I will be making more real time slave domination videos Thursday night.  The fag already bought handcuffs, a bull whip, a high voltage tazor, and some other things.  They will all be straight beat down and humiliation videos.  If you want a custom made video just contact me either on yahoo and skype and let me know.  These will be the most hardcore videos ive made yet.  Slaves will be in total AWE when they see how I truly exploit a faggot bitch.




 I went out the other night to Atlantic City with my friend.  We went to Harrahs and checked out the Pool club there.  It was pretty decent.  Like usual,  guys and girls just stared at me with an OMG look on their faces.  I couldn’t even walk 5 feet without some chic grabbing my bicep.  It’s pretty hilarious how weak and inferior a normal guy acts in front of me.  I’ll literally have guys go out of there way, walk up to me just to shake my hand and tell me how huge I am and how awesome I look.  Sometimes I can’t help myself and literally start laughing in these losers faces and just walk away from them.  I honestly I can’t even count how many times I hear “Your so huge and awesome man can I hang out with you?” come out of peoples mouths every single night i’m out.  I tell my friends every time we go out how guys turn into complete beta fags when they see me.  Some don’t believe me at first but after a night out they cant believe how many pathetic inferiors submit.  Well like usual I met some hot chic with fake tits in the club.  She actually broke off from her two fat friends to hang out with me.  She had some big fake tits and they were literally about to burst out of her fucking shirt.  I thought definitely a good target to shoot my huge jock load on.  Since I only live about 10 minutes from Harrahs I drove back to my house with the chic and my friend.  He went home while I had some crazy sex with this blonde slut.  She wasn’t bad and after about 2 hours of fucking I shot 2 good loads all over her fucking tits. Afterwards I drove her back to the casino so she could to back to her room and meet back up with her friends. Just another one night stand slut who probably had a boyfriend at home and needed to feel an alpha stud for a night.  I should just start seriously charging these bitches money to fuck and i’ve been told that by several of my friends.  Cause every time I fuck a chic they go out of the way to tell me its the best sex they have ever had in their life.  It’s like they use me so they have something to think about when they go back home and fuck their scrawny pin dick size boyfriend or husband.

Like usual OWNED skinhead Aryan Greg Petroski crawled back on all fours like a dog with more $lave cash to hand over.  I’m just sitting on my computer and get a monthly email confirmation from Sprint that my bill has been paid.  The cunt then messages me on yahoo and tells me its ready to be used hardcore. I had its fag ass send tribute after tribute after tribute showing it no fucking remorse at all telling how much I own it’s fag ass.  After I bled its wallet totally dry, I ordered it to go to 7-11 and get a Paypal load card and another prepaid credit card because I wasn’t gonna stop taking every single dollar it had.  I even had the faggot on the phone and barked orders at it while its cunt ass walked to 7-11 to spend the rest of the cash it had for the week.  I told this faggot I really didn’t care if it had food to fucking eat.  Like usual I told the fag to make some trips to the Mcdonalds dumpster for food and to just drink from its fucking toilet for water.  It came back home gave me the Paypal load card number to fill my account up even more.  Then I had it send more tributes while I showed it my cam and sent it a few videos I had made.  This fag was just in the palm of my hands.  I took it for everything it was worth.  The faggot even texted me while I was sleeping begging me to wake up and sign on the computer so I could take the rest of the fag cash it had.  I left this faggot broke and in the gutter.  Just like every faggot finds itself after submitting to the Ultimate alpha god.

$erve me now you know you cant resist.  More sweaty gym jocks are being bought by the fucking day.



This past Saturday night my gym bro came out with me to this club I always get VIP at thats in this new casino in AC.  We had a good time had dudes up my ass and women all over me like usual.  We got there late but ended up leaving with the two hottest chics in there.  It’s funny how I don’t even have to do anything and just get approached by women without putting any effort into it at all.  My friend and I went with them to this 24/7 hour bar in the casino.  We find out these girls were from Ohio and have been in AC for a few days for their friends bachelorette  party.  The hot brunette chic I was talking to literally told me she was looking for a hot built guy with tattoos the second she came down to Jersey and that I was literally her dream come true.  She was sitting on my lap on the bar making out with me etc. Her friend who was talking to my boy started saying she was tired and that she wanted to go back to their hotel room they had in the Tropicana casino.  They said they were gonna call us when they got there and have us come there.  Being an alpha I could care less gave her my number and walked around the casino with my friend looking for other sluts.  About 25 minutes later the two girls call me and tell my friend and I to come to Tropicana to come hang out with them in their hotel room.  We ended up leaving and drove over there. As soon as we get out of the elevator into the Tropicana, this hot older woman started eyeing me up like a piece of meat.  She literally came up to me started feeling my arms and chest.  She even put her hand down my pants and started playing with my dick right in the middle of the entrance.  My friend is sitting there laughing while this lady was fucking drooling over me.  She told me her husband was up in her hotel room sleeping and that she was horny as fuck craving muscle dick.  She told me to follow her to the ladies room.  My friend sat by the door while this whore sat on the toilet seat in bathroom stall and sucked my dick like a porn star spitting all over it and deep throating it.  She was calling herself a dirty whore the whole time and told me she wanted a cum shower so bad so her husband could lick it off her.  She ended up taking all her clothes off and showed me her two pussy piercings and pierced tits.  She could even squeeze her nipples and make them milk it was crazy. I’m fucking her doggystyle and I start hearing voices and hear my friend telling security hes waiting for his girlfriend to come out of the bathroom trying to cover me.  I was pounding this whore hard as hell and right when I bust a nut some dike security guard knocked on the door screaming to get out.  I pulled my pants back up walked and laughed while these pathetic security guards told me I had to leave.  I ended up meeting my friend in the parking garage and went home.  I had a dozen text messages from those girls we were supposed to meet and they were pissed because they thought my friend and I ditched them LOL.




I’ve had this loyal blackmail slave that has been sending me a monthly payment every month for a while now.  Of course I have all of this slaves information saved.  It actually contacted me way back about being blackmailed.  I sent it a very detailed blackmail form and told the fag that I take it very serious.  I even told it I have one of my slaves go through it’s information thoroughly to make sure its all completely legit. From phone numbers, job information, personal information, even social security numbers and other very personal detailed information.  I even set a fee that it could pay if it ever wanted to back out of the contract for good.  This month it messaged me and told me its noisy wife that it can’t sexually please has been going through its finances including its paypal, bank statements, and other things. It goes on to tell me that it can no longer do the monthly payment and begged me to let it out of the contract without any penalty.  It already has a bad relationship with its wife it goes on telling me and it doesn’t want the wife to leave his twerp ass after finding out that its just another male turned FAG in the presence of ALPHA MUSCLE.  Laughing to myself I told its faggot ass it better figure out something because if it doesn’t i’m gonna expose everything about it and even have fags that serve me call its job and email its boss online conversations I have saved with its sorry ass.  I’ll even personally call the wife myself.  I’m going to post up some of its basic information now and give it a few days to figure out how to keep paying or totally  expose it.

Current address: 
Job Title: 

That’s just a few things I have on this cunt I told it time is counting down before I post up more and more and more haha.