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Life is just great for an alpha god.  Always getting what you want you want in life just comes to easy.  Any club I go to I get in for free and even get drinks comped to me.  Betas come up to me left and right always trying to be my best friend.  Some literally shove their girlfriend to the side just to get a chance to come up to me to tell me how jacked and how awesome I look over and over.  I can’t even count how many times they buy me drinks at the bar and actually thank me for spending their cash and even acknowledging them.  Most of the time some beta will invite me and whoever i’m with into their vip section.  Vip sections in the clubs in AC cost $500 to $2500.  Meanwhile I’ll just hang out in one for free and drink their $200 bottle of grey goose for free.  I always end up finding a pair of females to come in and hang out.  It’s always a free night when i’m out while beta dorks spend hundreds of hundreds of dollars and usually still end up going back to their hotel room with their right hand.  I live so close to AC i’ll usually just bring females back to my house and have the after hours party in my bed banging the shit out of some chic while one of my boys bangs out the other chic on my couch.  There’s even been times where my boy and I have swapped the bitches and banged them out until they cant even walk anymore.  The other night I went out with one of my boys to some bar in Taj Mahal.  He saw some blonde chic he knew from high school and started talking to her.  Meanwhile her friend was literally eyeing me up like a piece of meat.  I couldn’t help but laugh as she was practically raping me in the middle of the casino feeling me up all over.  The girls said they had to run to their car real fast and that they would meet back up with us at the casino bar.  We ended up hanging out with them for a few hours.  The one was just all over me and I could tell that this chic just craved big muscle cock.  Meanwhile my friend was just in the friend zone with the other girl.  When the place closed up they got in their car and followed us back to my house.  As soon as I showed this bitch my room she just stripped down totally naked and didn’t even have any underwear on.  This chic was a total fucking freak.  She sucked my dick like a porn star spitting and drooling on my cock with spit running down her chin.  I plowed her brains out for a good hour while my friend and the other girl just sat in my living room and watched TV.  This girl acted like she was totally in love with me.  The worst thing I did was give her my phone number when they left.  I’ve still been getting mass texts from her telling me how I made her night and how “awesome” I am LOL.  It’s something that i’m used to anyways.  These women always end up having fatal attractions and obsessions with me. Women are just fucking nut jobs and good for one thing anyways.  I’m just a a natural born stud and every slave and muscle worshipper realizes it when they SERVE me.  They finally realize they found an actual alpha King that has no comparison.  I have tons of my slave domination videos and other videos for sale.  I’m always making custom worship videos as well.  Sweaty gym jockstraps and other gym gear are also always for $ale.  Message me now and submit to natural born alpha stud now inferiors.