Inferiors shake, their knees buckle, and before they even realize it they are all on their pathetic knees worshipping me in total AWE.  Whether it’s online or in real life people stare at me like i’m a celebrity everywhere I go.  I’ll go out somewhere with a chic and they actually get pissed off and jealous because more guys check me out and pay me more attention then them.  Just another week night going out to one of the clubs in the casino with my one of my friends.  Like usual women were checking me out left and right.  It’s just funny how a hot bitch and one of her friends will come right up to me and completely ignore whatever friend i’m with.  We partied it up in the club for a  while with the two girls that I later found out were there for the night from Philly.  I was dancing and hooking up with the one girl on the dance floor while my friend was talking to the other girl at the bar.  After the club closed we ended up going back to the girls hotel room that they had booked for the night.  They had two beds in the room.  I ended up banging the shit out of the one girl right in front of my boy and the other chic LOL.  They ended up leaving the room and walking around the casino while I finished up my business.  Alphas like me always WIN and get whatever we want whenever they want.  The whole ride home I heard just about every excuse possible from my friend why he couldn’t hook up with the other girl.  I tried not to laugh in his face but honestly couldn’t help myself.  

 I’ve been training hard as hell at the gym getting JACKED.  Summertime is coming and i’m going to look totally flawless.  Guys come up to me all the time in the gym telling me they wish they could look half as good as me.  Huge muscle that makes women’s panties drip that all males which they could have.  More and more “straight guys” have been tributing me for cam worship and even buying my worn sweaty gym gear for “motivation and inspiration” HAHA.  Some of these cunts even tell me they wear my sweaty gym shirts and even my sweaty worn jocks to the gym.  Some have said their bench press has gone up ten pounds in one workout from wearing one of my old gym shirts.  I turn any male into an inferior servant.  Kissing my ass telling me how awesome I look just making themselves look like total losers.  You know you cant resist me so just submit now and worship the hottest stud in Jersey.