The $lave came over to have the privilege of getting humiliated and abused while my gym buddy filmed it.  Here are descriptions of the videos I made that are for sale. I have tons of other videos available as well. The more videos you buy the better deal I will give you.

1. $lave gets bullied and humiliated.  I rip its underwear off while giving it a wedgie, I pick the it up and manhandle it, I tackle it to the ground while verbally humiliating it the entire time.

2.  I box the faggot with gloves on in my basement and beat it badly.  I then throw it on the ground and start whipping the shit out of him with a belt while verbally humiliating it the whole time.

3. The faggot is taking a piss in a public restroom.  I walk in and yell at the cunt then shove its head in the urinal and force it to drink its own piss. I shove it in a few other urinals then in a toilet then piss in its mouth. I then pick it up by its ankles and turn it into a human mop as it has its tongue out and licks the dirty floor.

4. I drive around in my car need to go to an ATM for money.  I see the faggot walking on the sidewalk so I get out of my car tackle its dumb ass to the ground and rob its wallet.

5. I pick the fag up and toss it repeatedly.  Power bombs overhead presses choke slams and multiple other moves while verbally humiliating it.

6. Size comparison humiliation and multiple choke holds.



On Memorial Day I went out to the club in one of the casinos with my friend.  The casino was packed and the line for the club was the longest ive ever seen it.  One thing I never do though is wait in line or pay a club admission.  One of the managers came up to me and walked me and my friend all the way up to the entrance.  I tried not to laugh at all the inferiors waiting in line as I walked past all of them.  The line was so long some of the people must have been in line for over an hour.  The manager gave us admission stamps so we could walk right in the club.  The club was so busy people were shoulder to shoulder.  I walked right threw the crowd and almost knocked a few people over.  I really have no respect for inferiors and had no problem shoulder bumping some scrawny beta and putting him on his ass.  Most people saw me walking and made sure to get out of the way.  I walked to the one bar with my friend so he could get a drink.  The female bartender started hitting on both of us.  She said we were the best looking guys in the club and was amazed by my physique.  She comped the drinks and wouldn’t even take a tip for them.  Beta males came up to me all night to compliment me and kiss my ass.  I cant even count how many times I was told I was huge and jacked.  Some beta kept telling me how awesome and bad ass I was and started following me around. My friend and I just fucked with him and ran up his bar tab.  My mere presence makes every male feel extra weak.  They all naturally submit to me while their girlfriends want to fuck me.  I started getting hungry and told my friend I was gonna go to the food court.  While I was ordering food some guy came up to me and told me this chic he was friends with wanted to talk to me.  I told him to tell her to come sit down with me when I had my food.  I sat down for only about a minute when she came over and sat with me.  She actually looked pretty hot wearing this tight pink dress that barely covered her fake tits.  She told me her goal for the night was to the find the biggest and most built guy and hook up with him.  I just laughed and told her that she doesn’t have to look any further.  She told me she had a hotel room in resorts casino with her friends and asked me if I wanted to go back with her.  I finished my food and we walked to my car in the parking lot.  I texted my friend and told him I would be back to pick him up after I was done.  This chic was a horny slut. She pulled my dick out of my pants out of no where and started blowing me.  She sucked my cock like a porn star.  I almost swerved my car off the road while I shot a huge alpha load right down her throat.  She had no gag reflex at all and swallowed every drop.  I parked my car in the casino garage then walked to her hotel room in the casino.  She had a huge suite with multiple bedrooms.  Two of her friends were passed out sleeping.  We went into the other bedroom and had some intense sex.  I pounded this slut out real hard.  She begged me to spank her and pull her hair.  She told me she wanted me to treat her like shit and show her no respect at all.  I was on top of her and spat all over face and in her mouth while I drilled her cunt.  I fucked her face so hard here eyes were tearing and makeup was running down her face.  I fucked her for a good hour and blew two huge loads.  She actually thanked me and fell asleep naked while I got dressed and left.  When I walked down to my car I laughed when I realized I never even knew what her name was.  She was just another slut and cum dump for an alpha stud.  I called my friend and picked him up before I went home.  It’s so easy to get women when you look like me.  I rarely even have to put an effort in.  They are lucky I even fuck them as good as I do.  After I fuck them they will always have something to fantasize about when they go back to their pathetic boyfriend or husband.



