Here’s just a few pictures of worn used stuff im selling. Worn sweaty and ready to be worshipped by inferior $laves. Also ask me if you have any special requests.  I know you slaves just love to suck out my stretched out filled up rubbers LOL.  Owning anything worn by RonnieFLEXXX is a privilege.  Tons of dirty crusty socks for $laves eat and chew on.




The life of an alpha god is something you could never even dream about.  Cops even go out of their way to shake my hand and show me respect.  I get into every club for free while everyone else waits in line and pays to get in.  When i’m out I must have at least 30 betas approach me and tell me how huge and jacked I am and ask me for workout advice.  Women just flock to me like i’m a magnet.  I’m just a natural born WINNER in all aspects in life. Success just runs in my blood.  Fucking women and pumping iron in the gym is what alphas do.  I always have some chic following me around in the club telling me how sexy I am.  After the club the night usually ends up with me in some chics hotel room.  After I bang a chic I always make up some good excuse to leave the room ASAP so I can get to the parking garage get my car and go home. These girls fall in love fast and always want to cuddle which is just not my style. I go through so many condoms in a month it almost equals a car payment LOL.  My birthday is on Christmas so make sure to send those tributes and buy me gifts off my wishlist which will be updated.  Once you worship me you will realize no one else even comes close.  I’m now keeping yahoo and skype signed on my phone all the time so $laves can tribute to actually see me in action when I’m out.  I had a slave watching me last night in awe while I was in the casino being treated like a GOD by a bunch of beta losers.





Christmas is coming near and so is my birthday which is also on the 25th.  That’s right my birthday is on x-mas slaves.  Shower me with tributes and gifts ASAP.  I deserve everything because i’m that strong and powerful.  Last year a $lave gave me its whole entire Christmas bonus and thanked me for it.  It knew handing its cash over the ultimate alpha god WAS JUST THE RIGHT THING TO DO.  Message me now and finally have a natural born alpha god and leader OWN you.



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I am now offering personal training advice.  I will be selling custom made workout routines and meal plans as well as other things that help you motivate you to get in shape.  I’ve been involved in the fitness industry for a long time now and have personally helped people transform their physiques.  I take all on all people with any goals that they have.  Some people just want to loose a few pounds while others want to totally transform their bodies.  I’ve also helped aspiring bodybuilders step on stage and win competitions.  No goal is impossible if you set your  mind to it.  I also offer month to month personal training and even provide my personal phone number so I can be reached at any time for any questions that you might have.  Trust me I will keep you motivated and help you get a physique that you have only dreamed out and fast.  Contact me for any questions that you might have.   It’s time to achieve results that you never thought were possible.  That new years resolution that you always make will finally come true.




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