Another wild weekend for ADONIS ALPHA GOD RONNIEFLEXX.  My friend and I hit up this new club that opened up a few weeks ago.  The place was kind of weak and not to crowded.  Way to many dudes and not enough women.  The second we walked in their I practically get bombarded by dudes.  Kissing my ass left and right, trying to give me high fives, shake my hands etc.  I actually had to go to the bathroom and wash my hands from all these random guys touching me.  I then took a piss and as soon as i’m done some loser trys to shake my hand.  I looked at him right in the face and asked him if he was a fag.  I said I just took a piss and shook my dick at the urinal and now you wanna shake my hand you faggot?  I couldn’t help but laugh as the guy looked down in shame as everyone in the bathroom were laughing their asses off.  I then come out of the bathroom and some older somewhat built guy comes up to me and tells me to follow him.  I had that WTF look on my face and a bouncer nearby said he was a regular at the club and had a VIP table and wanted me to go sit with him.  My friend wanted another drink so we walked over there.  There’s about 6 dudes in the VIP section and not a single chic.  The guy who waved me over starts going on about bodybuilding telling me how big I am, if i compete, same bullshit questions I get about every night I go out.  Meanwhile some chic that works there was pouring my friend and I drinks.  The first thing I said to the guy is “Where are the chicks? You have a $600  VIP section without one single chic in it, just guys?“.  He just keeps on going about bodybuilding trying to tell me about some supplement company he had in the works while I pretty much ignored him stood up and looked for girls to invite into the section while I could see my boy just laughing his off ass in the corner of my eye.  There was literally not a good looking chic in site.  I told the guy to find some women to bring into his VIP section.  We grabbed a few more drinks from the table and some water bottles.  I told the guy the club was weak and that we were gonna stop by the  Tropicana casino and see whats going on there since my one boy actually runs a club there.  We head out just laughing at each other the whole time about these beta males all over the club who care about touching my biceps more then getting pussy.  We go over to Tropicana which has this huge place called the Quarter with bars and clubs in it.  I see my friend and all three of us hung out in his club and bullshitted for a while.  There honestly wasn’t much good looking ass anywhere and I was getting frustrated.  About an hour went by and the guys who had the VIP table at the other club in the first casino we were at all show up at my friends club.  My friend and I look at each other and started thinking these guys must be fags or something.  As soon as these guys saw us I could see huge smiles appear on their faces.  They came right up to us and started talking and talking while I was trying to figure a way to get away from them.  They tell my friend and I they wanted to hang out with us because they knew we could get all the girls. About 10 minutes go by and I simple told them I had to go to the bathroom that’s located right outside of the club we were in.  My friend that came with me slowly followed me so these fags wouldn’t notice we were taking off. We walked as far away as possible all the way to the casino floor by the slot machines. FINALLY we see these two pretty good looking chicks playing slot machines eyeing us up.  I start talking to the one while my friend talked to the other.  The one I was talking to only lived like 10 minutes from me and actually asked me if I could “drive” her home.  We found out her friend was with her boyfriend and he was in the poker room playing cards so she stayed.  This chic was all over me from the start.  She was only like 4’8 and could probably suck my dick standing up.  I sweet talked the girl into coming over to my house instead of going home right away.  We all end up driving back to my house.  My friend was beat and went home.  I took this girl into my house right upstairs where my computer is.  First thing she asked me is if I though she had a nice ass LOL.  I played stupid and told her I really couldn’t tell unless she stripped down naked and bent over.  The stupid slut stripped down naked and had nothing on but a sexy belly chain.  When she took her shoes off it probably made her like 4’6.  I tell her to bend over on my chair spread her cheeks with her hands and shake her ass.  For a small girl she has a pretty big ass that shook like crazy.  I told her to stay bend over on my chair doggystyle while I started playing with her pussy.  Her cunt was so tight I could barely fit half a finger in her.  She was moaning LOUD while squirming all over the chair in pleasure while I finger fucked her with a single finger.  I took all my clothes off and she gasped when she saw my cock which wasn’t even hard.  There’s no way that will fit in me she said.  Your one finger feels like a penis she says.  I laughed told her anything is possible and started fucking her face.  I put a condom on and slowly got my thick dickhead in her dripping wet pussy.  It felt like I literally put my dick in a vice grip.  I started slow while she was yelling OMG its to big its to big.  I couldn’t help but laugh and just started pumping her harder.  She was yelling in pain but never once said to stop.  It didn’t take long for me to shoot a monster fucking wad.  Definitely the tightest cunt I’ve ever fucked in my life.  She said it felt like I literally stretched out her insides when I fucked her.  We hung out and chilled for a little while before I drove her her house which was like 15 min away.  It was around 11 a.m. and I was exhausted.  I drove home and passed right out in my bed.  I did tell her a little bit about the cam thing and she said she would have no problem fucking me on cam and making movies so I took her number down.  As usual just another weekend night for an ALPHA STUD.





