I went out to the club in AC this past Monday night with one of my gym bros.  We were both in full alpha mode ready to create havoc and ready to find some women to fuck.  Right before we left my house,  this chic that I briefly talked to on the Tinder app on my cellphone a while ago messaged me.  She told me that she was in AC and partying in the same club with her friend and to come out and meet her.  I told her it was her lucky night because I was already on my way there with my alpha buddy.  She kept messaging me and messaging me on my phone asking where I was like a desperate chic craving ALPHA cock.  Finally my friend and I got in the club and saw the two girls.  I was surprised that she was hotter in real life then she was in her pictures.  Within minutes she was dancing all over me and literally hiking her skirt up and grinding her bare ass on me in the corner.  I even spanked her a few times on her bare ass while I made out with her.  My bro was already hooking up with her slutty friend right next to me.  Some drunk beta clown was there that was friends with the two girls.  His annoying drunk ass kept putting his hand on my shoulder to try to talk to me.  I think he actually had the balls to tell me to calm down and to not be so “aggressive” with the girl even though she was the one practically raping me on the dance floor.  I told him that alphas do what they want and get what they want.  I then told him to step away from me or I was going to knock him out cold in front of everyone.  He put his hands up all scared and backed off never to be seen again.  My friend watched and laughed his ass off.  The girls even laughed and said that they knew him for years but couldn’t stand him.  After the club closed the girls wanted to go back to my house for an after party.  As soon as we got to my house I was banging the tinder slut on my bed while my bro fucked her friend on my couch.  These two girls moaned so loud it was echoing threw my house.  When I was pounding the one I could hear the girl out in my living room screaming like a whore.  I spanked this slut pulled her hair and told her that this is the best birthday present shes ever going to get.  All she could mumble out was “yes daddy fuck me harder” as she creamed my cock with her pussy juice.  I love fucking and treating women like complete sluts because I really have no respect for them.  They are really nothing more then cum dumps and my friends all seem to agree.  A few hours later I drove the two girls back to their car that was parked at the casino so they could go home.  Within a few hours I already had the girl texting me and telling me how great of a time she had.  I still have yet to respond to her texts.  She was nothing more but another easy conquest to me.  When I got home I could still smell the aroma of sex in my house.  I’m still waiting for a female to play hard to get and not fuck me the same night I meet her.  That still hasn’t happened in a very long time LOL.  They might play hard to get with normal guys but when they see me their panties soak and they cant help but fiend for hot sex with a natural born alpha $tud.  Your all born to serve me and worship the ground I walk on.  Get those tributes ready to send and see the definition of an ALPHA.




Inferior cunts know their place in my presence.  They all can sense and feel my power and dominance.  I make inferiors weaker then they could ever imagine.  They are all feminized and turned into helpless cash whores.  I get inside their heads and make them wear pink panties with their fag clit tucked in between their legs.  They watch me in awe as I flex and show off my huge ripped alpha muscles.  My deep cocky alpha voice makes them shake while I bounce my big pecs back and forth.  They shower me with tributes and gifts and always end up with a drained paypal and amazon account.  I recently humiliated and cashraped another human toilet.  I show absolute no remorse because slaves need to realize their place and purpose in life.  The fag sniffed poppers while it squat over a plate and took a big crap on it.  I then ordered the cunt to get on all fours and lick it like a dog.  I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off at this loser while I screamed orders at it.  It started to eat its own shit logs like a candy bar.  It had a glass full of its own piss and drank it while it force fed itself.  I brainwashed this loser really good.  The first time I made it eat its own shit it choked and gagged.  Now it eats it without a problem and actually likes the taste.  It begs to be used realtime and $erve as a toilet for all of my alpha buds.  It should be chained and shackled under a rim chair while a bunch of my alpha buddies take turns drinking protein shakes and taking huge protein dumps in its fag mouth.  $erve me now inferiors and realize your place in life.  Tribute and worship a real life straight muscle stud that’s a winner in all aspects of life.


                    ALL SMILES EATING ITS OWN SHIT 


The power I have is unstoppable.  I went out to Borgata casino in AC the other night with my boys.  Within a few minutes of being in the club I saw some chic eyeing me up like a piece of meat.  I told my friends ill be back later and walked up to her. She kept feeling my arms up and couldn’t stop telling me how sexy and built I am. She looked like she about to faint she was in such awe.  She kept telling me she had a boyfriend that she never cheated on but she never met a guy that ever looked like me.  I just laughed and knew she was just another woman that was totally WEAK in my presence.  It didn’t take long for her to start hooking up with me right on the dance floor in the middle of the club.  We ended up walking out of the club and went back to her hotel room in the casino.  She said her two friends were busy gambling so we should have the room to ourselves.  I ended up fucking this chics brains out.  She rode my dick so hard her tits were literally slapping her in the face.  When I was fucking her doggystyle her cell phone started to ring.  She said it was her boyfriend and picked it up.  I kept fucking her from behind slowly while she talked to her boyfriend on the phone.  I could hear the boyfriend asking her why she sounded so strange.  She told him that she was sleeping when he called.  I started ramming her real hard and she let out a few huge moans right into the phone.  She just hung up on the boyfriend and screamed like crazy and told me to fuck her harder.  The cell phone kept ringing the whole time I was pounding her.  After we were done, I got dressed while she called her boyfriend back and told him she was half asleep.  I left the room and went back to the club to meet up with my friends.  I told them my conquest and they laughed.  So many women cheat on their boyfriends with me its crazy.  My overall alpha presence makes every female horny and weak no matter if they are single or not.  Beta males worship the ground these girls walk on and spend every single dollar they have on them and still get cheated on.  The same girls come up to me and get fucked within hours of knowing me.  That’s the power alphas like me have.  Everything just naturally comes to us and submits to us.  I’m the ultimate alpha god and your privileged to worship me.  Contact me now with tributes ready to send.



Worship me now slaves and muscle worshippers.  You will truly feel whats its like to be in the presence of alpha perfection.  A natural born alpha that gets all the attention everywhere he goes.  An alpha stud that women just eye up like a piece of meat and flock too. Inferior males come up to me left and right acting like they personally know me when ive never seen them in my life.  When i’m out all I hear is beta males telling me how huge and jacked I am.  My superiority can be felt by everyone and makes beta males extra WEAK.  When i’m out in public with a chic they actually get jealous and pissed off because I get more attention from guys then they do. I’ll turn you into a pussy whore that grovels on its knees ready to drink from my toilet after I take a piss in it.  I have ton of sweaty underwear briefs jocks socks for $ale that you can sniff like a dog.  Buy some used rubbers filled with thick strong alpha juice. I even have tons of videos for sale and can make make custom videos for you inferiors to worship.