Just another night out for the ultimate muscle stud.  My gym buddy from up north came down to my house around midnight.  It was last minute and not even planned.  I felt like getting out of my house anyways to find some sluts to fuck.  I got ready fast but still looked like an ALPHA STUD.  I could wear beat up sweatpants and a shirt with holes in it and still look like a GOD.  As soon as we got into the casino people were staring at me like a celebrity.  My friend even said to me that he could literally see every person stop what they were doing just to get a glimpse at me.  I told him that I was so used to it that I don’t really pay attention to it anymore.  I’m also so much taller then everyone that I notice it even less.  I told my boy that scrawny inferior betas are always the last thing on my mind.  When I go out my mind is fixated on pussy.  Three chics came up to us and asked me to take pictures with them. They must of taken at least twenty pictures with them holding my arms while I flexed and holding them on my shoulders.  The one chic said it was her birthday and invited me and my friend up to their hotel room.   My friend made a few vodka drinks for the girls and himself. My friend starts telling the girls that i’m a male stripper.  I laughed and told the birthday girl that I would give her a special dance.  I stripped down to the white jockstrap I had on and shoved my bulge right in her face.  She was acting all shy while her two friends laughed and one even spanked my bare ass.  The one chic pulled my dick out of the jock and started stroking it.  She then guided my rock hard cock right into the birthday girls mouth.  My dick was so hard it was purple while the girl bobbed up and down on it. Then the other friend started sucking it.  It seemed like they were having a competition to see who could suck it better.  They were taking turns deep throating and spitting all over it.  The one even squeezed and massaged my balls. I could feel the precum leaking out of my dick the entire time.  I told them that I was gonna come and all three opened their mouths and stuck their tongues out.  My cock literally exploded all over these sluts faces and in their mouths.  I even shot one big nut in the one chic’s eyeball.  While I put my clothes back on the birthday girl thanked me for the present and said my load was the best gift she got all day.  The girls actually wiped my cum off their faces with their fingers and eat all of it.  My friend was on the other bed watching TV trying not to laugh his ass off.  The three sluts went to sleep so we left.  The funny thing was that I had no idea what their names even were.  My friend and I walked down to the casino floor and played some blackjack for a while.  I ended up breaking even and we left.  The whole ride back to my house we laughed about how slutty and dirty women are.  I wouldn’t be surprised if all three of those girls had boyfriends.  I’m always living the life of an alpha male.  That guy who takes a girl out shopping spends all of his money on her and even ruins his credit is lucky to get a kiss from the same girl that I fuck within ten minutes of knowing her LOL.






Alpha gods are born not created.  My entire life I lead and always had a flock of followers walking behind me.  Every time I go out I make it a point to purposely walk straight and never move over for anyone.  People literally scatter like bowling pins and the drunk ones that don’t get shoulder bumped and either go flying to the ground or pushed into a trash can.  I have ZERO tolerance for scrawny betas that act like they have confidence. After they encounter me though that confidence totally disappears forever. The other night I was out some beta was walking around with a drink in his hand acting like a cocky goofball with a few of his dorky looking friends.  I went out of the way to walk directly into him. The beta literally went airborne while his drink splattered all over him. His beta friends stared at me saying “we want no problems man” over and over.  I just shock my head in disgust and laughed in their faces.  Betas are truly pathetic and the only thing they are good for is getting me free club admission and handing me cash. The women that guys shower with money gifts jewelry cars see me and fuck me with no hesitation.  Women should feel privileged to get alpha cock. That alpha sex is better then any present their pathetic boyfriend can buy them.  Message me now $laves.  New videos and sweaty worn gym gear always for $ale.



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