The life an ALPHA GOD deserves. Pumping iron in the gym everyday getting huge. Pounding out pussy and making women fall in love with me. Just living in luxury off your FAGGOT CASH. Had a fag message me and actually ask me what teamviewer was. I thought it was full of shit but actually realized it wasnt when it tributed me just to explain to it what it actually is and how it works. I had the fag download it then send its desktop over to me. The fag called me long distance on my phone from Europe all fucked up from partying worshipping me on cam while I just took told its fag ass was owned by me taking tribute after tribute from its paypal leaving it in OVERDRAFT. Had another faggot on meth just obey everything I told it to do.  I would tell the cunt to tribute and the tribute was in my account within a minute.  The fag just kept telling me how hard its fagclit would get everytime I made it hand over its fagcash to me.  Like usual I ended up taking all the fags cash till I left it broke without a dollar to its name. Faggots tributing me as I make them do poppers killing more braincells. Not that these cunts even have much of a brain to begin with.  Just showing everyone the POWER I possess over INFERIORS and how ill make you my bitch and take all your fag cash while you just drool like a fucking dog on all fours. Message me now and $ERVE a real man 6’3 300lbs of ripped stud muscle. Im that big bully from school that used to make your life a living hell haha. $erve NOW.


Author: ronnieflexx

I'm a 6'4 300 lb alpha male that was born to be worshiped. Everywhere I go people stop what they're doing and stare at me in total awe. Beta males come up to me left and right just to tell me how jacked I am and how awesome I look. Slaves and muscle worshipers can tribute me online for cam worship. I'm cocky as hell and love to dominate and humiliate beta males and slaves. Message me on Skype and tribute to see me on cam now. I make custom videos and have real-time slave domination videos for sale. Submit to the ultimate ALPHA GOD now. SKYPE - RONNIEFLEXX RONNIEFLEXX@YAHOO.COM

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