My friend from the gym and I went out to Harrahs casino last night and went to club called the Pool.  We walked around and were being stared at like celebrities by just about everybody.  A group of girls actually came up to us and asked where we were from saying over and over that we were way to hot and totally didn’t fit in with the rest of the crowd LOl.  After getting drinks at the bar we went upstairs to the outside part of the club.  I saw a group of girls sitting down in the corner of my eye totally staring at me like a piece of meat.  I went up to them and started talking to all of them.  It was the one girls birthday and they were all celebrating.  They were all in their mid 30’s but pretty fucking hot.  I started talking to the hottest one in the group.  She was half Italian and half Greek.  Definitely a smoking hot milf but just another cum dump in my eyes just like every girl is.  My boy talked to the birthday girl who was pretty hot as well.  We ended up going downstairs and danced with them on the dance floor.  Within a few minutes I was making out with this chic while my boy was hooking up with the other one.  The club ended up closing so we all left together and hung out in the other bar in the casino for a little while.  The two chics eventually told us that they were married and that their husbands were at home LOL.  The one girl actually had to step away for a few minutes to talk to her husband on the phone to check in with him.  The two chics started asking my friend and I if we’ve ever been in orgy’s and other crazy sexual situations.  We looked at each other and laughed.  Then they tried acting cool like they were just “joking” and thought because we were so hot that we had to of fucked a ton of girls.  Of course I told them i’m totally not like that and that I actually date girls and treat them really good HAHA.  Finally we ended up  going in the elevator to go upstairs to their room to just hang out.  As soon as the elevator got up to their floor and opened these women turned WILD.  The one grabbed my friend to take him to their room while the hot one I was with grabbed me and sat me down on a couch that was totally out in the open right next to the elevators.  She starts making out with me grabbing my dick taking her clothes off telling me shes fantasized about having sex in public.  I couldn’t help but laugh but started finger fucking her while she had my dick totally out jerking me off.  I heard the elevator door open a few times and actually saw people come out and just stare at us while we were full blown having sex. This chic was totally naked riding my cock screaming and didn’t give a fuck while her panties and clothes were all over the floor.  She has nice fake tits a tight ass and literally not an once of fat on her.  We fucked on the couch for a while.  After that we ended up going back to the room.  My boy was plowing the other married slut while the girl I was with pulled me right into the bathroom.  We both got totally naked and just went at it for a good hour.   She begged and begged for me to just come all over her face.  She got on her knees sucked my dick and I shot all over her face and even in her hair.  Then we went in the shower and fucked in their for another good hour.  By the time we were done it was 9:30 in the morning.  The funniest part was that this chic had a tattoo of her husbands name on her one tit and I made sure to get a nice cum load right on it.  This girl was totally out of breathe worn out and told me shes never been fucked like that before in her life.  I just laughed and put my clothes on.  My friend and I then left without even getting their phone numbers.  Just more girls turned into complete cum slut whores by alpha studs.  I can’t help but laugh thinking about when they went home today kissed their husbands while they had no clue they had two big alpha cocks in their mouth the night before.  Just another normal night for the ultimate alpha god.  Bow the fuck down inferiors and $ERVE because once I own your ass you will be totally fucking HELPLESS.



All males come crawling to me one way or another.  I’ve turned a “naturally dominant” straight guy into a complete cash faggot over the past few nights. The cunt messages me every single night begging to worship me and be blackmailed.  I wont even talk to the cunt until it spits cash out.  I told this faggot to stick its dick between its legs every time it talks to me and put some fucking panties on.  Everyone that talks to me online should have their pathetic excuse for a dick tucked in between their legs because they are all nothing but cunt whores in my presence.  I even have one faggot that lives in NYC that tributes me while I put ads on craigslist for other faggots to come to its house and bukkake its fag ass.  This fag also has a rim seat in its house and lays under it for hours licking and tossing dirty smelly assholes.  I always end up making this loser cry on cam because I get so deep in its head that it totally breaks down and realizes that its nothing but a human toilet.  I take and take from this faggots paypal and I honestly don’t give a fuck.  I’ve been going out to clubs with my friends having females flocking to me.  Groups of girls actually come up to me and ask if they can take pictures with me.  Its like a photo shoot.  Each girl takes individual pictures with me while their friends use their camera phone.  Then I end up taking pictures with all of them at the same time.  Bitches even come up to me and tell me its their birthday and tell me they want pictures of me for a birthday present.  Obviously its the best birthday present they get until they get fucked.  After I took pictures with the one birthday girl she ended up following me around all night making out with me and grabbing my dick.  I ended up going back to her and her friends hotel room with my boys, end up plowing the birthday slut giving her the ultimate birthday present – a big load all over her face.  So many fucking dudes come up to me it almost gets annoying.  I cant even go out one night without hearing how awesome and big I am from about ten different guys.  They all try to shake my hand and I just look at them and they walk away in shame.  Pathetic fucking losers in total awe of a real man.  The funniest part is when a guy is actually with a girl walks away from her just to kiss my ass and compliment me for 15 minutes then literally beg me to let him buy me drinks at the bar.  The life of a true alpha god.  Naturally dominant online and in real life.  No one can fucking touch me.  Slaves that haven’t served me yet don’t even know what a supreme alpha male is.  Message me now inferiors.  I have tons of videos for sale.  Even tons of sweaty worn gym gear that you know you wanna sniff and worship.  Maybe it will give your scrawny ass some motivation to work out wearing my sweaty gym shirt to the gym.