A slave that has tributed me online and met me real time a few times in the past contacted me a few days ago.  It told me it was coming down to Atlantic City NJ from NY to do some gambling and wanted to meet real time.  It wanted to lick my sneakers and shoes clean while I spat luggies all over its face and in its mouth.  It messaged me late in the night that it told me it would be down here.  It told me it was coming down and told me it came down to AC with two other friends so it had no room to do real time in.  I ended up telling the faggot to just drive to my house and tribute extra cash to meet with me.  As soon as this fat cunt walked into my house, it dropped down on all fours like a dog while I screamed at it and made its fat ass crawl up my wooden stairs in agony.  The cunt brought a toothbrush with it and stayed on its knees polishing my Nike shoxs with its faggot tongue and its tooth brush.  I just laughed and barked orders at it while it literally eat dirt dust and grime off of each pair of my sneakers.  I then put a leash on it and made it crawl back down my stairs down to my dark basement.  I spit all over this faggot and literally trampled it.  I took my one foot put it on the back of the cunts head and forced its face into the dirty dusty floor and ordered it to lick it spotless.  The faggot was scared shit less.  You could just see the beads of sweat in its hair and dripping off of its neck.  I walked the faggot over to a dirty corner and made it eat a ton of pebbles and even cobwebs.  I got my shoxs full of dirt and dust again and rammed them down its fucking throat and made it choke.  Before the cunt left it shoved some more fag cash in my shox heels with its fag mouth.  This cunt was trembling in my presence the whole entire time it was funny as hell.  Message me now slaves and muscle worshippers and $ERVE me in AWE.



 All you need to do is come $ERVE me one time and you will see for yourself why slaves and muscle worshippers can never get enough of me.  I’ve had regular loyal slaves for years and sometimes have ones that try to stray but ALWAYS come crawling back begging me to take them back and take their tributes.  It just makes me laugh how much power I have online and in real life.  I honestly cant remember the last time I ever payed a cover charge to get into a club.  I never spend a dime when I go out either.  Guys always want to buy me drinks and have me do shots with them and even invite me in their VIP sections that they literally payed thousands for.  I honestly have guys I’ve never met in my life literally walk away from their girlfriends just to come up to me to tell me how jacked and awesome I am while I just literally laugh.  The true beta/slave comes out of every male when they are in my presence.  The last time I went out I actually had a girl come up to me tell me how hot I was and just started making out with me.  While I was making out with her and putting my hand down her pants some guy was just standing next to me watching and like waiting to talk to me.  He actually laughed when I acknowledged him shook my hand and told me that’s his girlfriend of five years LOL.  I could tell that it actually turned his skinny ass on to watch me with his girl.  The whole time she just kept eyeballing me like I was a piece of meat while he talked to me. You inferiors honestly need to worship me so you can actually tell the difference between someone who is an actual natural born alpha who stands out in real life and someone who weighs 140lbs looks like their 16 yrs old and don’t have one dominant bone in their pathetic stick figure body who just blends in with the crowd and always will.  Sticking a tiny foot up in the air and giving the middle finger does not make you an alpha male.  

I’m also gonna start being an online personal trainer.  I’m in the process of building a site that pretty much explains everything I offer.  I have so much knowledge when it comes to working out and dieting.  I’m going to be offering programs for every type of person and help them achieve any goals that they have.  I guarantee I can transform your body if you become a client of mine.  I’ll be offering custom made workout routines diet programs and anything else to help keep you as motivated as possible.  You can contact me for information on yahoo or skype.  The site will be posted up soon.  Being one my clients you will achieve a body that you never thought was possible faster then you could ever imagine.

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Just another night out at the club being treated like a celebrity.  My friend and myself went to this club in one of the casinos in Atlantic City.  I’m friends with the head manager of the place so I always get myself and my friends in free of charge.  I walked around for a few minutes to check the place out.  My friend and I ended up walking down by the VIP bottle service area.  This guy I never met in my life shakes my hand and just starts telling me over and over how awesome I look and how much he wishes he could look like me.  Pretty much the same shit I hear from every guy that goes out of his way to just come up to me and kiss my ass.  My friend just watched and laughed while this guy talked to me and stared at me in total awe.  He pointed to the table next to him and told me him and his friends dropped $2500 dollars on it including the bottle service.  He then almost begged my friend and myself to take a seat and drink whatever we wanted and to hang out with them.  There was four other guys with him that all went out of their way to shake my hand and kiss my ass just like their friend did.  We hung out and drank for free for a while.  Two hot females walked by staring hard as hell so I waved them over to come in and hang out at the table.  Within 20 minutes my friend and I pretty much took over this VIP table which we absolutely didn’t pay one cent for.  I had one girl making out with me on my lap while the other one was on my friends lap making out with him.  The other guys at the table just watched in total awe and almost seemed like they were mentally taking notes on how to be alphas and pick up females.  The two bitches were from Staten Island and actually had a hotel room in the same casino.  My friend and I ended up going back to their room when the club closed.  Within being in the room for not even five minutes, I had this chic butt naked on the bed.  I’m not usually into Asian women but this one was smoking hot especially naked.  I literally banged out this hot Asian slut making her pussy literally squirt all over my cock.  I actually shoved her thong in her mouth and choke fucked up since she was screaming so fucking loud.  My boy banged out the other bitch in the bathroom.  I actually busted two nuts this chic was such a sexual freak.  After the first one my dick just stayed hard.  When I was about to bust the second time, I ended up pulling out while she literally dropped to her knees opened up her mouth with her tongue sticking and jerked of my fat cock out until I literally exploded like a pornstar all over her face.  My monster load got in her mouth, her eye and all over her face.  It actually looked like she was wearing a cum mask.  The funniest part was afterwards when she told me she wished her boyfriend who she never mentioned to me could fuck half as good as I fucked her.  She took my number and told me next time she comes to AC she wants to call me and literally use me for my big dick HAHA.  This Asian slut was definitely one of the kinkiest bitches I fucked in a long time. My balls were fucking drained.  My friend finished with the other bitch and we left the casino and drove back home.  Just another usual night out for me.  Hot kinky sex with no strings attached.  That’s how REAL ALPHAS role.  As soon as I got home my friend jumped in his car and left while I came inside jumped on the computer and taxed a few slaves and sold some more videos.  No slave can resist me for long.  The second they see me on cam they realize how worshiping a natural born ALPHA feels.  Tall jacked confident and cocky as hell.  Not a 130 lb  twink who thinks dominating a slave is simply sticking their tiny size foot in front of the cam that is smoother then a females.  I always have sweaty gym gear for sale.  Jockstraps, briefs, socks, shirts, and just about anything else you dream about owning.  The funniest thing is when a slave trys on my jockstrap and the pouch is totally loose because its dick is so pathetically small.