When it comes to women its always the same out come.  This chic hit me up on facebook since we had mutual friends.  I’ve been texting with her back and forth for a few days.  She was kinky as fuck and loves hot rough sex.  The fantasies that she told me she had were insanely hot.  She lived a few hours from me and she kept hinting for me to go up there.  Alphas like me don’t travel for women they travel to see me.  They are lucky to be in my mere presence.  She finally gave in and drove down to my house last night.  After about five minutes sitting on my couch she jumped on me and was all over me.  As soon as I put my hand on the crotch of her jeans my fingers were drenched in pussy juice.  Her pants soaked through she was so horny.  We ended up going to my bedroom.  She was butt naked spread eagle while I fucked her pussy with my finger and my tongue.  This chic squirted all over my face and in my mouth at least ten times.  I looked like I was just in the shower I was so wet.  She sucked my cock like a porn star while I rubbed her clit and kept making her squirt.  I had about five towels on the bed and they were so drenched I could ring them out.  I fucked her face and her pussy kept squirting without me even touching it.  I fucked her in every position possible.  I choked the shit out of her pulled her hair and spanked her so much that her ass was beat red.  I turned her into a sex toy.  I made her cum so much she almost passed out and needed a break.  I kept playing with her pussy and made it squirt even more.  Her pussy was like a running shower faucet and never ran out of juice.  I finally pulled out of her pussy and jacked off all over her while she kept squirting.  She was a great sex slave and just loved being covered in my cum and her own squirt.  She could barely walk out of my house she was so exhausted.  Her legs were shaking when she walked down my stairs.  Just another freaky sex experience that alphas always have.  Betas and slaves have no idea what that kind of sex is.  Only alphas should fuck pussy while betas/slaves should watch in chasity.  Shes already texting me asking when I want to hang out again.  The problem is that she is already CONQUERED and I see absolutely no point in seeing her again.  Conquered pussy is old pussy to an alpha god.  I look down on all women the same as I do $laves.  Your all here to serve me that’s it.



Being an alpha god runs in my bloodline.  I was born to rule while you were born to $erve.  When I go out to the club I feel like i’m around a herd of sheep.  Every male looks the same to me – short puny and all around weak.  They follow around women in the club buy them drinks left and right and cater to their every need.  My friends and I laugh at these beta losers who spend their whole paycheck on a woman just to try to get their acknowledgement.  I’m every hot chics worst nightmare.  They hate nothing more then when beta males come up to me and kiss my ass more then they kiss their asses.  Eventually their pussies tingle so much that they cant help themselves and approach me as well.  I’ve always been comped everything when i’m out.  I don’t even need to bring one single dollar with me.  When I walk in some where everyone stops what they are doing and their eyes become fixated on me.  I can see the total fear and awe in their faces.  The bouncers in the club get chills throughout their bodies and pray that I don’t go crazy and start knocking people out.  I’ll see a bunch of them in the corner of my eye talking to each other trying to figure out how they could possibly escort me out of the club.  Eventually one will always randomly come up to me shake my hand and comp me a drink.  The power I have is overwhelming and my overall presence makes everyone weaker.  My alpha aroma is intoxicating and fills up the entire room.  I always bed a new woman and give them the sex that their husbands and boyfriends never can.  Some guys even tell me how bad they want me to plow their girlfriends.  They see me and become instant cuckolds.  They know that their girlfriend is going to fuck me anyways so she might was well do it in front of them so they can watch.  The king of all alphas was born to rule and conquer everything.  When you experience my power there’s never any turning back.



I’ve been force feeding this loser for a while now.  I’ve watched it eat a full box of cookies, a cake, and a pint of ice cream within five minutes on cam.  It has tributed me several times and realizes that i’m truly superior to all.  It finally filled out my blackmail application and handed its pathetic excuse for a life over to me in full.  It filled out every single detail including its social security number and emailed it to me along with a tribute.  I almost cringed when I saw its pictures.  This loser is so fat there is no way it can even see its own dick.  The pigs clit is probably so small it probably could never see it even when it was skinnier.  I could push this fat fuck to the ground and it would roll down the street like a ball.  It seriously looks like a beached whale.  The first thing I told this faggot to do was to start increasing its calories.  I feel like a personal trainer only instead of getting it into shape i’m getting it as fat as possible.  The ultimate goal is diabetes.  It told me that it started to make milk shakes with cake mix to drink down more calories faster and easier.  I’m pretty sure its teeth must be rotting out by now from all the sugar.  It will be tributing me on a monthly basis or I plan to post its personal information all over the place.  I have no respect for anyone and consider this fat pig the lowest living creature I have ever seen.  It doesn’t even deserve to breathe human air.  When I finally fatten it up enough it plans to send its disability check to me in full.  It told me it finally feels relieved and has a purpose in life now being owned by the ultimate alpha god.  It said it got tired of even acknowledging other “alphas” and that i’m the complete package.  It shakes and trembles every time it reads my blog and sees how cocky and arrogant I naturally am.  Just another faggot that I own that knows its an honor that I even acknowledge it.