes them shake while I bounce my big pecs back and forth.  They shower me with tributes and gifts and always end up with a drained paypal and amazon account.  I recently humiliated and cashraped another human toilet.  I show absolute no remorse because slaves need to realize their place and purpose in life.  The fag sniffed poppers while it squat over a plate and took a big crap on it.  I then ordered the cunt to get on all fours and lick it like a dog.  I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off at this loser while I screamed orders at it.  It started to eat its own shit logs like a candy bar.  It had a glass full of its own piss and drank it while it force fed itself.  I brainwashed this loser really good.  The first time I made it eat its own shit it choked and gagged.  Now it eats it without a problem and actually likes the taste.  It begs to be used realtime and $erve as a toilet for all of my alpha buds.  It should be chained and shackled under a rim chair while a bunch of my alpha buddies take turns drinking protein shakes and taking huge protein dumps in its fag mouth.  $erve me now inferiors and realize your place in life.  Tribute and worship a real life straight muscle stud that’s a winner in all aspects of life.


                    ALL SMILES EATING ITS OWN SHIT 

Author: ronnieflexx

I'm a 6'4 300 lb alpha male that was born to be worshiped. Everywhere I go people stop what they're doing and stare at me in total awe. Beta males come up to me left and right just to tell me how jacked I am and how awesome I look. Slaves and muscle worshipers can tribute me online for cam worship. I'm cocky as hell and love to dominate and humiliate beta males and slaves. Message me on Skype and tribute to see me on cam now. I make custom videos and have real-time slave domination videos for sale. Submit to the ultimate ALPHA GOD now. SKYPE - RONNIEFLEXX RONNIEFLEXX@YAHOO.COM

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